Foods I'm Loving Right Now

Quick and Refreshing Small Meals

Right now I’m trying to eat 6 small meals a day (like the French do!). It just seems better for my metabolism and my stomach simply cannot accommodate much more than the size of my fist. What I’m also finding with this routine is that 82210ca0612c0299f931f9e1582f9c82certain things I simply can’t digest well and they make me feel crappy and sluggish. For example, fettucini alfredo is not the best thing to eat for that boost of energy you need in the afternoon. Shocking isn’t it? Not so much.

For each of my small meals I like to mix and match what I eat. Right now, I’m loving iced coffee and greek yogurt for my breakfast. My lunch usually includes a small salad using baby spinach, strawberries, and walnuts for protein. Around 2pm I enjoy some ae1e7ff047beb48f9d5e164385ad2d0dmixed fruit like pineapple and kiwi. By 4pm I like to pop a small bag of sea salt and lime popcorn. This is nice to have around because I like to snack on things and mindlessly put them in my mouth.

For dinner I try to eat something with a bit more substance such as a sandwich (a favorite sandwich recipe of mine coming soon!) I don’t load on meats and cheeses or use thick bread. Sandwich thins are usually what I like to use for this. I really am not the type to enjoy a huge heavy dinner like meat and potatoes. I just can’t eat it all! Finally, for an evening snack I like to dip pretzels in a frozen yogurt of some kind.

Grocery List

If you would like to try something like this I’m including a little grocery list for your next trip to the store! Feel free to add anything you like in the comments below!

-Pineapple, strawberries, kiwi, grapes

-Greek yogurt (or a low calorie yogurt instead)

-Spinach or another kind of greens

-Walnuts, almonds

-Low calorie popcorn (smaller bag is better)

-Sandwich thins

-Turkey, gouda cheese (my favorite kind)

-Bottled iced coffee (I’ve found yummy ones in the grocery store that are non fat!)


-Frozen yogurt



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  1. I’m also on a quest to eat smaller meals. Spinach and strawberry salad is one of my summer go to’s…very light and healthy!

  2. Susan Berner says:

    I envy you girls! My problem is I like small meals, but way too many small meals.

  3. mybodymytime says:

    I love eating small meals

  4. anaesrout01 says:

    I LOVE iced coffee, pineapples, strawberries, almonds, kiwis, popcorn, and yogurt! πŸ˜€
    …*just realized how random my comment is* :-/

  5. That salad looks AMAZING!

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