how to become a successful blogger

Hey new bloggers! Do you need help getting started with your new fashion or lifestyle blog? Are you totally lost with terminology and what to do next? Then let me give you a hand. I first started blogging 3 years ago as part of a school assignment. That assignment never really ended and it’s turned into a profitable hobby!

When I was first starting out in fashion blogging, no one would show me the ropes and the advice I did get was vague at best. Since I’ve seen some modest success with Witty n Pretty, I want to share my knowledge with you! Ok, you’re probably thinking that a professional consulting service will cost you a small fortune. Good news, I’m not really a professional and my time doesn’t cost a fortune.

Free Blogging Consulting Service

You read that right, my time is free to you! Too good to be true? Yes and no! No, I won’t charge you a dime. But I will ask in exchange for coaching and helping you get started that you share my blog or Instagram profile on your blog, Facebook, or Instagram. Pretty easy though, right?

So why do I do this? Because I didn’t have a budget to hire someone to help me at first and I know most new bloggers don’t either. Knowledge is power and luckily, I’ve gained a little know-how. A few things I can help you with:

  • Instagram posts
  • Creating great flatlays
  • Best SEO practices
  • Starting a blog
  • Photography help

Drop me a line today and tell me what you need help with. Do I promise that I can make you into an overnight success? No, but I’ll take a look at the problem to see if my fashion blogging knowledge can help you! Fill out the contact form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

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