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I looked at my calendar for the month of May and realized Mother’s Day was quickly approaching! I’m really close with my mom and love being able to spoil her with nice things here and there. She’s the type that doesn’t like to spend money on herself so when I get the chance to buy her something pretty, I take it! Hint: I may or may not have already gotten her something off this list! 

A lot of people ask me why I’m so close with my mom or why we talk everyday- it’s because I love her! But I was also homeschooled most of my childhood and that definitely fostered a closer relationship with my mom than if I had been in school. Since moving away from my hometown in Maryland, keeping that closeness has gotten harder but we still have it thanks to FaceTime and phone calls!

Calling her every day makes it feel like I’m not so far from home and that I still have a hand in things going on. I love hearing about what our pets are up to or who my mom ran into at the grocery store or what new restaurant is being built. It’s just nice to keep up with all of the hometown happenings.

My mom is also one of the best listeners ever. I can ramble on about nonsense for an hour and she’ll still be listening. I’m a high anxiety girl, so being able to share my worries and fears with someone who knows me better than anyone is such a relief. She’s not only my mom but also my therapist!

What to Get Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Like I said earlier, being able to get my mom nice things is one of my biggest joys in life. She deserves so much more than anything I can give her but it’s the gesture that counts right? I was digging around for some pretty things online for Mother’s Day gifts and everything was quite pricey (girl on a budget here!) so I filtered out anything over $75 and these cute things came up! I’m loving the satin sandals and monogrammed clutch the most!

Let me know what you’re getting your mom for Mother’s Day!

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san antonio bar

Happy April everyone! I’m so glad the warm weather is here to stay. I already packed up all my winter clothes into storage so if there’s a cold snap, I’m screwed. Every year I try to go through my closet and donate whatever I definitely don’t wear and then put together new outfits with old and new clothes I have. However, I also love adding a few new staple items into my wardrobe every once in awhile! My most recent find has me wearing it all.the.time. – a navy blue, eyelet lace romper!

I really love rompers because its an outfit all on its own- can’t get easier than that! I found this romper by BB Dakota at Saint Bernard, which is an amazing store with tons of sales, for $16! I did a little happy dance in the dressing room when I tried it on. Such a good find and I’ll wear it again and again!

Outfit details: Sandals are from Jack Rogers (on sale!!) Earrings are from a local boutique in Dallas called McCauley & Luck. Clutch is from Marley Lilly!

Where I Wore It

David and I went down to San Antonio to meet our niece for the first time and to attend the big opening of his sister’s bar! My romper was a hit in case you were wondering. We had such a great time down there and our niece is a darling little baby that I totally fell in love with (baby fever anyone?!) Also, if you’re looking for a fun place in downtown San Antonio, Jokesters22 Pub n Grub is the place to be! David’s older sister always wanted to own her own bar and after years of saving and planning, she finally opened one! Talk about a girl boss!

We spent almost all day there with friends and family celebrating her and enjoying everything! The sun was shining and it was just perfect! There’s really nothing more rewarding in life than spending it laughing with the people you love.

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easter dresses under $50 

Happy spring everyone! Apparently half of the east coast is covered in snow at the moment thanks to a freak spring snow storm but the sun is shining here in Texas! I saw a quote on Facebook from I’m not sure who saying “In the midst of winter, I found within me, an invincible summer.” I thought that spoke wonders about the human spirit and what warm weather and sunshine means to us- happiness and life!

Since Easter isn’t far away, about two weeks in case you needed to panic, I figured I’d share a few cute Easter dresses! When I was little, a new dress to wear to church Easter morning was always a treat! I feel like we need to bring that tradition back as adults too. Since splurging on anything is hard for me to do, I rounded up a few options under $50 to swoon over! Every dress I think can be worn again and again through the spring and summer months, so treat yourself! My personal favorite is that pink, scalloped shift dress! Such a classic!

Be sure to throw on some pearls, a big hat, and carry a small wicker purse like this one (also under $50!) to really make your outfit stand out!

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Spring is here in Texas and I couldn’t be happier! After February’s solid month of rain, you better believe I’m ready to put away my Hunter rain boots and break out my wedges and chambray shirts! I love chambray shirts because they’re classic enough to be sold by Ralph Lauren but still trendy enough to be restocked and redesigned every spring. Even better, you can wear them to work!

When I started my job a week or so ago, I thought I’d need a whole new career wardrobe. Since I’d been working from home for so long, I invested more in sweatpants than I did blazers. Luckily, I went through everything and came up with a few new outfits I could wear using older pieces in my closet! This was one of my favorite outfits I put together!

My chambray shirt is old but this J Crew one is on sale and I really like it! I tucked mine into a red pencil skirt, which by the way you can wear with everything (my fave is on sale at Target), threw on my fave sunnies, and slipped into these mules I found for $16 at TJ Maxx. You can’t beat that deal! Can I admit to you that I may or may not have popped my collar too? You can take the girl out of the east coast, but you can’t take the east coast out of the girl!

I love that chambray is also cute to wear on the weekends! I’ve paired this top with little white shorts and cute wedges for a Saturday brunching in Uptown. Its always clean, crisp, and stylish for spring. Bonus points if you roll the sleeves up and keep the cuffs exposed like I did! Comment below with your go-to wear to work outfit!

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big breast problems

Bras. The worst, or maybe the best, clothing creation ever. Anyone who’s ever had to go shopping for one, try one on, or be measured for one knows how difficult it can be finding one that fits just right. I got my first bra when I was 10 and that sports bra served me well. Now, however, the options are endless and yet so limiting! For some women, finding a bra that fits is easier than it is for others, particularly if you don’t have as much to keep lifted. Women like myself routinely have bra problems that come in all forms and manifest themselves at different times. Let’s talk through 10 issues that women have with their bras.

1. Stores not carrying your size

When you walk into Victoria’s Secret and they measure you then say they don’t have your size and that you need to order online, it’s so disappointing. Granted, I rarely have this problem but I know a lot of other women who can’t try on bras in store simply because their sizes aren’t available. You’d think a bra store would have a wider range of bra sizes, but apparently not.

2. Trying to wear a bralette

HA! Nope, for me and other many other women the cute little bralettes are just not an option for several reasons. Namely because they’re meant to be cute, not really supportive and also because they come in small, medium, and large. None of these sizes usually work for me.

3. Running

Running is one of those things that I just can’t do without wearing multiple sports bras at once to keep everything in its place. Really anything that requires me to move fast will also warrant multiple bras. Why? Because when your chest keeps falling and hitting you again and again it tends to hurt a little!

4. Wearing strapless anything

Yeah I know they make strapless bras to wear under strapless dresses and tops but do you really think those things stay in place? After about an hour of wearing one, my strapless bra becomes more of a belt. No thank you.

5. Swimsuit shopping

Lord knows that this can be a nightmare. Forget the cute little bikinis some gals can wear- heavy duty suits are a must. My first “two-piece” when I was 13 was a women’s section navy blue number from Land’s End. Yeah, talk about a super cute swimsuit for a summer at the pool with my flat-chested friends. It sucked and still does.

6. Padding in bras

Do you really think I need that? Nope. I don’t need that in any way, shape, or form. The more padding in a particular bra style, the larger the cup size I’m going to need. It’s just not helpful.

7. Button-up shirts

I love classic button-ups but I hate the button aspect. I usually wear a size medium shirt, however I have to go a size up for button-ups if I don’t want the buttons to constantly pull and eventually fall off. While it may fit around my chest, rest assured my waist will look non-existent and I know I’m not the only one with that issue!

8. Bra strap marks

When you head to bed and fling off your bra the first thing you’ll notice after your moment of freedom is the deep, red marks on your shoulders from the straps. I’m sure most bra experts will say its a fitting issue, which it very well may be, however I’ve never not had a bra that did that.

9. Worrying you’ll accidentally flash someone if you bend down

No matter what kind of top it is (except turtleneck) bending down to pick something up can be a dangerous sport. I don’t want to flash anyone and I certainly don’t want anyone staring because its awkward and rude.

10. Wishing you could trade body parts with someone else

Every woman at one point or another has wished they could trade what they perceive as their undesirable body part with someone else. You know how backless or low-back dresses look so cute during the spring? I’d love to be able to trade my chest for a smaller one so I could wear one of those dresses!

Most people have something about themselves that bothers them or inconvenient and this so happens to be mine. Sure, we should all be thankful for the bodies we were given, but that’s easier said than done no matter what size we are! Share your bra problems in a comment below!

new years eve dallas

sequin dress

Hey everyone! Christmas came and went and now it’s got me all down in the dumps about it. Post seasonal depression is no joke! You spend about two months gearing up for the big day and then it’s over in 24 hours. With as much money and time that goes into Christmas you’d think we could extend the day to include at least half of the 26th as well. But I rest my case. I think we’re all ready to move on and gear up for 2018.

While David and I were driving back from San Antonio where we spent Christmas with his family, I was thinking of what my “resolution” will be for the New Year. I admit that I make a resolution every year and never keep it beyond a week but this year needs to be different for many reasons but mainly because I’m making them for myself. So I’m sharing what my goals are and why I’m making them.

new year’s resolutions

The main goal I have is to simply take care of myself. I’ve spent the last two or so years running around trying to take care of everyone else, be an awesome employee and blogger, and adjust to life in Texas. Those are all things I should want to do and they still are. However, I’ve come to the realization that I can’t care for others if I don’t care for myself, no matter how great an employee or blogger I am it will never be enough, and I’m finished adjusting to a new home. Dallas is my home now and I need to finally accept that.

Taking care of my mind, body, and heart is now my first priority in my daily routine. So what does that look like? I’ve made a list of “I wills” instead of “I’ll tries” to hammer the nail into the coffin so to speak and force me to make these things happen:

I will exercise daily, whether it be intense cardio or a relaxing yoga session.

I will pray in the morning when I get up and at night when I go to sleep.

I will stop working over 40 hours a week.

I will stand up for myself in my job and in life.

I will bring healthy food into my home and indulge when I go out instead.

I will take my vitamins and apple cider vinegar shots daily.

I will take care of my skin and teeth by giving them the proper care they need via professional help and at home care.

I will take educational improvement classes to broaden my professional abilities.

I will ask for help around the house when I need it.

I will stop saying negative things about myself, especially “I’m fat.”

I think the worst thing about feeling so run down all the time is that you simply run out of energy to do anything but what is absolutely necessary. Job stress has done that to me in the last year. I just haven’t had energy to do anything for myself beyond basic care requirements and it’s taken a toll on me physically and emotionally. So as much as I hate the cliche saying “New Year, New Me,” it will be a new year and a new me! So hold me to it!

new year’s eve outfit

new years eve outfit ideas

Photo credit: Luisa’s Secret

Let’s talk about my sparkly New Year’s Eve outfit! This sequined dress has New Year’s festivities written all over it and I love it! It was a good deal at forever21 (link here) and definitely something I’d never normally wear (my mom informed me this was too short) but because it’ll be chilly here in Dallas, I threw on some polka dot gold Kate Spade tights underneath and voila! This outfit was born. I’ll probably ruin the outfit by wearing a parka New Year’s Eve because its supposed to be about 33 degrees that day but I will always pick warmth over anything else, including a cute party dress!

Share with me your New Year’s resolutions in a comment below!

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