Bring to the Beach!

Bring to the Beach
As beach season is well underway I’m planning a lovely beach vacation to the Maryland eastern shore. I stock up on beach wear and summery things usually 2 seasons before it begins (that’s when things from the previous summer season are on sale) so I have everything I need already! However, am I really ready?
The one thing I forgot was sunscreen at a decent price. Since I forgot something, chances are so did you. Here’s a little visual list of things to remember to bring with you for your next beach vacation!
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  1. No problem! People are more visual anyway!

  2. susie40s says:

    I like to pack a sandwich or some sort of snack so I don’t have to pay the outrageous prices for food at the beach. I like your visual reminders of what to bring! They will stay in my head longer than a written list. Thanks!

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