High Heels Without the Pain

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Hello loves! It’s almost Christmas and I have the perfect stocking stuffer for you! If you read my last post (link here) I was talking about good stocking stuffers for your gal pals. I’ve since discovered another great stocking stuffer or gift in general. They’re called Sole Patches and they’re wonderful! I was lucky enough to get to test them out and they are so easy to put in your favorite pair of high heels.

wearing heels without pain

How to Wear Heels Comfortably

As you can probably tell, they aren’t like traditional shoe inserts that are the width and length of the shoe; they’re little patches you can place wherever you need inside your shoe. For me, I put them on the heel part of my shoes and then near where my toes go. That’s the best part about Sole Patches is that you put the patches where you need them for maximum comfort!

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I like to wear heels around the office during the day. I always like to say that I can’t concentrate in flats! High heels just gives me that little boost of confidence that every girl needs when conquering the day’s challenges. These will also come in handy for the various Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve events I’ll be going to! There’s nothing more uncomfortable than standing for hours on end in shoes that make your feet feel like they’re bruising. You can find Sole Patches online (link here)!

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6 Responses to High Heels Without the Pain

  1. monicaramos says:

    I cannot be at work all day without these!!! LOVE

  2. I just put some of these on a pair of pumps! Can’t wait to see how they work.

    Vanessa | http://www.vanessarenae.com

  3. Wow thanks so much for sharing this! I need a product like this, especially with NYFW around the corner. Such a great post!

  4. susie40s says:

    These sound amazing! If I actually had a place to go to wear heels, I would definitely get these. Thanks for the tip!

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