Falling into Style (feat. J Crew)

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It’s Fri-yay! After a long week of job interviews and running errands, I’m so ready for a Friday night. Not that I do much else during the week, but the job hunt really can drain the energy right out of you. Dallas has also been under heavy cloud cover for the last week and not only did it bring the rain, but it also brought gloominess with it. Along with the sunshine went my good mood! However, the air has been hinting at cooler temperatures (read: no more 3-digit heat) and my mind has gone right to fall!

Here in Dallas, I’ve been told that it doesn’t really cool down until November. Perfect. There goes my blanket scarves, quilted vests, and riding boots. How basic, right? I’m realizing very quickly that the typical clothing I wore during autumn back in my home state, won’t be enjoyed here until later this year. Even so, blanket scarves aren’t really needed anywhere until October. So let’s talk about clothes that work in the awkward transition months between the heat of summer and the chill of fall!

Dress for the Season and the Temperature

My favorite tops for fall are chambray and gingham long sleeves. Texas isn’t the place for long sleeves and pants until winter (seriously). Instead, choose one or the other. Pair long sleeves with shorts or short sleeves with pants. Comfort is everything to me and I’m not going to be comfy if I’m sweating to death.

Since fall is all about rich oranges, reds, and deep blues, buy t-shirts, shorts, and accessories in traditional fall colors. For example, the adorable red skirt pictured above is the perfect fall piece that fits into that unpredictable seasonal transition. It looks like fall and feels like summer! Another example of fall colors working in summer pieces are the multi-colored shorts.

Finally, utilize accessories! It may be 80 degrees in the middle of September but wear those tan booties you love so much. That warm scarf you can’t wear yet? Tie it to the handles on your bag for a fall statement piece. Check out the other great transition pieces I linked for you below!-Liz


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17 Responses to Falling into Style (feat. J Crew)

  1. Great J. Crew picks! Their chambray shirts are the best!


  2. Jessica says:

    I love all these picks and all your tips for the fall..

  3. K.M. Sutton says:

    Oh my I am obsessed with those earrings! <3

  4. Jessica W says:

    J.Crew is my favorite! Love your picks!
    xo Jessica

  5. Love all of these choices!! Those shorts will probably be in my closet :-). Love your tips for long sleeve or long pants…can’t do both till November. So true even in MD through most of October.


  6. UrbanBlonde says:

    Love all these J Crew picks! I need that red skirt!!

    xO – Steph


  7. megan says:

    I love chambray and gingham for fall too! Great post!

  8. Lauren says:

    Love your tips! I’m a sucker for long sleeves with shorts to keep cool but look “fallish”. Hope the job search is going well and something pans out soon!


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