How $15 a Month Gets Me a Meal Plan and Personalized Workout

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Happy Monday loves! I can’t believe how fast the temperatures are dropping this year! Even in Dallas! I’ve been visiting my parents over the weekend in Maryland and the morning chill was just lovely- felt like a crisp fall morning! The kitty cats just lay on the porch all day enjoying the light breeze and taking naps!

My Diet and Workout Plan

So I wanted to chat bit about exercise and how I’m trying to get fit (again) and eat healthier. I usually don’t have time to get in the car and run to a gym to meet with a trainer, especially in Dallas traffic. I started looking for an alternative that would still give me the value I was looking for with the convenience of being able to work out at my apartment’s gym. That’s when I was introduced to Courtney Bentley Fitness!

Courtney is a certified personal trainer in Las Vegas but she has an amazing club called the Fit and Fabulous Club! She sends personalized workouts to your phone as well as a diet plan to keep you on track- all for $15 a month! Other perks include:

  • Yummy recipes
  • Facebook encouragement group
  • App to track your workouts and store measurements and photos of progress
  • Exercise videos so you can be sure you’re doing an exercise properly

She also has a great podcast and blogs regularly about all things fitness. I think the best part of the club is how available she is to answer questions and encourage you! I highly recommend that you check out her program if you’re looking for an affordable alternative to a gym membership!

My Go-To Athletic Style

Of course I can’t write a blog post without talking about style. So I’m wearing these super cute new Nikes! Let’s be real here, I got the shoes to motivate me to work out and so far it’s working! Normally, I don’t splurge on athletic shoes, boat shoes and boots usually get the bulk of my money- but I’ve seen a number of other bloggers wearing them and obviously I had to have some too! I love that they go with so much and that they’re light weight. You gotta look good hitting the gym! And better yet, they’re on sale right now! Here’s the link!

I also went to Old Navy and picked up a few of these super cute Go-Dry Mesh tanks (link). I absolutely love these tanks! SO comfy and not too tight that you can’t do a sit up without wanting to hide your belly fat. These go on sale frequently and I definitely recommend grabbing several when they do! I’m always pleasantly surprised with how cute Old Navy’s athletic section is!

Be sure to check out Courtney’s website as well as Nike’s shoe sale! Leave me a comment with your best fitness tip!

*some links may be affiliate, which helps me keep my blog running!

Photo Credit: Luisas’s Secret Photography

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6 Responses to How $15 a Month Gets Me a Meal Plan and Personalized Workout

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  2. Ifeoluwa says:

    I love the workout gear! I need to get a good fitness routine ✨

  3. GAH I love this post, I am so happy you joined the FF Club and we LOVE your energy and those shoes 😉 I LOVE THEM! Much deserved <—-

    Thank you again for sharing your experience <3

  4. Great post! I will have to look into the workout plan. I have been itching to try something new!

    -Hayley (

  5. Missa says:

    Thanks for posting this! It. The clothes look pretty awesome and I’m intrigued by the workout plan!

    -Missa (

  6. susie40s says:

    Great blog! You look so good in workout clothes. You have no fat rolls!

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