Entertaining on a Sunday

Does anyone else love brunch in the spring? After months of indoor entertaining only, a little outdoor party is so nice! Sunday is always the best day to throw a soiree for friends and family. I love dressing up and putting on my lipstick and high heels for events like these. Low key and classy is the easiest, most appealing way to entertain. I chose this outfit because of how classic it looks while introducing a few bold prints and colors for a modern touch. Outfits like this will make you the life of the party in no time. Enjoy your Sunday!
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  1. Emily says:

    Those shoes!! 😍 I want to host a brunch now!

  2. Beautiful! I love Sunday brunches but don’t do them enough. Happy weekend 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love brunch on Sundays during the nice weather. In fact, I spent a good part of the morning waiting on a line and then dealing with the maddening ruse at our local Target to snag some Lilly shifts so that I may look summery at future brunches! My daughter and I survived Lilly at Target!

  4. Love that skirt!!!!! C

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