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Hey loves! I don’t know about you but I’ve felt a distinct crispness in the air here lately! I love when summer starts turning into fall and everything just becomes so lovely. How basic am I for saying my favorite season is fall?! I think I got my love for all things pumpkin from my mom. Every September she would go all out decorating our house with fall leave garlands, pumpkins, corn stalks by the door, and a pumpkin spice candle burning in the kitchen. Even at 24 years old, there’s nothing more magical than my parent’s house this time of the year.

As every self-proclaimed lover of autumn does, I’ve made my fall bucket list! How much of it I’ll actually get to do is a post for another day but I’ll at least get to half of it! I scoured my fall Pinterest board (over 700 pins of pure fall bliss!) to find my top 10 must-do fall activities to share with you guys and thankfully I narrowed it down to fit into the picture above.

  1. Drink apple cider (it has to be hot though)
  2. Watch football (I have no choice here, I live in Texas and football is king)
  3. Go leaf peeping (I’ll have to do that when I’m at home in Maryland. Cactus don’t grow fall leaves)
  4. Buy a blanket scarf (I have like 5 but I need another obviously)
  5. Host a bonfire (I don’t have my own fire pit but I’ll cohost if anyone wants to offer up theirs!)
  6. Carve a pumpkin (This is a no-brainer)
  7. Watch Hocus Pocus (I can’t get enough of that movie!)
  8. Wear Bean Boots (Classic preppy footwear made for fall!)
  9. Run through a corn maze (or just get lost and yell at everyone I’m lost with)
  10. Eat caramel apples (doing this very carefully, I need all of my teeth)

So share with me what’s on your fall bucket list and your favorite fall traditions!

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fall candles

So it’s the end of August! That pretty much means it’s fall right? I’ve been going from store to store seeing their fall decorations and smelling the yummy fall candles. I can’t help but love this season! Every year my mom buys a few pumpkin spice candles to light around the house and it just smells like home to me! Today, I thought I’d share a few fall home decor items I’ve found so far to get you in the mood.

Bath and Body Works Fall Candles

I look forward to their candles every year and they never disappoint! This year, I’m loving the packaging of these candles, particularly the birch bark-looking “Leaves” candle. Seriously, so pretty and looks great with your regular home decor. I’m also a fan of “Pumpkin Cupcake” but that one makes me hungry for sweets! Once these candles go on sale, I’ll be stocking up!

Target Dollar Spot for Fall

So my other favorite place to get fall home decor items is the Target Dollar Spot! And they have the best fall and Halloween stuff this year! Everything you see in the photo above is under $3! How about the Hocus Pocus candy bowl?! It’s a must have! My favorite item I found in that lovely dollar section is this:

OH MY GOODNESS! How cute is that travel mug?! I love Pumpkin Spice Lattes mostly because I’m basic but also because how can you not love a pumpkin? I live for cute mugs like this one! The best part is, its only $3!!!

I know it’ early to start celebrating Halloween and dragging out the scarecrows, but starting September 1st, I’ll be wearing my pumpkin earrings and decorating my apartment with all things fall! You’ll find me at Michael’s Craft Store quite often too- gotta get those decorative pumpkins!

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Hey guys! Is it really Monday again? As much as I enjoy my job, I enjoy the weekends even more! I was doing some online shopping over the weekend when I noticed that a few stores had debuted their early fall product line. My heart skipped a beat for a minute and then I realized fall doesn’t come until December in Texas. Nonetheless, every store is starting to put summer items on clearance! YAY! I live for clearance finds! Since we’re on the subject, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite summer clearance things to stock up on for next year!

Shopping Tip: Always, always shop sale racks for things you can wear or use next year! Saves you a lot of money and getting a deal is exciting!


I don’t see rompers going out of style in the next year so it’s a safe bet to buy a few on clearance now and wear them next year. I have a few from Old Navy that I bought last summer and they’re still in style now! Not gonna lie, some rompers are too short on me and give me an unattractive, ahem, wedgie in the back so be sure you know what size you are!

Pool Floats

I bought the pineapple float pictured above on eBay for $20! Normally these pool floaties are at least $30 a piece but many of them have come down to under $20 recently. Target I know for fact has them marked down! I brought my pineapple float to the pool yesterday and got tons of compliments on it.


Wedges, flip flop, strappy, and statement sandals are all great items to stock up on right now. Old Navy has a bunch, Target is marking them down, and I believe even DSW is putting them on sale. I wear my sandals out pretty quickly so I always buy some if I think they’re a good deal.

Basic Tees

You can’t go wrong with a basic tee shirt. I love them because they’re versatile and easy to throw on. J Crew is marking their v-neck tees down in price and they’re my favorite! I always buy neutral colors first and then a fun bright pink too!


Sundresses and maxi dresses won’t ever go out of style so it’s safe to buy a few off the clearance racks. Zara had a bunch of cute ones and so did J Crew. Be on the look out early because these items usually go fast once they’re on sale. Normally, I’m a size 8 in pretty much everything and usually that size tends to go quickly.

Cold Shoulder Tops

This is a trendier piece and I’m not sure how long it will last. It’s been in style for a few years now so it might come back at least next spring. J Crew has so many cute ones on clearance as well as Nordstrom!

inflatable pool floats

Oh my goodness I’m so happy it’s summer! It’s been summer in Texas for awhile but having it be official on my calendar is so awesome! Unfortunately, the pool at my apartment complex isn’t quite as refreshing as it was a month ago. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be in the pool everyday. My Dallas blogger instincts tell me that’s where all my Instagram posts will come from this summer!

Don’t hate me if all of my Instagram posts have one of these cute pool floaties in them! I’ve been browsing every store that might possibly have unique pool floats and I’ve found quite a few! Surprisingly, Nordstrom Rack has some really fun ones for $13 and Shopbop has an adorable selection of floats!

I always wonder what started the trend of cute pool floats and how on Earth these pieces of inflatable plastic got so expensive. I mean $60 for a flamingo?! Really? Whatever, let’s be real, I’d totally buy it if my boyfriend and cat wouldn’t judge me. But they will.

Tell me which pool float you love! Also, please please send me links to your favorites also! I still haven’t bought my summer pool float!

gifts for moms

Oh my goodness guys! Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away! I remember the very first Mother’s Day present I got her that was actually kind of expensive. It was a leather Coach bag I found at one of their factory outlets in Pennsylvania. I was about 19 and I had always wanted my mom to have a nice purse to carry around like all of her friends did. Spoiling my mom, even if it’s taking her to Panera Bread for lunch, is one of my favorite things to do! She’s seriously the best mom a girl could ask for!

Because mom’s can be hard to buy for (they have everything already, right?) I figured I’d share a few ideas to give you some inspiration! My favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas are the super cute Jack Roger’s sandals and that Vince Camuto suitcase. If I’m being honest though, the best gifts are time spent together. My parents and sister are flying to Texas for the first time to see me a few days after Mother’s Day and I’ll be cherishing that time together!

What to Get a Cat Mom

Yes, I’m my kitty’s cat mom. Deal with it. She’s my little buddy and furry sidekick. As a hint for my boyfriend and “cat dad,” a great gift for a cat mom is a fun cat mug, a pet stroller (so I can look really crazy), or another cat. Because you can’t have too many.

Share your Mother’s Day gift ideas below!!

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galentines day ideas

Oh my goodness, Valentine’s Day is only a week away and I’m so excited! I love love love this special day not because I like to eat pounds of chocolate (but I do), mostly because I absolutely adore the color pink and giving little gifts to my girl friends. I’m usually a pretty creative person and my favorite things to pick out are themed gifts. For this blog post, I came up with three gifts you’ll love to give to your gal pals!

Coffee themed gift

I’m a coffee lover and anyone who gets me a cute mug is automatically my favorite person. Coffee isn’t just something you sip at your desk, it’s a ritual in many cultures, something to be savored. I can totally get on board with that! My coffee ritual would include a little journaling and a delicious smelling candle like the cute pineapple one above!

Mani-Pedi gift

Who doesn’t love a fresh manicure every once in awhile? Painting nails can be really relaxing for some people including me, that is until I end up screwing them up by smudging an almost dry nail. Such is life, right? This bright red Essie nail polish is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Include a little nail kit and some hand cream and you have an adorable Galentine’s gift!

Baking lover’s gift

Some people just really love to bake. I wish I were one of those people. Unfortunately, I’m more of the ‘place and bake’ cookie kind of gal. For the special friend in your life who loves to throw on an apron, cookie cutters and sprinkles make the best gifts! And can we talk about how cute that dish towel is? It goes so perfectly with the whole theme!

If you find yourself going to a Galentine’s day party, don’t show up empty handed! Create a thoughtful gift that any gal pal would be excited to receive. Enjoy!

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