Healthy Snacks From Influenster’s Vox Box

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If you read my blog post about my personal New Year’s Resolutions a few posts back, then you know how important my health is to me this year! Over the last year, I’ve felt horrible about my body and my self-esteem has just taken a turn for the worst. At that start of January, I decided I had to change my lifestyle, so I did. Apparently Influenster read my mind because they sent me their 2017 Resolutions Vox Box with a few fun products for me to test and share with you!

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replaceable febreeze bottles

So one of the first things I found in my box was this neat Febreeze bottle with a replaceable bottle. I am such a fan of Febreeze that I buy the seasonal scents too! Febreeze just came out with a cool new way to sell their popular products. It’s an interchangeable bottle that you can unscrew from the spray nozzle and change out when it’s time for a new scent. Really clever and isn’t as wasteful!

burts bees protein pack

I totally didn’t see this next product coming. Burt’s Bees is known for their skin and lip healing products but who knew they also sold protein shakes? I’ve tried to cut back on fatty foods for lunch lately because they make me feel so sluggish for the rest of the day. Instead, I’ve turned to meal shakes and salads to keep me going. I haven’t tried this protein shake yet, so I’ll let you know how it tastes when I have!

healthy snacks to keep me full

A few other things in the box included a Sabra guacamole voucher for a free one to try at any grocery store (I love Sabra!), Pop Chips, Dentek tongue brush, Crispy Green banana chips, and a Orgain protein bar in peanut butter chocolate chip! I dug into those Pop Chips real fast and for 100 calories, they’re quite tasty! It’s always nice trying new snack foods that you wouldn’t normally pick out and won’t ruin your diet plan! Share with me your favorite low-calorie snack foods! I always appreciate recommendations!

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7 Responses to Healthy Snacks From Influenster’s Vox Box

  1. I am so glad to hear you’re turning your outlook around this year! Those green banana chips sound really good! Stick with it- you’ve got this!!!

  2. cheersjenna says:

    These look so delicious. I love pop chips and will definitely have to give these a try. Thanks for sharing!

    Cheers, J

  3. Leah Lowe says:

    What a fun box of goodies! I had no idea Burts Bee’s were in the food business at all, interesting!

    x – Leah

  4. Nice! Looks like a great box of goodies! I had no idea that burts bee’s had a protein shake! Did you like it? xo Jen

  5. Aida Vianna says:

    What a great box and full of awesome goodies! I need to try those chips! Yum!

  6. susie40s says:

    It all looks pretty yummy!

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