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Oh my goodness ya’ll! It’s October, aka the best month ever! From September through December I’m just a bundle of seasonal happiness. The leaves change, there’s a crispness to the air (jk I live in Texas), and it’s appropriate to have an absurd amount of decorations in your house. It’s just so lovely! Since I’m a big fan of decorating pretty much everything, I went on Amazon to browse their Halloween and fall items. I wasn’t disappointed.

I’m a proud Prime member and I order everything I can through Amazon, seasonal decor included. Although my boyfriend won’t be thrilled with me bringing anymore decorations into our apartment, he’s not in charge. So there. Take that David!

Halloween Decor on Amazon

Ok so let me tell you why I chose that adorable maple leaf tree over there. My mom always had a “fall tree” in our house that she would put up with little leaf ornaments and it just meant the world to me!Β It just felt cozy and comforting whenever you’d walk into our house. I loved it and I want one in my future home!

Also, let’s talk about that doormat. Am I the only one who loves a good seasonal doormat? I need one for every season! Unfortunately, my cat has taken to sharpening her claws on every single one I buy, but ultimately they’re one of my favorite outdoor decorations.

The final item I’m going to chat about is that adorable blanket scarf. If you don’t have one by now, you’re a lost cause. I have at least 4, probably more if I were honest. I wear them on planes so I can unfold them into a literal blanket because I always get seated next to someone who’s having a hot flash. Unfortunately, Texas heat hasn’t permitted me to wear one yet but in about 2 months it may get below 70 degrees and you better believe I’ll be wearing all 4 of mine at the same time. With a quilted vest, obviously.

Share your favorite Halloween traditions or decorations with me! I love hearing about them!

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19 Responses to Best Halloween and Fall Finds on Amazon

  1. I love the white and gold pumpkins. If I had an office, those would be in it. I love to decorate for holidays, but right now I have a 1 1/2 year old that loves to touch EVERYTHING! Hopefully in another year or two I can get back in to it.

  2. I really like how you did this page! The fonts and colors are great and the links – very original! Great job Liz – I Love it!!

  3. Such a great post. I love hearing about everyone’s amazing finds on amazon! Also, that black and white checkered throw is amazing! Definitely need one!

  4. savvynistas says:

    I’m loving the holiday decor coming out, so festive. Love your picks, xo M

  5. shannon says:

    what a cute post and i love all your halloween pics!!

  6. mhaney94 says:

    Omg, I just love all of these picks! The plaid blanket scarf is such a fall staple!

    Megan |

  7. I need that light up pumpkin in my life!

    Vanessa |

  8. followmygut2014 says:

    I love holiday decor and now that I’m moving into my own place I can’t wait to set it up for Halloween. I think the rug for my apartment and the scarf for my outfits would be perfect. Great review!!!

    Danielle | <3

  9. Dafrastar says:

    I am personally not great at decoration; I did Xmas decorations for the 1st time last year. I am 32. (Hangs head in shame.)
    I will do better this year, so thanks for doing half of the work for me with these neat recommendations!!!!

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