Fashion, Marketing, and PR

What could fashion, marketing, and public relations have to do with each other? For designers and magazine editors, the answer would be everything. However, what about on a more personal level? Is it possible that we market ourselves and act as public relations officers for who we are by the way we dress? I think so. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 says, “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.” We communicate and market ourselves based on the clothing we wear. It can either glorify God or tarnish His name.

I have my own unique sense of style as many other people do. My favorite things to wear are pearls, bright pinks, different shades of navy or blue, pretty dresses, heels, and basically anything else that is classic or girly. I realize that this markets an image to people. Because of this marketing, I am the one that has to be the public relations agent who makes sure that the brand (meaning me) does not become misunderstood or viewed negatively. The image I give to other people allows them to assume a lot about me. As representatives of God we should be careful that the image we are marketing is one He would be please with.


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  1. Scott says:


    Your blog looks great.

    I thought your premise that we market ourselves was very interesting. My uniform of choice used to be flip flops, tattered jeans and a t-shirt. If someone- like my mother- made a point of saying something to me about my clothing I would always response by saying that I was not one to discard a piece of clothing just because it had a few miles on it. When I got my first real job I had to dress up but if we had any kind of corporate function like a company picnic I showed up in my laid back uniform. On the inside I was a caring person but it took me awhile to realize that on the outside what I thought was calculated causal others saw as sloppy with very little motivation. I decided to change and I started to market myself differently. I began to dress up even more at work and everywhere else and I embraced life more wholeheartedly than ever before. With a different look and attitude, I got a promotion. While applying for another internal job, I was called in and asked what job I would want to work in the company if I could have my pick and that led to a job that I had always wanted. “An image is the impression of a person, company or institution that is held by one or more publics” (Newsome, Turk & Kruckeberg, 2013, p.278). Our text points out that an image is filtered through perception and as you pointed out “we want others to have a positive view of us” because “we are marketing the image we possess.”


    Newsome, D., Turk VanSlyke, J., & Kruckeberg, D. (2013). This Is PR: The Realities of Public Relations. (11th Ed.). Boston, MA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning

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