Christmas Gifts for the Workaholic

Christmas gifts for the workaholic

Since Christmas shopping is fully under way and if you’re like me you haven’t started yet, I thought I’d suggest a few gift ideas for that one person we all have in our lives- the workaholic. She’s a type A and wants to get ahead in life but never seems to stop and smell the roses. I know this girl because I am this girl! After working in offices on and off throughout college, I know exactly what I like to have on my desk at work and I’m sharing it with you!

Christmas Gift Ideas

Desk lamp- I’m not the only one who hates fluorescent lights! When I’m sitting at my desk, I like to turn the overhead lights off and just work with a desk lamp; it’s easier on the eyes.

Cute paper clips- Maybe I’m the only one that notices, but how boring are silver paper clips? These adorable bow shaped ones from Kate Spade are quite an upgrade!

Laptop cover- My Macbook and I have been going to work together since I bought it. A great cover not only protects it but also makes it look nice.

Quality pens and pencils- Most offices provide the basics, but sometimes you want something a little fancier. A pack of pens or pencils with a chic pattern on them are always appreciated!

Passport holder- If the workaholic travels a lot, a passport holder is a stylish way to carry your necessary documents. This leather one from Fossil is a great gift choice for the world-traveler.

Letter holder- I have so many papers that pile up on my desk that I need a way to organize them. This hedgehog does that and looks cute at the same time.

Ballet flats- Every girl has them and needs more. When you live in a city, you put a lot of wear and tear on these beloved shoes. We can always use more!

Travel mug- Easy to use at your desk and walking around the office. The simplest gifts are sometimes the best!

Heating and massage pad- Every office building I’ve ever worked in has always been freezing cold. I got smart one day and brought in a heating pad to lay across my lap to stay warm. A friend of mine was even smarter and found one that goes behind your back and will massage it. This is probably my favorite gift on this list!

Letter/iPad pouch- I’ve seen these all over Instagram and they’re really handy for keeping iPads in! Added bonus- it’s pink.

If you have Christmas gift ideas for the workaholic, leave a comment! Also, check out my article published on about my Disney College Program experience!

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7 Responses to Christmas Gifts for the Workaholic

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  2. Great ideas as always. I once bought a foot massager for a workaholic boss I had. You could keep it under your desk and slide your feet in for a massage while working away on the computer.
    Read your article…I have always wondered what it would be like to work at Disney. Doesn’t seem worth it. People can be very unreasonable.

  3. ali chat says:

    🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 to the heating/ massage pad! Mine has saved my life. Okay, just my neck and shoulders 😉

  4. carmitive says:

    I love your ideas! The laptop cover is totally great – I might get it for my sister 🙂 Thank you, xx Carmen

  5. Desirée says:

    Definitely agree with you on the paper clips and desk lamp. I also love a good set of juicey OptiFlow pens or colorful sharpies!

  6. Amelia Vesper says:

    I wish I got to travel for work. That passport cover is so cute! And the heating/massage pad sounds amazing.

    xo Mil

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