$18 Beach Bag Style

summer beach bagHappy hump day everyone! The first two days to every week are the hardest but once Wednesday hits- boom! It gets just a little bit better. Weekend plans start to form and all of the sudden that coffee isn’t having the same effect that it was before. My latte of choice is always skinny vanilla with a dash of cinnamon. By the end of the week, black coffee looks very tempting instead!

I wanted to share with you my favorite new beach bag before the summer is over! I found this adorable bag at a boutique in Dallas called Riff Raff. The beach bag is easy to clean and has a convenient little pocket inside for things like your phone and keys! Best of all, this sparkly bag was only $18!

what to bring to the pool

Relaxing by the pool at the end of every day has become my favorite activity recently. Life is stressful and sometimes working out in the gym doesn’t calm me down like I want it to. Sitting poolside with some flavored water and a good book seems to do the trick though. Plus, did you see my adorable beach towel in the first picture? It’s the 1972 New Yorker magazine cover! That magazine cover is iconic and I was so excited to find this beach towel for $12 at TJ Maxx!

altard state summerFinally, let’s talk about this beach cover up! I wore it in a post about my trip down to Austin a month ago but I’m still obsessed with it (see post here)! It was around $20 and works really well if you have somewhere to go after your day in the water. Shocking, it goes great with my pretty beach bag too! Check out Riff RaffΒ Β for more fun things!


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32 Responses to $18 Beach Bag Style

  1. Lor says:

    That bag has ‘the beach’ written all over it! Oh, how I miss the beach… πŸ™‚

  2. Lauren of An Explorer's Heart says:

    I love a great pool day – what a fun bag!


  3. Colleen says:

    Such a great beach bag and love how your beach coverup compliments it so well. Congrats on finding 2 great pieces!!

  4. darlingdearestblog says:

    All of these things just make me want to go straight to a pool! Love that towel, and such a cute bag!

  5. Love this. Had to show my wife. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Love that bag and that dress! Super cute babe! xo

  7. That beach bag is so darn cute!!! NEED! <3

    Abby xx

  8. K.M. Sutton says:

    Love that bag and that dress! So chic! <3

  9. I think i NEED this bag. It is SO CUTE WOW

  10. These are all great finds! That towel is awesome.

  11. This bag is so darn adorable!! I love the colors, so vibrant!! Plus, anything with a bit of sparkle is a win to me…and, at such an affordable price point!!


  12. Love that bag so much!! Such a great find. xo

  13. Nataly Schma says:

    I love this bag!! I wish I was going to the beach soon!

  14. Madeleine says:

    This is such an adorable cover up! Hoping to squeeze in a few more beach days before fall!

  15. UrbanBlonde says:

    I LOVE this beach bag!! Hard to believe it’s from TJ Maxx too! Awesome find!

    xO – Steph


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