Best Date Night Spots in Dallas to Snuggle at Fireside

Hey everyone! I’m really excited to share this post with those of you who live in the Dallas area (or who like to visit!) I’ve lived in this city long enough to have explored some of the fun places to go out at night on a date or even with your besties. There are definitely a few spots David and I keep coming back to just because we love the atmosphere! But since its’s finally chilly here in Dallas, everyone wants to snuggle up to their love by a crackling fire. So I’ve rounded up a few of the best spots in Dallas to eat and warm up fireside!

Casual Date Night in Dallas

If you’re looking for somewhere to go that’s a bit more casual (and lower in price) then I definitely have a few recommendations!

  • Uptown Pub- We are here at least once a week we love it so much!
  • Truck Yard- Fun place to go for food trucks and music!
  • Ross & Hall- Just opened up and has amazing food!
  • Pie Tap- Literally the best pizza you’ll ever eat!
  • Black Friar Pub- Really fun atmosphere at night but for a little peace and quiet, get there earlier in the evening!
  • The Standard Pour- You’ll find the Reward Style wall here and a really masculine vibe I like.

Let’s Be Fancy

Ok if you want to get fancy, I don’t have quite as many favorites but you should check these locations out for a special occasion date night!

  • HG Supply Co.- Amazing rooftop with views of the city that can’t be beat!
  • Happiest Hour- Once again, get there early. It’s a fun place but gets crazy crowded!
  • Savor- Ok I’ve never actually been here I admit, but the photos and food always look so beautiful!
  • Fogo de Chao- Food is amazing and there’s a fireplace inside as well as heat lamps on the patio.

Please leave a comment with any other great places in Dallas that have fire pits or fireplaces! Happy date night!


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6 Responses to Best Date Night Spots in Dallas to Snuggle at Fireside

  1. Belle says:

    Will absolutely keep these places in mind if we ever travel to Dallas!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  2. emily maric says:

    thanks for sharing these!!! I Pinned it to my travel folder, for next time I am in Dallas. Hope you have a great day xo, Emily

  3. I’ll have to try these out when I visit. I heard Happiest Hour is amazing!!

  4. Delayna says:

    I need to come visit! I want to get my hair done in Dallas so I will keep these in mind!

  5. susie40s says:

    You should send this blog in to one of the local dallas papers or online news sites. It’s really good!

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