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Let me be honest here and say that I’ve never considered myself a “successful woman.” It was until recently that I thought to myself “hey, I guess I’m doing pretty good for someone my age.” I have a job, cat, nice apartment (see my apartment here!), sweet boyfriend, and an awesome blog if I do say so myself! But I spend a lot of time studying the habits of successful men and women and I’ve come up with a few takeaways from articles, books, and documentaries that I wanted to share with you!

1. Successful Women Never Stop Learning

College is wayyy over for me but it doesn’t mean I can’t learn anything new. Successful women read, take classes, go to seminars and conferences, and watch documentaries. They always seek out opportunities to learn from other people.

2. Successful Women Take Care of Themselves

I know what you’re thinking- work out, eat right blah blah blah. And that’s true. Successful people do something active everyday and eat healthy meals and snacks. I learned from a nutritionist that the more colorful your food is on the outside, the cleaner you are on the inside. Note: colorful food doesn’t include bright orange Cheetohs (though I wish it did) it means beautiful veggies and fruits.

3. Successful Women Have Schedules

I am the child of Chief Petty Officer in the Navy. Believe me, I know all about regimented schedules and doing things at certain times. Frankly, I thrive on that lifestyle! I have my own little routine but if I had my druthers, I would have an hour by hour schedule for myself. At the very least I keep a planner, which successful women should!

4. Successful Women Use Good Manners

Good manners are for everyone but unfortunately, not everyone seems to demonstrate them. However, for women (and men) in the business world, having good social graces is important. Not only is it important for you to demonstrate proper etiquette in your own career, but if you’re attending a work function of your boyfriend or husband’s, it’s vital that you perform well there too (and the same goes for him). It’s important that both of you help each other in your careers!

5. Successful Women Use the Servant-Leadership Style

This style of leadership throws many people off. How can a leader also be a servant? Take a look at a prime example in history. Jesus Christ is one of the most famous leaders in history. He’s still remembered for His leadership style of putting others ahead of himself. He was a servant leader. Whether you’re the CEO or not, you have a duty to put those underneath of you in front of your own needs. Right after you close a major business deal, you must realize that you are not above sweeping a hallway or taking out the trash. That’s servant leadership.

Leave me a comment with your tips for becoming a successful woman!

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Being a style blogger is a lot of fun! I enjoy meeting new people, collaborating with amazing brands, and constantly learning new things. It really has been a crazy, fun journey getting to where I am not. However, there have DEFINITELY been so not so fun parts of this journey… like a lot of them! Some of them were just part of the learning curve and I moved on. Other parts are an ongoing battle. Today, I’m sharing 5 things bloggers can stop doing that make our own and everyone else’s blogging experience difficult!

Stop the Follow/Unfollow Game

Oh my goodness. This is without a doubt the most obnoxious thing bloggers do to each other. It goes a little something like this: Blogger uses a bot to follow other Instagram users who might be interested in their content and follow them back. Once they get the return “follow”, the bot goes back and unfollows the user that just followed them. Sometimes this process takes days, other times, it takes only an hour. Either way, it’s obnoxious and needs to stop no matter how much “growth” a blogger gets from it.

Not Sharing Blogging Tips

I get it, giving away information that helped make you successful seems counter intuitive. And it is. However, sharing knowledge and success stories helps make our world go around, both inside and outside the blogosphere. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reached out to other bloggers and asked how they accomplished something and they blow me off with very basic advice or “you’ll figure it out.” Last I checked, helping other people build their blogs up never hurt your own!

Quit Comparing Successes and Timelines

I am the worst for this. I literally scroll through my Instagram feed comparing my posts to other bloggers and wondering why I don’t have as many followers or get as many likes. Or wonder how she did it so quickly and why I’m growing so slowly. Honestly, sometimes we hold ourselves back with these thoughts. And I’m trying harder not to compare myself to other women that I admire. I’m learning to accept ME.

Be Supportive of Each Other’s Blogs

Lastly, we grow and become better bloggers when we lift each other up! Last year I joined a great group of girls through Style Collective that are so supportive and willing to share blogging tips and genuinely wish the best for others. If you’re interested in joining us, here’s the link! Style blogging became so much more fun for me when I found these girls.

Keep blogging and keep your head up! Share this with your blogger group so they know they aren’t alone in this journey!

dallas fashion blogger

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Happy Monday girls! So as a lot of you probably know, SEO (search engine optimization) is incredibly important for your rankings with Google. I work for a company based in Dallas that does SEO for several local clients and I’ve learned so much since I started working there. In this post, I’m going to be sharing with you a few blogger tips on how to better optimize your blog this summer! Some tips may be having you rolling your eyes like”duh” but others may be helpful to you! So study up and please share this with your blogger friends!

Use Titles and Metas in Every Blog Post

If you want people to click on your link when it shows up in a Google search result, then you need a great title and description of what they’re clicking on! They should include keywords and an accurate description of what the blog post will tell them about. Don’t give away tons of information, but just enough to entice them to click! The Yoast plugin is super helpful for this and it’s free!! You know I love free!

Alt Text in Photos

Ok, I’m not sure what Alt text stands for but I do know that it’s so important! If you go into the back end of a photo you upload on WordPress, you’ll see a space to put the title and then the alt text as well. most people title their photos but forget to use alt text. The alt text should be a description of the photo. For example, if I’m wearing a Lilly Pulitzer dress, I’ll have the alt text say something like “fashion blogger wearing Lilly Pulitzer.” Google bots can’t analyze photos and come up with their own descriptions, they rely on you for that.

Internal Linking is Your Friend

Far too many bloggers don’t link back to previous blog posts they’ve written, but it’s important to do it! Internal linking helps drive users to other helpful content on your site and it keeps them on your website even longer! A good rule of thumb is to have one internal link per paragraph provided it doesn’t look like spam! Honestly, I’m a little lazy about doing this, but I know it’s important to do!

Put Keywords in Your Headers

Headers, like the one above, are important to help guide your readers along through your post and get Google’s attention. You’re writing for both Google and you’re user, and it has to appear natural to both. For example, if I’m talking about a particular aspect of my hair care routine, then my header might be “how to use coconut oil in your hair” (there will be a post later this week on my hair care routine fyi!) This lets the reader and the Google bots crawling your site know what you’ll be talking about.

Do you have any good SEO tips? Leave me a comment! I’m always excited to learn from other bloggers!

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Being a blogger starting out is the worst. It’s like taking 3 steps forward and 2 steps backward constantly. I mean it when I say the struggle is real. Fashion blogging can be lots of fun at times. When I get the perfect shot of my outfit or a brand wants to send free product to me, it’s like Christmas day! I honestly love doing it and wouldn’t dream of giving it up. However, there are days when style blogging gets me down in the dumps and just puts me in a bad mood. Here are 4 of the worst things you can do to yourself as a blogger.

Play the Comparison Game

Oh. My. Goodness. This is the worst and I do it all the time. I’ll start out having a good day and pop over to one of my favorite blogs and think to myself “wow, why can’t I be like her?” BOOM. My whole day was just ruined. I always end up trying to convince myself that if I had been “born into money” or if I had “better luck” I’d be just as successful as the blogger I’m comparing myself to. As any blogger knows though, it’s a lot of work no matter how much money or luck you have.

Doubt Your Own Beauty

Similar to the point above, being a style blogger involves pretty pictures and makeup that looks just right. I keep my face and hair pretty natural. I don’t do fake eyelashes or hair and I definitely don’t edit my photos to look thinner. However, the camera is so deceiving to the naked eye. One of my favorite bloggers has been honest about her false eyelashes and hair but every time I see her gorgeous photos, I start feeling bad about myself and how I look! That’s a terrible thing to do myself and I know I’m not the only one who does it!

Place Your Value in How Many Followers You Have

Growing your following is so important to your success as a blogger. If you’ve ever experienced slow growth though, then you know how frustrating it can be. When I go to check how many Instagram followers I have, I’m hoping to have gained some and not lost any. Unfortunately, often enough I’ll have lost 15 or so overnight. My heart sinks a little and so does my self-worth. Placing your value in how many people follow you on Instagram is detrimental to your mental health and it’s sadly something I find myself doing all the time.

Wonder What the Point Is

During the regular work week, I have my 9-5 job that keeps me busy 40 hours a week. My 2nd part-time job is my fashion blog, Witty n Pretty, which keeps me busy pretty much every evening and weekend. Needless to say, I’m pretty booked up all the time. When I find myself running around like crazy trying to get pictures taken, a blog post written, and social media posts posted, then I want something to show for it. That can be in the form of traffic, social shares, or something else. Often enough, I find that I don’t have much to show for my efforts and I begin to wonder “is this worth my time?” Obviously, it is if I’m writing this blog post! But believe me, I have those dramatic moments when I question everything.

Please, please leave me a comment if you’ve ever experienced any of these thoughts! I find that it’s so much better to be honest with ourselves and others and say “yeah, sometimes this really sucks!” It’s nice to know you aren’t alone in your blogging journey!

dallas fashion blogger

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I have some really exciting news to share with you guys! Since I started my blogging journey, the whole experience has been a series of ups and downs and wondering when success will start knocking on my door. I read countless articles from other bloggers talking about what led to their success and what I needed to do differently. Years later, I’ve come to figure out that each blogger has their own journey, including you.

Being a Dallas fashion blogger means I have more competition than I could ever dream of and very little space to fit in. My little corner of the Internet is my favorite place to be and something that still inspires me everyday! However, I understand what it’s like when you feel frustrated and no one is giving you answers or any help whatsoever. With the moderate success I’ve seen, I’d like to share my knowledge with new bloggers who are stuck, need advice, or simply would like someone to look over their content and social media profiles. In an effort to help other bloggers like myself, I’m offering up my expertise with some free consulting for new bloggers! That’s right- free!

Blogging involves collaboration, partnership, and often enough- mentorship. If you’re new to the whole fashion or lifestyle blogging scene, then I’d love to help you. You can drop me a line on my new consulting page (here.) I look forward to chatting and helping you grow!

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I’ve been thinking about writing a blog post on the craziness that is starting a fashion or lifestyle blog for awhile. So many girls want to start a blog or have started one and become discouraged with it after a few weeks or months. When I started Witty n Pretty, I thought fashion blogging was going to be glamorous and dare I say it- easy! Oh, how wrong I was. Today, I’m sharing with perspective bloggers and new bloggers wondering what in the heck they’re doing, 5 things to know about starting a blog

Blogging is Hard

Duh! Nothing worth doing is ever easy, right? I found that out quickly and if you haven’t already, you will soon. Fashion blogging is a saturated market with tons of competition from girls (and a few guys) that have more money than you, better photography skills, and just seem to have it all together. You’ll think you have it all together one minute and the next, you’ll want to give up. Don’t. Keep going!

There are No Rewards… at First

Contrary to popular belief, fashion blogging is not a “get rich quick” scheme. It simply doesn’t work like that. Fashion, lifestyle, and beauty blogging involves tons of work with little reward at first. Personally, I didn’t reap any rewards in terms of free product until about a year and a half of blogging consistently. After that, I started getting things here and there, which let me tell you, was a HUGE deal for me.

Fashion Blogging Takes Commitment

The number one reason why most blogs fail is because the blogger gives up after 3 months. Seriously, 3 months! People want things to happen quickly and let’s be real, the things we want the most God usually makes us wait for. To have a chance at success, you must blog consistently, provide information or inspiration, and know who you’re writing to. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve scrolled through my WordPress Reader and seen posts titled something like “Sorry I’ve Been Gone” followed by an entire paragraph about their absence. Readers don’t want excuses; they want good content.

A Blogger Wears Many Hats

When I started blogging, I thought I would be a writer not a photographer, social media guru, SEO expert, website coder, public relations girl, and a marketer. I was wrong. Because it’s just me running my Dallas-based fashion blog, I have to do it all myself (with a little help from my boyfriend, David.) You will have to learn things that make no sense to you and you have no interest in. But guess what? It makes your knowledge of the industry incredibly robust so that when you do become a famous fashion blogger, you know everything there is to know about blogging.

The Comparison Game is Toxic

I think girls compare themselves more to each other than guys ever will. If you don’t agree with me, you will after becoming a fashion blogger. When you start paying attention to what other bloggers are doing and who they are, you’ll begin comparing yourself to everyone else. You’ll begin to wonder why everyone else has bigger and better followings, wardrobes, photos, brand connections, and even longer eye lashes than you. Let me tell you, this comparison game is so dangerous to your self-esteem. I’ve gotten sucked into so many times and it takes a whole lot of effort to get out. Compare yourself to no one except the person you were the day before. That’s who you’re trying to beat.

Stay tuned next week for an exciting announcement on something I’m launching for girls new to blogging or who’d like to start! You’re going to love this!

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