Where to Buy Ethically Sourced Coffee

Happy *late* International Coffee Day! I completely missed it on Friday and was kicking myself all day for not writing this before now. My job has me working 60 hours a week at times so keeping up with my blog and all of you guys kinda takes a back burner when I’m in desperate need of sleep. My bad guys! Anyway, coffee has a special place in my heart because it keeps me going even when I want to crash! But it’s hard to find yummy coffee that I know for fact is sourced ethically. Let me introduce you to the West Rock Coffee Company!

Coffee with a Purpose

West Rock Coffee Company sources their coffee beans from farmers all over the world, however it started in Rwanda. In 2009, the company revitalized an old coffee mill in Rwanda. Since then, they began sourcing their beans from farmers all over Africa and South America. To further assist the farmers producing coffee beans, West Rock Coffee Company teaches financial literacy and better agricultural practices to farmers enrolled in their Agribusiness Training Program.

I sometimes wonder when I drink certain coffees whether or not there was slave or child labor involved with the production of it. With West Rock Coffee I don’t have think about that because I know where my coffee is coming from and who produced it.

Coffee Review

Ok so the coffee they sent me is divine! The Rich & Robust flavor is my favorite! It’s really smooth and tastes way better than my usual go-to Folgers coffee. The K-Cups were also a really neat surprise because I love my Keurig coffee too! I’m dying to try the French press they sent me but I need to watch a YouTube video on using it before I put those precious beans in there.

One of my favorite things they sent in my package was that gorgeous orange and pink hand-woven bowl. It was made by one of the farmer’s wives in Rwanda and it is truly stunning! It will definitely be my table centerpiece for years to come!

Give West Rock Coffee Company a try! Their products are sold at Bed, Bath and Beyond and Kroger!

*Products were gifted. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Belle says:

    I’m not a coffee drinker but my husband is. Will be sharing this with him!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  2. shannon silver says:

    YUM! I’ll have to try! xx Shannon || http://www.champagneatshannons.com

  3. Jen Pilchak says:

    Will look for this at my next Kroger run!
    xo Jen from http://www.styleinshape.com

  4. Emily says:

    I need to try this coffee!


  5. lindatenchitran says:

    I love companies with great missions and purposes. Thank you for sharing this!


  6. wow thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one and where to snag them.

    Courtney Bentley || http://www.starsystemz.com

  7. MegansMosaic says:

    Love that they offer it in Kcups too!

  8. Thank you for suggesting this brand.. i will definitely check them out!

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