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Hey everyone! Long time, no chat! I’ve been extremely busy as always and haven’t had much time to write, which is my favorite thing to do. My job is still keeping me incredibly busy and believe it or not, watching what I eat and working out adds to my business. You wouldn’t think that something that should come naturally would be difficult but I spend a lot of time planning out my meals throughout the day and my workouts. I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes its incredibly boring but it’s working! I’ve lost about 3lbs so far. If I didn’t cheat on my calorie count every once in awhile, I’m confident it would be more!

Taking Life One Day at a Time

So today I really wanted to share something that’s been on my mind lately and that’s taking life one day at a time. I’ve always been the full speed ahead, type A person that can’t rest for any reason. However, that passion for the next big thing has trickled into every other aspect of my life- including my relationship with David. That guy has had to put up with my “when are we going to get married” rants for the last year and a half at least. Probably longer if I were being honest.

It’s been driving me crazy- every time I browse my Facebook feed someone else is engaged or getting married and I’m thinking to myself “I’m so far behind all of my friends!” But that’s such a bad way to think of my own life’s journey and I can’t keep thinking like that. I’ve been working on telling myself to enjoy the phase of life I’m in right now. I think anyone can admit however, that it’s hard to appreciate what you have at the moment when there’s something else you want even more. For me, that tends to be an engagement to my love, David, but also sometimes its a better job and nicer car or home. Dreaming about the days and years to come is one thing, but obsessing over them is quite another.

So as difficult for me as it may be (and trust me it’s difficult), I’m trying to learn to enjoy this phase of my life and embrace it. I keep telling myself that someday I’ll look back on this time and wonder why I rushed through it.

What I’m Wearing

I wanted to share this adorable Spartina 449 bag with you guys! It’s their map collection and it has a map on the front and back of the Chesapeake Bay Area which is where I grew up! I absolutely love this bag and they have so many map prints including Texas! I get so many compliments on it and whenever anyway asks where I’m from, I literally can point to my bag and show them. So fun! That little crab on the front of the bag is actually really close to my hometown! “Crab cakes and football- that’s what Maryland does!” Wedding Crashers joke anyone?

workout style

Happy New Year everyone! I hope your New Year’s Eve was fun and now you’re ready to meet your goals for 2018! In my post last week, I outlined my resolutions for this coming year. Like everyone else, one of my goals is to lose weight. Shocking isn’t it? However, my biggest fear with this goal is simply that I won’t be able to do it or that my body decides “nah, let’s not lose weight and tone up.” So the other day I started looking for products that would make my weight loss journey more successful!

I think having the right tools and a plan in place for how you’ll achieve your goals makes all the difference! Take a look at the neat weight loss products below all available on Amazon:

get fit for the new year

Gym Bag | Resistance Band | Fitness Journal | Measuring Tape | Detox Tea | Hydrate Bottle | Nike Tank

I’m really interested to try the Hidrate Spark 2.0 water bottle! It reminds you to drink water every so often so you can get your recommended daily water intake. It isn’t cheap ($55) but for someone like me who isn’t the biggest fan of drinking water, this is a really neat product!

The fitness tracking journal is another neat item I found on Amazon for $15. It helps you track how much you sleep, eat, exercise, and drink everyday. I love keeping log books and things of that nature because writing things down makes it easier to visualize.

The detox tea is definitely something I’m considering ordering. I’ve been drinking a lot of tea lately to help replace my crazy coffee intake and it’s been really great on my digestive system and has even helped me keep a pound or two off over the holidays! If you’ve tried this brand let me know!

If you’re starting your fitness journey, leave me a comment! I’d love to encourage you!

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Hey everyone! Hope your week is going well! I just looked at my calendar and realized it’s less than two weeks until Christmas! Time goes by so quickly. I don’t particularly like it, I want to enjoy my Christmas season! I haven’t had time to do much Christmas shopping let alone baking or anything of that sort. I went to the mall the other day for a brunch (post to come on that fun event!) and I spent an hour trying to get parking, even valet was full! Everyone and their cousin was there. Anyway, I’ve decided shopping for David is probably the hardest person on my list! Men are just difficult to buy for, so to help you out I put together a gift guide.

Amazon Prime Gift Guide

So everything listed with the exception of two items is available on Amazon Prime! I’m a loyal Prime member and loveeee it. My mom, David, and I share an account and I swear one of us orders something everyday. Hopefully, you find something for the guy in your life here!

Amazon Echo

Vinyl Record Player


Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Messenger Bag

Under Armor Pullover

Sperry Top-Sider

Whiskey Decanter

Xbox One

Ring Video Doorbell

Leatherworks Cable Crepe

Homemade Hot Sauce Kit 

A lot of these items are on sale too! As much as I love buying other people gifts, I love saving money on them even more. Does anyone else get that rush when they see a red clearance sticker on something or is that just me? Leave a comment with your gift ideas for men!

*affiliate links are used for Amazon items

Hey everyone! I’m really excited to share this post with those of you who live in the Dallas area (or who like to visit!) I’ve lived in this city long enough to have explored some of the fun places to go out at night on a date or even with your besties. There are definitely a few spots David and I keep coming back to just because we love the atmosphere! But since its’s finally chilly here in Dallas, everyone wants to snuggle up to their love by a crackling fire. So I’ve rounded up a few of the best spots in Dallas to eat and warm up fireside!

Casual Date Night in Dallas

If you’re looking for somewhere to go that’s a bit more casual (and lower in price) then I definitely have a few recommendations!

  • Uptown Pub- We are here at least once a week we love it so much!
  • Truck Yard- Fun place to go for food trucks and music!
  • Ross & Hall- Just opened up and has amazing food!
  • Pie Tap- Literally the best pizza you’ll ever eat!
  • Black Friar Pub- Really fun atmosphere at night but for a little peace and quiet, get there earlier in the evening!
  • The Standard Pour- You’ll find the Reward Style wall here and a really masculine vibe I like.

Let’s Be Fancy

Ok if you want to get fancy, I don’t have quite as many favorites but you should check these locations out for a special occasion date night!

  • HG Supply Co.- Amazing rooftop with views of the city that can’t be beat!
  • Happiest Hour- Once again, get there early. It’s a fun place but gets crazy crowded!
  • Savor- Ok I’ve never actually been here I admit, but the photos and food always look so beautiful!
  • Fogo de Chao- Food is amazing and there’s a fireplace inside as well as heat lamps on the patio.

Please leave a comment with any other great places in Dallas that have fire pits or fireplaces! Happy date night!


girl walking down the street in dallas

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share something personal and something that impacts so many other people- depression. Mental health awareness is so important for the health of our society and yet it still has a strange stigma around it. I thought my own experience with this was something that I could talk about to help remove the stigma one brick at a time.

Sharing my Struggle with Depression

So one thing you have to keep in mind while you’re reading this is that I’m not writing this to receive comments affirming how “brave” I am or on the contrary, that this blog post is just looking for attention. I’m writing it because it’s healthy to talk about mental health and we simply should.

Like every teenager, I had my bouts of depression (thank you changing hormones!) However, sometimes it wasn’t just crazy teenage hormones. Often enough, it was actual, real sadness. I certainly didn’t have anything to be particularly sad about, just typical teenage girl stuff. Once I got into college, anxiety kicked in and seemed to replace the depression for a while until I graduated. Right about this time, anxiety started to feed my depression and vice versa. Anxiety and depression are very closely related and tend to fuel each other.

Once I recognized how bad I was feeling and that it was starting to impact my habits, I knew I needed someone to guide me through it. This was when I began to realize the serious stigma around mental health issues. I had seen a psychologist when I was younger who helped me work through an irrational fear of ghosts (not Scooby-Doo kind of ghosts, actual ghosts.) But now I needed someone to work through something else that haunted me- depression.

Knowing that getting professional “help” was frowned upon or met with judgement, I kept this to myself, my family, and select friends. When anxiety medication was recommended by my doctor, I kept that piece of information to just my family because medication is met with even more judgement.

Let’s Ditch the Mental Health Judgment

Throughout my experience of trying to improve my mental health and doing everything I should to feel better, people still judge. What I don’t understand is why they judge. Depression doesn’t happen because I didn’t “decide” to be happy. Depression occurs due to a chemical imbalance in my brain. It isn’t because I’m crazy or because I just chose to be this way and to suggest such a thing is absurd.

I often wonder if maybe people wouldn’t snap if we recognized the signs of poor mental health and encouraged people to seek help. Or if people who need a clean bill of both physical and mental health to do their jobs (for example pilots) were given time to routinely talk with mental health professionals instead of being let go for even suggested that they’re feeling anxiety. I’m certainly no expert in this area but removing the stigma mental health issues have attached to them would certainly improve the lives of those impacted, including myself.

Since I’d love to see mental health’s negative connotations be replaced by positive ones, I’ve decided to be completely honest about it with friends, family, coworkers, and even my boss. I keep it light hearted, explaining that “hey, everyone needs to see one because we all feel overwhelmed from time to time.” People seem to get that.

If I’m speaking with someone who think depression or anxiety is “all in your head,” I explain my own feelings of depression and it makes it hard for them to deny my feelings. It plants that small seed of doubt in their mind and opens them up to the idea that just because they haven’t experienced depression doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

How You Can Help

To recap, depression is real and it makes it far worse when other people judge or doubt. What you can do is encourage friends and others around you to talk with a doctor about their depression or other mental health problems. You can also be open about your own struggles. Finally, you can share this post with friends or someone you know who might be struggle with depression to let them know you understand and care. It will mean more than you know!



Hey everyone! I wanted to share a more personal post with all of you about my job, health, and just a general life update. Normally, I like to talk about happy things like I did in my previous post, but sometimes life is more serious than that. It’s a little weird being so vulnerable on the Internet with people who I don’t really know that well so stick with me here!


When you begin to feel exhausted, you feel your body and your mind kind of shut down. Your body has no energy, all you want to do is sleep. Your mind has no creative thoughts either. It sucks the life out of you. Long work weeks kill your brain power and make you more susceptible to sickness. I’ve had such a difficult time writing this blog lately because all of my brain power is used up during my work day leaving nothing for when I want to blog at night.


I’m genetically prone to being depressed and I’m certainly not alone in that. Unfortunately, it’s been proven that people who work excessively are also prone to depression, so between my work load and genetics, depression is definitely real for me. Of course, there are various depths of depression. The depression I experience from time to time is closely tied to my lack of energy and sleep.

Weight Gain

Oh my goodness. I stress eat like crazy! Any chip or slice of cheese in sight is mine and there’s nothing anyone can do to keep it away from me. Food comforts me and gives me a diversion from my problems. I’ve gained quite a few pounds since starting my new job. Of course, I’m grateful for any opportunity to gain experience in my career, but at a certain point (aka when I start gaining weight) it has to stop. I’m no longer gaining anything but weight.


Certain sudden sounds, people’s voices, traffic, a sock on the floor, anything can just set me off! David’s thudding around annoys me more than it normally does and dishes in the sink drive me crazy. When you work 60 hours a week, everything starts to upset you. I’d love to be the relaxed person I was before, but until I learn to manage my work and my life, relaxation is off the table.

Please share your experiences with me. Have you ever been exhausted from working so much?

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