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Hey guys! I was pretty absent from my blog and social media last week but there’s a good reason for it! I was in Denver with David for a little getaway and I’m sharing a few vacation photos with you! I’ve seriously never been so tired from a trip but it was so worth it!

Hiking in Colorado

Saturday and Sunday we spent hiking. A lot. My legs still hurt! We drove out to Red Rocks Parks to hike the trails and burn off our biscuits and gravy breakfast from earlier in the morning. Fun fact: Red Rocks is in the town of Morrison, my last name! This place was absolutely stunning and the hike, while it almost killed me (I needed my inhaler), was so worth it! David pulled a sort-of-almost-funny joke on me. He was going down a set of stairs in front of me and then turned around real fast and started to get down on one knee… and then he laughs and goes “just kidding!” NOT a smart idea while on top of a mountain!

Sunday we spent in Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Oh my goodness you guys, I could move there in a heart beat! The mountains were gorgeous and the water sports looked even better! But the best part were the chipmunks, they were everywhere! I had one crawl into my hand looking for a tasty morsel and then another crawled onto David’s shoe!

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Where to Stay and Play in Denver

David and I wanted to stay in the city because we like being close to all the fun stuff! Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Denver offered me a great rate at their beautiful hotel. On my first night there, they sent up a complimentary cheese plate, Cadbury bars, and my favorite vanilla latte! How nice is that? Every morning they had a nice little coffee bar in the lobby that turned into an evening wine bar for guests. Fun little perks like that made our stay even better!

Thursday night David and I went to a Rockies game to enjoy some downtime together. Whenever I visit a new ballpark, I have to try out the food. I grabbed a hot dog and almost got some nachos too, but luckily David stopped me from that big mistake. Although Coors Field has some great food, nothing beats a crab cake in Oriole Park!

Saturday night David took me on a date night to a local Italian restaurant where we indulged our carb-loving selves. Can I just eat pizza and pasta for the rest of my life? Everything was so tasty! I gotta say, Denver restaurants have some great food! We browsed the 16th Street Mall for tasty little cafes and found quite a few places that will be on my list to visit again! One of the best places we found was a sports bar called Back East. I’ve never had a chicken sandwich on a pretzel bun before but wow!

Anyway guys, Denver was fantastic and it was hard to come home! Comment with your favorite vacation spot so I can get some ideas for my next trip!

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So David and I have been dating each other for almost two years and in that time we’ve done so much together! Seeing new places, trying new foods, and experiencing major life events together are some of the best parts of being in a relationship. However, date nights can get stale after awhile and you have to spice them up with new ideas. The Murder Mystery Co. reached out to me and asked if I’d enjoy going to one of their dinner theater shows with David. I jumped at the chance to go and we had a blast!

The theme of the show was “Til’ Death Do Us Part” and you had to figure out who in the wedding party killed the best man. Everyone at your table works together to sort through clues, ask the “suspects” questions, and then submit answers at the end of the night.Β I honestly didn’t know what to expect with the evening but it definitely didn’t disappoint! It was so much more fun than what I thought it would be.

I really treasure my time with David as we’re both so busy and often don’t get to really sit down, enjoy a meal, and laugh. If you’re looking for a fun date night experience to share with your love, then I definitely recommend doing this. The Murder Mystery Co. also does smaller dinner parties if you’d like to host a murder mystery night at your home with friends! That’s definitely something I’d consider doing once I actually buy a house that’s big enough to host in! Give me 4 or 5 years.

Do you have a favorite date night idea? Do you and your love have a fun tradition you do together on your anniversary?Β Please share your date night ideas with me in a comment below!

Thanks to the Murder Mystery Co. for sponsoring my date night!

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Photo credits: Luisa’s Secret

Hello loves! I’m so excited to share with you a fun blog post all about a Dallas blogger meetup that a few bloggers and I hosted! First of all, a little back story! I’ve been a member of a blogger group called Style Collective for over a year now. It’s a group founded by Annie Spano geared towards blogger education and growing our #girlboss empires! In the last few weeks, my fellow Style Collective sisters and I have been planning a meetup in Dallas!

We’ve spent so much time talking about details and decor, swag bags and photographers that by the time the actual event rolled around, we were all exhausted! Nonetheless, we had a great time hosting and getting to meet other Style Collective sisters. We hosted the event at La Madeleine and we all contributed to the table decorations, swag bags, and other fun little touches! We also had amazing sponsors for the event (see what was in our bags on my Instagram and Instagram stories!)

I’d also love to introduce you to my co-hosts of the evening! I’m including their names and blog links so be sure to check them out! They seriously inspire me to be a better style blogger!

What I Wore

Since this is a fashion blog, I feel like maybe I should tell you what I’m wearing- except you’re going to have to wait to see a full outfit post until next week! But if you’re looking for a dose of style inspiration, then join me and my fellow #girlbosses on Style Collective (I’m adding my affiliate link here!) Seriously, I’ve grown so much since I joined this group of girls from all over the world. I’ve found friends in Dallas when I had none and girls I can trust to help me grow and that’s what this event was all about! Enjoy the photos and leave me a comment with your blog link!

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If you read my last blog post (link here!) then you’d know I got to spend the weekend on a beautiful ranch in East Texas for my birthday!! My super thoughtful boyfriend David rented a guest house on the 4D Guest Ranch with his sisters and a few friends for the weekend and we all got to stay and relax in Texas Hill Country!

Texas Hill Country Ranch

To say that we enjoyed our time is an understatement. We got to the guest house and it was a horse barn converted into a luxury getaway place. The main area had pretty chandeliers, cozy couches, and soft blankets to snuggle under as well as a huge projection screen to watch TV on. Our bedrooms were old horse stalls with the original sliding doors attached for privacy! Seriously, it was the neatest thing I’ve ever seen! Texas ranch style decor took on a whole new meaning for me.

We wandered around the ranch a bit admiring the rolling green hills and abundance of animals when we came across some cattle grazing in one of the fields. The neat part about the 4D Ranch is that the animals all roam free on the 900 acre property. Several horses and donkeys wandered right up to us and wanted a pet, which we gladly gave!

The rest of our time their was spent eating, sitting by a campfire, and just enjoying each other’s company. Usually I’m the kind of gal that has to be moving around, constantly doing things. This was the first time in years that I felt relaxed! It was the perfect spot to unwind and spend time with family. Be sure to check out the 4D Guest Ranch on Facebook to see more beautiful pictures!

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Happy first week of spring! I’m so excited that the winter is behind us and we’re able to bring out the patio furniture and start soaking up the sun. Dallas has been warming up in the last few weeks and every good Dallas blogger (including myself!) has been stocking up on spring clothing! Last Saturday morning, I met up with a few other bloggers for brunch and let me just say that the host, Miss Rhonda Jenkins of The Skinny Arm blog, did such an amazing job organizing our brunch! Check out the details below!

brunch table setting

dallas brunch spots

spring tablescapes

artisan pizzas dallas

hand crafted pizza

dallas brunch menu

spring table setting

I always love getting together with other bloggers to exchange ideas, tips, and just enjoy the company of other bloggers. The group of girls that came together for brunch at Pie Tap the other day were amazing! They were all so talented and totally inspired me to do more on my blog and get outside of my comfort zone. For example, I’ve been playing around with the idea of getting a photographer to start doing my photos instead of my boyfriend, David. Even though I want my blog to grow, spending money on my style blog isn’t something I’m totally comfortable with. After chatting over brunch and getting a little encouragement from the girls, I think I might just start shopping around for photographers!

Spring table setting details

Let’s talk about how beautiful and tasty our brunch was though. First of all, the table setting was stunning with the floral garland by Elise Woods (check her blog out here) and adorable geode place cards by Scribble Lettering. All of these little touches just make such a huge impact on how the table ends up looking!

Pie Tap Pizza in Uptown

If you’re in the Dallas area, then you need to check out where we had brunch! Pie Tap Pizza Workshop and Bar is all about handcrafted pizzas and delicious, 5-ingredient dough! I got the margherita pizza and oh my word, it was divine. Perfect crispy crust, fresh mozzarella and tomatoes, and fresh basil leaves. YUM! We also tried their house made doughnuts with local Texas honey and they were so tasty!

I’m really thankful for the girls at Dallas Blogger Brunch for sharing their stories and successes and being open about the not so glamorous side of blogging you can’t see. It isn’t just brunches and pretty outfits, it’s actual work too!

annual holi festivals

Living in Dallas has presented me with so many unique opportunities to experience new things. A week ago I got to attend a Dallas fashion show and just a day ago I attended my first Holi Festival! My little hometown in Maryland didn’t have much opportunity for cultural experiences beyond an annual Celtic festival. Having seen how beautiful the “Festival of Colors” is, I had to experience it for myself. While I didn’t get to travel to India to participate, I did get to enjoy it right here in Dallas! This cross-cultural experience was probably one of my favorite experiences and definitely one that was enriching.

Holi festivals around the world

celebrating holi

My friend Laila and I got tickets to go to Dallas’ annual Holi Festival together. Frankly, I didn’t know what to expect. I don’t know much about Indian culture and certainly didn’t know what Holi even meant or was. After doing a little research though, I learned that Holi is a Hindu spring festival celebrating the arrival of spring, end of winter, and traditionally a good harvest. The multi-colored powders used in the celebration are made from crushed flowers and other natural colors. At our celebration, festival attendees threw their brightly colored powders in the air and shouted “Happy Holi!”

indian culture

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m as “white” as the day is long. Attending Holi was not an attempt to “culture appropriate” I believe the term is. It was a fun way to learn about a new culture and appreciate the exciting celebrations that happen around the world. Cross-cultural experiences are important because they allow people of all origins to learn about the customs of others and enjoy them without giving up their own culture. When I got to the festival, I didn’t have any “colors” on my skin or in my hair and several other attendees that were of Indian descent and knew what they were doing came up to me and patted my face with bright pinks and blues and wished me a happy Holi. How kind of them to share their traditions and celebrations with an obvious outsider?

indian food holi

Dancing, eating, and throwing Holi powder in the air were the best parts of the festival. I got to try several Indian dishes including this delicious one pictured above. After eating my weight in Chicken Manchurian, Laila and I made our way back into the crowd to dance off our food. As you can imagine, I don’t know many traditional Indian dances but I tried my best to follow along.

I loved this event and plan to go back next year! Dallas really is a melting pot of people. Enjoying other people’s culture while still appreciating my own is so important to my personal development not only as a Dallas blogger, but also as a person.

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