Boho Meet Preppy

Boho Chic!Boho Chic

There’s one season in the year where boho chic is acceptable for everyone to incorporate into their wardrobe. That season is summer. Anyone who knows my style knows that I’m professional and preppy. Rarely will I be seen wearing something that doesn’t resemble this. This summer I’ll be phasing a little bohemian into my style starting with some leather strappy sandals, chunky brown-leather-studded turquoise necklaces, and this adorable Lilly Pulitzer for Target jumpsuit. I know, how contradictory right? It’s boho meets preppy. Remember, I’m not boho year-round, just during the summer! Peace and love <3
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0 Responses to Boho Meet Preppy

  1. LOVE that pineapple candle!

  2. Amelia Vesper says:

    Ooh, I would love that chair for my deck! So cute.

  3. ingrid says:

    A pineapple candle ?!? How CUTE!!! xoxo

  4. chiclittlehoney says:

    This just LOOKS like summer! Love it!

  5. carlinleah says:

    Love the Lilly Pulitzer jumpsuit! I have a few lilly things from target I was able to snatch 😉

  6. Love it all! I just wanna take a seat on that chair next to the palm plant and relax.

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