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Happy Thursday lovelies! Only a few days until the weekend and I know you can make it! Today, I get to work from home and that certainly puts a smile on my face. Nothing is better than being in your pajamas researching statistics for your boss’ paper. That’s a lie. Shopping for shoes is better but this is a close second.

In an effort to make sure you have a good day too, I thought I’d write something all of us can hopefully relate to: cringe-worthy Instagram posts. We’ve all seen them and they confuse and bother us every single time.

Let’s begin with an obvious one- the trying to sell you something post. Typically this involves one of those body wraps and features a before and after picture along with a crazy amount of emojis in the caption. I call this cringe-worthy because it just sneaks up on you when you’re scrolling. A before picture of someone’s saggy stomach is kind of a shock when everything else is just a picture of a Starbucks coffee cup.

Another awful one is the people that comment with “f4f?” or “follow for follow?” on your photos. If you’re commenting with that, chances are I simply won’t want to follow you anyway because you post dimly lit photos of your dinner every night.

Last but not least, are the people that are posting pictures of those body wraps and then in their bios calling themselves “business owners” or “girl bosses.” Am I being harsh? Possibly, but it just makes me squint my eyes and wonder since when did being part of an affiliate program equal being a business owner?

Growing up my mom and all of her friends did the Mary Kay or Pampered Chef thing. It was just to make an extra few bucks here and there (while guilting their friends into buying crap) but I don’t recall them being “business owners.” It just makes me cringe.

I write all this because we can all find a bit of truth in there and it makes us laugh. Leave a comment with your cringe-worthy Instagram posts!

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22 Responses to Cringe-Worthy Instagram Posts

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  2. epochempress says:

    Completly agree with all of your points! 😊

  3. Funny post, love it!

  4. The slim bunny tea is the most cringe worthy post on my instagram !

  5. mliae says:

    Agreed. I followed an ab page that was supposedly exercises and healthy eating, but was really only those saggy tummy ads :/ Don’t get me started on those f4f comments!

  6. Dawn says:

    How sad that I am a Boomer who has no idea of what you speak. Sure, I know what Instagram is, but cringe worthy? I must be turning a blind eye. I shall have something new to look for today.

  7. I agree with artfulblasphemer…I hate all the porn/webcam/phone sex girls that follow me or like my stuff. i am not your target clientele, do all my puppy, food & nature pictures make you think I’m interested in that?

  8. I totally agree! The worst for me are people who have a million hashtags…it’s unnecessary lol

  9. Ah I too am working from home today!! Loving it!

  10. bpkitchen says:

    Thank god I’m not the only one that feels this way! I get so excited when I have new followers only to find out that every 2 out of 5 are body wrap “connoisseurs” or something ridiculous like that!

  11. I am always confused when someone with an obvious pornography/phone sex/escort business connection follows me. I’m not going to follow back, and why on earth are you following a 46 year old woman’s OOTD account?

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