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Hey everyone! Christmas came and went and now it’s got me all down in the dumps about it. Post seasonal depression is no joke! You spend about two months gearing up for the big day and then it’s over in 24 hours. With as much money and time that goes into Christmas you’d think we could extend the day to include at least half of the 26th as well. But I rest my case. I think we’re all ready to move on and gear up for 2018.

While David and I were driving back from San Antonio where we spent Christmas with his family, I was thinking of what my “resolution” will be for the New Year. I admit that I make a resolution every year and never keep it beyond a week but this year needs to be different for many reasons but mainly because I’m making them for myself. So I’m sharing what my goals are and why I’m making them.

new year’s resolutions

The main goal I have is to simply take care of myself. I’ve spent the last two or so years running around trying to take care of everyone else, be an awesome employee and blogger, and adjust to life in Texas. Those are all things I should want to do and they still are. However, I’ve come to the realization that I can’t care for others if I don’t care for myself, no matter how great an employee or blogger I am it will never be enough, and I’m finished adjusting to a new home. Dallas is my home now and I need to finally accept that.

Taking care of my mind, body, and heart is now my first priority in my daily routine. So what does that look like? I’ve made a list of “I wills” instead of “I’ll tries” to hammer the nail into the coffin so to speak and force me to make these things happen:

I will exercise daily, whether it be intense cardio or a relaxing yoga session.

I will pray in the morning when I get up and at night when I go to sleep.

I will stop working over 40 hours a week.

I will stand up for myself in my job and in life.

I will bring healthy food into my home and indulge when I go out instead.

I will take my vitamins and apple cider vinegar shots daily.

I will take care of my skin and teeth by giving them the proper care they need via professional help and at home care.

I will take educational improvement classes to broaden my professional abilities.

I will ask for help around the house when I need it.

I will stop saying negative things about myself, especially “I’m fat.”

I think the worst thing about feeling so run down all the time is that you simply run out of energy to do anything but what is absolutely necessary. Job stress has done that to me in the last year. I just haven’t had energy to do anything for myself beyond basic care requirements and it’s taken a toll on me physically and emotionally. So as much as I hate the cliche saying “New Year, New Me,” it will be a new year and a new me! So hold me to it!

new year’s eve outfit

new years eve outfit ideas

Photo credit: Luisa’s Secret

Let’s talk about my sparkly New Year’s Eve outfit! This sequined dress has New Year’s festivities written all over it and I love it! It was a good deal at forever21 (link here) and definitely something I’d never normally wear (my mom informed me this was too short) but because it’ll be chilly here in Dallas, I threw on some polka dot gold Kate Spade tights underneath and voila! This outfit was born. I’ll probably ruin the outfit by wearing a parka New Year’s Eve because its supposed to be about 33 degrees that day but I will always pick warmth over anything else, including a cute party dress!

Share with me your New Year’s resolutions in a comment below!

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west village christmas tree

It’s almost Christmas! I’m so excited to be spending Christmas with David’s family in San Antonio. Every year his grandma gets the whole family together for a Christmas Eve dinner and to open presents and sing carols together. David thinks its corny but since my family is so small it was always just the 5 of us when my grandma was living and then just the 4 of us after. I’m thankful that we had each other but a big family Christmas is what I had always dreamed of and I finally have it!

Luckily, David’s family gatherings are pretty casual so I plan on wearing this cozy outfit! My mom got me this sweater on sale over Thanksgiving and it’s so cute! Best part is you can find it heavily discounted on Amazon right now! The detailing on the back is unique and I get tons of compliments on it. My blanket scarf is also on Amazon here. When my photographer Luisa and I got together last week to shoot this outfit I couldn’t believe how perfect it looked right in front of the Christmas tree in West Village!

Mom’s Cinnamon Bun Recipe

For Christmas morning, I’m making homemade cinnamon buns that my mom makes on special occasions. She got the recipe from one of my grandma’s friends years ago and has been making it ever since. They aren’t the healthiest thing you’ll eat this Christmas but certainly not the worst either! Diets don’t start until New Year’s Day right? My mom scanned the recipe into her laptop and sent it to me and now I’m sharing it with you! Enjoy!


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Happy Friday ya’ll! It’s been a super long week for me so I’m thrilled that its finally the weekend. Tonight David’s taking me to the Dallas Arboretum to see Christmas lights and I couldn’t be more excited! Normally, I have to drag him to those sorts of things but this time he surprised me with tickets! We’re going to get bundled up and sip cocoa to stay warm though- it’s cold in Dallas! But weather changes quickly in Texas, so I haven’t put away this purple party dress yet!

I got this dress on clearance at the Woven Boutique in San Antonio for a steal- $15! I’m still impressed that I got that good of a deal on it because it’s truly one of my favorite dresses! I wore it to a wedding in October and then to brunch a few weeks ago with the Dallas Girl Gang (join our group on Facebook!) With all the Christmas parties coming up and New Year’s Eve gatherings, it’s the perfect dress to wear.

3 Reasons to do Your Holiday Shopping at Small Businesses

As I’ve said in previous posts, small businesses are so important to me! David and I have good friends that run small businesses (check out Anderson Road Co. for AH-MAZING deals right now!) and supporting them is really important to us. Here are 3 reasons why you should shop for Christmas gifts at small businesses!

Support Your Local Economy

I’ve taken an economics class or two and read tons of books on economic theory for different internships I’ve done and reinvesting money into your own community’s economy is important. When my great grandad shut down his service station years ago it was because big, chain gas stations moved into town and people took their business there because prices were cheaper. That’s just what happens sometimes and my great grandad understood that (and he was ready to retire.)

However, being able to invest my money into small businesses with unique items and fantastic customer service is good for them and the people they employ!

Find Unique Gifts

I can walk into Bath & Body Works, Old Navy, and Kate Spade and know exactly what I’m going to find. But in a boutique, it’s always a surprise and that’s part of the fun! Lord knows I’ve bought enough B&B Works candles and body lotion to gift for the next 20 years of my life, so something a little different is always nice to give.

Develop Relationships

As a fashion blogger, networking is a huge part of success. The more people you know, the better off you are. I’ve reached out to big brands before and obviously gotten no response. On the flip side though, small business are far more likely to respond or at least acknowledge you. I love working with them specifically because their customer service is better and I can have a relationship with the owner.

Leave a link to your small business’ website or to one of your favorites! Happy shopping!


pink holiday gift guide

Hey guys! Happy Monday! My weekend was a little crazy with working and trying to put together a blog for you guys. I feel like I’ve been a bit more absent from Witty n Pretty than I normally am but that’s changing soon! I have some exciting, scary changes happening in the near future that I’m excited to share with you guys!

Anyways, today I wanted share with you a *pink* gift guide for the gals in your life! Everything is in a variety of price ranges and mostly under $100! I have the hardest time finding gifts for people especially since I’m a bargain hunter. I don’t even like to spend money on my own clothes or makeup let alone someone else’s. Yeah, I just admitted that. Kinda selfish I know, ha! So I like to suggest items that will fit pretty much any budget, including my own!

Everything is linked below (they’re affiliate links, that’s how I pay for my blog!) Check out a few of these cute little items and share with friends or family! Thanks!

Hey lovelies! I hope you guys found some amazing Cyber Monday sales! My finds were pretty good- a Simply Southern tee and crockpot! Exciting, right? I’m trying to cook more and a crockpot seems like a good way to go. Throw something in there and voila, it’s a meal- I think.

The last week or so I’ve been a bit off the grid due to thanksgiving and all. Everyone else was posting all the good deals and I regret not doing so but family time is rare for me and I had to take advantage of it!

Vacation Photos

David and I went back to my parent’s house for Thanksgiving and we had such a great time. The leaves were still changing and the air was so crisp! I just stood in their front yard enjoying the view. There’s nothing better than marveling at God’s creation.
I was so prepared for a fall photoshoot with my sister! We took pictures together and I wore a cozy vest and blanket scarf that blended so well with the background. These are the things bloggers live for!

On Sunday, we drove north to Gettysburg, PA to see my best friend Jessica and tour the battlefield. Pennsylvania is one of those places that just has endless beauty. I fall in love every time I’m there. We drive around the battlefield and then climbed some rocks that were really neat. The rocks we were climbing around were strategic places during the Civil War. Unfortunately, it was such a bloody battle that the ground was literally littered with the dead. Now, you can still find bullets in the dirt and climb the same rocks people hid behind for protection. While it’s a neat experience, knowing the history of this incredible place makes it rather sobering. If we had stayed longer we would have done a ghost tour, the park rangers said it’s quite interesting at night!

What I Wore

Is it bad that whenever I travel somewhere I choose my outfit entirely based on how itll look in photos for you guys? So I bought my oversized, cozy sweater for $15! My scarf was actually from the Target Dollar Spot and my hat was from Marley Lilly. Obviously my vest is a classic J Crew find (FYI: they put their vests on sale frequently in their outlet stores!)
I hope your Thanksgiving was lovely! I’ll be sharing a fun gift guide later this week so be on the look out!

dallas arts district

Happy Monday everyone! Only a few more days until we can gorge on yummy things and start *officially* playing Christmas music (not that I haven’t already enjoyed a carol or two.) It’s so hard to watch what you eat and stay in shape during the holidays just because of all the delicious food sitting around! Its like we’re more tempted to eat bad things because its the holidays and everyone else is. I mean, I’m definitely not turning down a sugar cookie!

I’ve noticed that I’m so much more likely to workout and hit the gym when I have a really cute workout outfit to do it in, so I’m sharing my little black gym style with you today! I met the ladies from Studio to Street Boutique at Style Con a few months back and I loved their clothing! They sent me a few styles to wear for you guys and I think you’ll love them as much as I do!

Look good, feel good

I totally believe that when you look good, you’ll feel good. Especially at the gym. For me, I feel like I look my best when I’m wearing an edgy jacket (like the bomber jacket I’m wearing) and some stretchy leggings. Honestly, I just like athleisure wear! I can’t roll up to the gym in a baggy tee and ratty shorts. No way, I’m just not motivated in that.

Have you ever walked into a gym and seen a bunch of girls wearing super cute gym clothes? Then you just look down at your outfit and get grumpy because you don’t look half as cute? Yep, I do it all the time! This outfit is is really chic for the gym and gives me that confidence boost I need to actually get in there and lift some weights.

So my little black workout outfit is all from Studio to Street Boutique. I linked my jacket above but I’ll also link my leggings and tank top here & here! Check out their athletic wear, it’s all so cute!

*this post was sponsored. all opinions are my own.