6 Things I Can't Live Without (in this phase of life)

Like other soon-to-be college graduates, I’m young, vivacious, and just starting out in life. It’s a tough world outside the comfort of our college campuses. Apparently, there’s something called student loan “payments” and moving “back home” if you can’t find a job. Gone are the days of stressing over papers and finals; that’s child’s play! The real fun begins now.

There are a few things that I literally can’t live without at this point in time. Those “things” have become apparent to me in the last year or so. The first thing on my list is…

  1. Things_i_can't_live_withoutMy girl friends. Seriously, they’ve come to my rescue a million times this week already. Between keeping my mind off of things that were troubling me or just helping me shrug off emotionally draining issues, they’ve had my back! I’m grateful for this lovely lady in the picture with me for inviting me out Saturday night. I definitely needed it.
  2. The second thing I can’t live without right now (or ever) is my mom. She just never gives up on me even when I’ve given up on myself! Plus, she makes crazy good comfort food.
  3. A steamy shower. My goodness, I could just live under my shower head and let the heat just work it’s magic on my muscles. I’m rather tense these days.
  4. Dark chocolate has recently become my best friend due to it’s heart-healthy label and the bittersweet goodness it packs. After a long day, I need, scratch that, I deserve a few pieces of it!
  5. My furry felines have become the best little listeners and even better cuddlers. Pets are therapeutic for people. They just are. I adore having mine around and delight in the adorable little sounds they make, their crazy antics, and determination to catch the “red dot.”
  6. The final thing I can’t live without is Indeed.com. It has become my best friend for job hunting. Being able to search by job title and location makes things so much easier.

There’s probably a million other little things I’m forgetting but these are my top six. This season in my life hasn’t been easy but I’m thankful for the extra help I have to get me through it. I honestly don’t know when things will start to change for the better and I wish I did. Sometimes all you can do is hold tight to the blessing you do have and pray for the rest to fall into place.


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  1. Reblogged this on Right On The Shelf and commented:
    What a great blog post about coming into adulthood and reflecting on having gratitude to those things that keeps up with our heads high in life. Positive vibes your way, Liz Morrison!

  2. Carol says:

    Now you have me thinking what are the things I can’t live without? I know one is milk chocolate!

  3. lrellis90 says:

    Indeed,com is the best! Even in the UK

  4. cool list cool girl! Don’t give up ever!

  5. I believe that everything happens when it is meant to, in its proper place and time. In the future, you’ll look back at today and think “omg, I would’ve missed out on so much if things didn’t happen like they did”. Hang in there, good things will come in due time. πŸ™‚

  6. All the best in your job search!

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