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When I started writing Witty n Pretty, I just wanted to write and enjoy a fun hobby. Everyone needs something to do during their down time, and this was my favorite thing to occupy my time with. However, when I started getting more into blogging and learning all that I could, my motivations changed. I had these big dreams that I’d be an overnight success, a fabulous Instagram ‘it’ girl, and be making crazy money through my blog. I hired a photographer to take my photos like the ones above so I’d be more appealing. I started analyzing what other, more popular bloggers were doing differently from me, which quickly turned into comparing myself to them.

To make a long story short, my self-esteem took a downward turn. Blogging, while still something I enjoy, isn’t always enjoyable. When you begin to look around at more successful, more beautiful women, it isn’t shocking to feel the pain of insignificance. But this led me to another realization- why do women have such a hard time feeling and believing that they’re beautiful?Β 

Women Focus on the Flaws

When women look in the mirror, they focus in on the things they hate! For me, it’s my hereditary double chin and stomach. I can’t tell you how much I hate both of those things, so I go through my day knowing that both of those things are following me around everywhere I go. For other women it might be puffy cheeks, large pores, or circles under their eyes. Whatever the insecurity is, we women zero in on it and can’t, and more importantly, won’t forget about it.

Women Get Jealous

This is true for every human being but when it comes to beauty, women take jealousy to a whole new level. Scroll through your Instagram feed and try not to compare yourself to another girl, seriously just try. It’s hard isn’t it? When I’m cruising through the ‘gram I get jealous of another girl’s gorgeous makeup, perfectly formed eyebrows, big hair, or how thin she is. Frankly, sometimes I can’t shake that feeling and I start to feel inferior or worse- unworthy. Jealousy makes your heart bitter.Β 

Women Feel the Need for Approval

We all want to feel accepted and loved for who we are. It’s just a human need. But approval comes in many forms. For some women, we need our boyfriends or husbands to tell us we’re beautiful in order for us to believe it ourselves. For others, we want society to tell us that. This could be through the amount of Instagram followers a girl has or how many likes her selfie gets. Whatever the source of approval is, women often need it before they’ll accept that they are beautiful.

Final Thoughts and Self-Worth

I’m not here to solve a problem that literally every woman has dealt with at some point in her life. I’m here just to highlight that you aren’t alone in the feeling of insecurity. I have such a hard time looking in the mirror and saying “wow, God made me beautiful!” It drives me crazy that I can’t do that and it’s something I need to work on. Women should love themselves for who they are but we don’t. And that’s why it’s hard to feel beautiful.

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estes park colorado

red rocks in Denver

chipmunks in estes park

Hey guys! I was pretty absent from my blog and social media last week but there’s a good reason for it! I was in Denver with David for a little getaway and I’m sharing a few vacation photos with you! I’ve seriously never been so tired from a trip but it was so worth it!

Hiking in Colorado

Saturday and Sunday we spent hiking. A lot. My legs still hurt! We drove out to Red Rocks Parks to hike the trails and burn off our biscuits and gravy breakfast from earlier in the morning. Fun fact: Red Rocks is in the town of Morrison, my last name! This place was absolutely stunning and the hike, while it almost killed me (I needed my inhaler), was so worth it! David pulled a sort-of-almost-funny joke on me. He was going down a set of stairs in front of me and then turned around real fast and started to get down on one knee… and then he laughs and goes “just kidding!” NOT a smart idea while on top of a mountain!

Sunday we spent in Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Oh my goodness you guys, I could move there in a heart beat! The mountains were gorgeous and the water sports looked even better! But the best part were the chipmunks, they were everywhere! I had one crawl into my hand looking for a tasty morsel and then another crawled onto David’s shoe!

baseball game

date ideas Denver


Where to Stay and Play in Denver

David and I wanted to stay in the city because we like being close to all the fun stuff! Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Denver offered me a great rate at their beautiful hotel. On my first night there, they sent up a complimentary cheese plate, Cadbury bars, and my favorite vanilla latte! How nice is that? Every morning they had a nice little coffee bar in the lobby that turned into an evening wine bar for guests. Fun little perks like that made our stay even better!

Thursday night David and I went to a Rockies game to enjoy some downtime together. Whenever I visit a new ballpark, I have to try out the food. I grabbed a hot dog and almost got some nachos too, but luckily David stopped me from that big mistake. Although Coors Field has some great food, nothing beats a crab cake in Oriole Park!

Saturday night David took me on a date night to a local Italian restaurant where we indulged our carb-loving selves. Can I just eat pizza and pasta for the rest of my life? Everything was so tasty! I gotta say, Denver restaurants have some great food! We browsed the 16th Street Mall for tasty little cafes and found quite a few places that will be on my list to visit again! One of the best places we found was a sports bar called Back East. I’ve never had a chicken sandwich on a pretzel bun before but wow!

Anyway guys, Denver was fantastic and it was hard to come home! Comment with your favorite vacation spot so I can get some ideas for my next trip!

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reward style wall in dallas

like to know it wall

redwardstyle wall mural

colorful wall murals in dallas

uptown dallas bars

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steve madden wedges

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! I spent some time shopping out in Allen, TX at the outlets there. Does anyone else love outlet shopping? It’s where I find all the bargains! I picked up some super cute over the knee boots 75% off at Aldo so I can’t wait to wear those this fall!

So as a style blogger the measurement of my success seems to be my acceptance into Reward Style. You know, that little “shop my look by signing up for” message in most Instagrammer’s posts? Yeah, that’s the thing I’ve been dying to be able to include in my posts but I haven’t been accepted yet! So here’s what I’ve gleaned from other blogger’s success stories about getting into Reward Style.

Style Bloggers Need Outfit Posts

For a long time, I posted a little bit of everything on my Instagram. One day might be a styled photo of my coffee and the next day might be a shot of my outfit. Reward Style focuses on style. Think “Outfit of the Day” posts! So I’ve been trying to adjust my Instagram feed to be just style.

Quality Photos Matter

I don’t know how in depth they go into an Instagrammer’s blog, but I think it’s important that the photography for your fashion posts be up to par with what Reward Style expects. Hiring a photographer is something I’m ponying up the money for and it’s totally worth it. Photos for my outfit above were taken by Luisa (link to her blog here!) She’s amazing and very affordable if you live here in Dallas!

Engagement is Important

You can have great posts but if no one is engaging with them (i.e. commenting) then your social influence isn’t very high. Reward Style will likely notice this and assume that no one is interested in what you have to share, therefore no one will purchase any of your promoted items. I’m still learning how to solve this problem on my own Instagram.

If you’ve gotten into Reward Style, please leave me a comment with any tips or secrets! If you work for Reward Style, then please accept my application! Being accepted into Reward Style has been a goal of mine for the last year and I’m hoping to make that happen soon!

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pink kate spade bag

I love the summer months for so many reasons! The sunshine, warm weather, occasional glass of sangria, and fun weekend getaways are all wonderful parts of my summer. However, another lovely part that I usually enjoy indulging in are the semi-annual sales that sweep the mall for the month of July! In past years, I run toward every sale sign or orange clearance sticker (Target peeps know what I’m talking about!) Here recently though, I’ve found myself less enticed by that four letter word. Here’s why.

I Don’t Need It

I love shopping and I like having pretty things but at a certain point I have to realize that I have enough. When did I figure out that I had enough pairs of sandals? Last summer when I looked in my closet. When did I notice that my collection of designer bags was gathering dust? Right after I noticed Kate Spade was having a sale. Realizing that buying more of what I already had was wasting my money, I was able to start setting financial goals for myself.

The Semi-Annual Sales Aren’t Always the Best

I’ve seen some really great semi-annual sales in my short life. And I’ve also been witness to some that didn’t really get my heart pumping. One such sale is the long-awaited Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I just don’t get excited over 30% off over priced knee-high boots. Sorry, I just don’t. It’s not a steal, deal, or bargain to me. I’ll wait until the end of boot season to purchase a fabulous pair of Sam Edelman shoes. More on my love-hate relationship with this sale here.

Another sale everyone got excited for was the Amazon Prime sale. I was hoping I would be finding bargains on things left and right but I was disappointed. The only thing I was tempted by was a diffuser for essential oils but the reviews advised against me buying it. Bummer.

Stuff Doesn’t Make Me Happy

Don’t get me wrong, I love to shop and buy myself pretty things! It’s taken me years to realize though that nothing I buy will make me happy for long. It gives me that little pick me up I need to get through the rest of my day but that’s it. A closet full of designer outfits will not bring me joy.

Financial Stability Means the Most

A sale gives shoppers the illusion that they’ll be saving money on their purchases. However, unless it’s something you need or have been waiting to buy, you’re just spending money on things you normally wouldn’t have if a sale sign hadn’t been there. If you’ve ever had to worry about how you’re going to pay your cell phone bill each month, then you know having money in your savings account for just in case means more than going into debt or blowing every dime you have on sale items.

Final Thoughts

I definitely love to treat myself now and then and have never gone without. However, I know that I don’t need to shop every sale, especially if you know you can get a better deal on an item. By all means, enjoy your favorite sale! But don’t get caught up in the madness of it all or worse, try and keep up with everyone else on social media. I think we often forget that although our favorite blogger looks like she has it all, credit card debt is a real thing and financial planning isn’t everyone’s strong suit.

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bell sleeve top

Dallas arts district

zara sale

bell sleeve top

Happy Monday lovelies! I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did mine. I spent Saturday morning hiking with my boyfriend and our dog, Hayley. Guys, I’m not nature girl, so for me to hike 2.5 miles in 95 degree heat was quite the surprise not to mention a kick-butt workout. Of course, no weekend for me is complete without a bit of shopping!

Chic Zara Find

One of my favorite places to shop here in Dallas is at North Park mall. When I was there over the weekend, the sales were amazing! One of my favorite places to find trendy pieces that are good quality and a great price is Zara. I found this cute ruffle sleeve striped top for $12 at Zara and I absolutely love it! It’s one of those pieces that works with so many different looks that its really a staple item for my closet now.

Obviously you’ve seen my iconic yellow Kate Spade bag that I carry with me all summer! Since I love classic, preppy colors (i.e. navy blue, white, red) this neon bag adds that little bit of summer that every outfit needs!

Since moving to Dallas a year ago, I’ve had to adjust my style, tastes, and ways of doing things to match the norm here. However, I just can’t give up my love of stripes and sailor knots. They’re simply a part of me. You can take the girl from the east coast but you can’t take the east coast out of the girl!

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lilly pulitzer and coffee

If you haven’t noticed, every week I’ve been trying to bring blogging tips and ideas to you (my lovely readers.) And if you haven’t noticed that I’ve been doing this, then maybe you need to like my Facebook page to get updates (hint hint!) Today I wanted to share a few easy ways to avoid or get over the blogger burnout!

Write a Blog Post Somewhere New

One of the worst things a writer can do is sit and stare at the same 4 walls day after day! Nothing sparks creativity when you’re stuck in your room without inspiration. Change up your “office” location and go find a new coffee shop to enjoy while you write!

Get Creative in Your Closet

For fashion bloggers, clothing to photograph is important to the overall success of the blog. However, I hate running out and buying new clothes all the time (translate: I love buying new clothes but my bank account won’t let me.) Go through your closet and pull everything out. Make a goal of putting together at least 3 new outfits you can wear for your blog!

Do Something Social With Other Bloggers

Getting together with other bloggers can give you that little bit of passion you need to keep going and write another blog post! A few months ago, my Dallas Style Collective sisters and I hosted a meetup for other SC girls in the area.

Take a Week Off

You heard me. Take some time off from blogging. I used to blog all the time thinking that people would forget about me if I didn’t. I was soooo burnt out! You can’t keep pumping out great content if you don’t love what you’re writing. Seriously, take time off.

Reflect on Why You Started

Sometimes I get so caught up in being popular on Instagram or trying to earn money for my blog posts that I forget why I started blogging in the first place. I started because I wanted a fun hobby. Take a day and go back to your roots and remind yourself of the reason you started blogging.

Blogging ain’t easy, but it can be really fun if you don’t let yourself get burnt out on it. I’d love to hear your blogger burnout tips or stories! Leave me a comment!

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