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j crew striped top

Striped patterns are my favorite to wear in pretty much every season, but summer can’t be beat. The nautical underpinnings of this simple pattern make it a staple for myself and other sea-loving preppies. But the history behind this beloved pattern may surprise you (it certainly did me!)

The Origins of Stripes in Clothing

Stripes weren’t always a good fashion statement to make. In the Middle Ages, wearing stripes was a sign that you were a social deviant- an outcast if you will. Court jesters, criminals, women of ill-repute, and other unwanted individuals were often required by law to wear stripes. It signaled to other people their status.

During the Italian Renaissance, gondoliers on the canals began wearing stripes and shortly after, military medals and ribbons featured striped designs. Finally around the Victorian era, stripes were not only seen in military uniforms but also in leisure and sporting outfits. In 1917, Coco Chanel introduced a collection featuring stripes inspired by her visit to Brittany, France where sailors were seen wearing the pattern.

The classic blue and white striped tops we love today (called Breton Tops way back when) are an integral part of nautical, preppy culture thanks to designers like Jean-Paul Guiltier and even artist, Pablo Picasso.

So what am I wearing? This adorable striped J Crew top was $19 last weekend! I love how the straps tie into cute little bows. I’m wearing a medium for reference. This top will be seeing a lot of love throughout the rest of the summer! Keep an eye on my Instagram to see how many times I wear it and style it!

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marley lilly monogrammed bag

Hey everyone! I don’t know about where you are but summer is in full swing here in Texas. It’s hot and getting hotter every day. I don’t understand how people lived out here before air conditioning. It’s just too hot. However, the heat also means I have an excuse to by clothes appropriate for it- so that’s a plus! I’ve been going through my closet and figuring out what I need more of and I’ve discovered that there are a few things that come back year after year.

Gingham Patterns

Gingham is great year round but bright blues and reds are the best in summer and have been worn by women every year since I don’t know when! My gingham skirt was only $9.99 and you can get it at Target (its sold out online.)

Jack Rogers Sandals

These never get old and Jackie Kennedy wore them on multiple occasions. Need I say more? I often buy mine used on eBay but always check online for sales (I’m loving these ones right now!)

Mexican Embroidery

I do not know if there’s a proper term for the patterns and kind of embroidery but here in Texas, gorgeous Mexican embroidery adorns everything. My tote bag in the picture above is an example of that, although probably doesn’t do it justice!

Brightly Colored Tees

They go with shorts, cut offs, pencil skirt, and much more. Buy multiple when you find one you like. I’m a huge fan of J Crew cotton tees, which I’m wearing in bright yellow! I’d totally look like a bumble bee if I had worn black shorts, and yes- that makes me laugh!

Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

They come back every summer because they’re a classic pattern. I’ll never wear actual tortoiseshell (I like turtles too much!) but the pattern is a favorite of mine for sunglasses! I’m loving these ones right now!

Start stocking up for the summer heat! There are a lot of good semi annual sales coming up and I’ll be sharing my favorite sales as they’re announced. So get ready!

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Hey everyone! I’ve been a little absent lately and I’m still reeling from my engagement last week (ahhh!) but I’m back and so excited to share these super cute shoes I found! I’m a big fan of the Universal Thread line at Target this summer and I’ve been slowly buying up the collection every time I go on a Target run!

Ok so the shoes! They come in navy blue and red and are only $24.99 (link here!) These will be my go-to shoes for the rest of the summer. The bows on them are so darn cute and they go with absolutely everything! I was going through my closet earlier when I realized that half of it was navy blue. I think I’m addicted (hint: one of our wedding colors!)

I get a lot of comments on my shorts which also happen to be from the Universal Thread line and are only $16.99 (link here!) I’ve been wearing them a lot lately with basically everything. I appreciate the slight stretch in the denim on my, ahem, not so skinny days. I’m sure you can relate!

Anyway, had to share these deals with you because they made me do a little happy dance in the store! Go stock up!

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Happy Monday everyone! I hope your Cinco de Derby parties were super fun and you’ve fully recovered. David and I went to a Mexican restaurant near our new house that’s famous for creating the first frozen margarita! They were pretty tasty if I do say so myself! Of course we gorged on chips and salsa as well (we’re joining a gym this week, I swear!)

After celebrating with all the carbs ever, we went to Lake House White Rock Bar & Grill for a good salad. I forced David to take outfit pictures right after. He always enjoys doing that. Not. I found my top at J Crew on clearance for $19 (link here!) I love raiding their clearance and sales racks, I almost always find something cute for a great price. Browsing online, I found other items on sale that you’re going to love! Scroll through the widget and take a look at some of my finds!

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Cinco de Mayo is this weekend! I never knew how big this day was until I moved to Texas. Similar to St. Patrick’s Day when everyone pretends to be Irish, the 5th of May is when everyone pretends to be Mexican. Dallas has Lord knows how many parties dedicated to the holiday, most of which revolve around tacos, guacamole, and fresh margaritas.

Saturday David and I will be finishing our move and spending most of the day at the apartment getting stuff out (including hauling our old couch downstairs so someone can pick it up) and cleaning everything up. But in case you’ll be celebrating with a sombrero on your head or hosting a backyard shindig, I put together this visual guide for you.

I mean how cute are those margarita-inspired Soludos?! I thought they would be so festive paired with the top and shorts! One of my favorite things on here though, is that taco stand. I’m really considering ordering that, it would solve a lot of my food problems.

Why Culture Impacts Style

I never really thought much about why we wear what we wear. Why do I love espadrilles and leather riding boots? Why do I love plaid skirts and Fair Isle sweaters? It’s not just a matter of style preference, it’s something that draws me in and makes me excited to wear it! The fashion statements and trends that make their way down the runway are all inspired by cultures with interesting designs, patterns, and fabrics.

Cinco de Mayo is a prime example of how people embrace a culture’s customs and choice of dress and make it their own. I think that’s a trademark of style- you have to add small personal touches without compromising the integrity of the clothing.

This weekend when you see women sporting beautiful Mexican embroidery on their tops and dresses, think of the hundreds of years of tradition that inspired their style. Be thankful that we have choices in what we wear for every occasion!

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I looked at my calendar for the month of May and realized Mother’s Day was quickly approaching! I’m really close with my mom and love being able to spoil her with nice things here and there. She’s the type that doesn’t like to spend money on herself so when I get the chance to buy her something pretty, I take it! Hint: I may or may not have already gotten her something off this list!Β 

A lot of people ask me why I’m so close with my mom or why we talk everyday- it’s because I love her! But I was also homeschooled most of my childhood and that definitely fostered a closer relationship with my mom than if I had been in school. Since moving away from my hometown in Maryland, keeping that closeness has gotten harder but we still have it thanks to FaceTime and phone calls!

Calling her every day makes it feel like I’m not so far from home and that I still have a hand in things going on. I love hearing about what our pets are up to or who my mom ran into at the grocery store or what new restaurant is being built. It’s just nice to keep up with all of the hometown happenings.

My mom is also one of the best listeners ever. I can ramble on about nonsense for an hour and she’ll still be listening. I’m a high anxiety girl, so being able to share my worries and fears with someone who knows me better than anyone is such a relief. She’s not only my mom but also my therapist!

What to Get Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Like I said earlier, being able to get my mom nice things is one of my biggest joys in life. She deserves so much more than anything I can give her but it’s the gesture that counts right? I was digging around for some pretty things online for Mother’s Day gifts and everything was quite pricey (girl on a budget here!) so I filtered out anything over $75 and these cute things came up! I’m loving the satin sandals and monogrammed clutch the most!

Let me know what you’re getting your mom for Mother’s Day!

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