Coffee Mug Lust List

Thank God it’s Friday! I love this day probably a little too much. I think we all do though. Friday nights during the summer are just the best! Summer nights in general are the best though. I’m sitting on my deck right now sipping my morning coffee and listening to the sounds of construction going on in the building next to me. Gotta love it. Nothing can bring me down though, I’ve got my coffee!

Lust List

I have quite the collection of coffee mugs that I should really show you guys at some point. Recently, I came across quite a few new ones to put on my lust list though. They’re just so cute and I want them all! I’m also working on a little coffee station in my apartment that I’ll be showing you all at some point. I’m linking each of the coffee mugs below so you know where to find them!


  1. Ashley Brooke Designs Floral Mug
  2. Good Morning Beautiful Mug
  3. Vera Bradley Mug
  4. Pottery Barn Paris Mug
  5. Miss Fancy Pants Mug
  6. Ashley Brooke Designs More Sugar Mug
  7. Moon and Lola Mug
  8. Preppy Puppy Mug
  9. Magic Kingdom Starbucks Mug
  10. Kitty Whiskers Mug

Happy sipping!


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0 Responses to Coffee Mug Lust List

  1. randyjw says:

    I think I’m suddenly developing a craving, not just for coffee, but for those mugs, too… Love the florals, the Paris and the Magic Kingdom!

  2. The kitty mug…. MUST HAVE!

  3. ingrid says:

    I love COFFEE and coffee mugs … I love the one with “More Sugar” 🙂
    Lovely post xoxo

  4. I want them all!! I love coffee mugs and sometimes rotate them into my decor. Coffee is a staple in my life and I love drinking it in style.

  5. Love this post! And I love collecting coffee mugs too. I love the Magic Kingdom and Paris ones! Happy Friday 🙂

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