Texas Bound

How the West was Fun

Despite recent flooding and otherwise dreary weather, this week I’m making my way down to the great state of Texas! I’ve got boots, Cowboys, and Tex-Mex on my mind and I can’t wait for my first visit to this desert oasis. Actually, from what I’ve been told, it’s not all a desert and not everyone wears boots or knows how to saddle a horse. I’m just fulfilling my childhood fantasies of a remote outpost with dangerous outlaws and heroic sheriffs. Can you blame me?

My plans are to fly into Austin and then make my way to San Antonio where I’ll spend the majority of my time. I’ll be doing some sight seeing, shopping, and trying some of the local cuisine. I was hoping there would be a dude ranch near by the city so I could ride horses and pretend I’m a cowgirl. Apparently, ranches aren’t just everywhere in this part of Texas. Instead of chaps and spurs, I’ll be wearing sundresses and sandals. I ripped through my closet trying to find tribal and Aztec prints to wear and no such luck. I think I’ll have to stick to the east coast prep style. Hopefully Texans like Lilly Pulitzer and Sperrys as much as we do East of the Mississippi.

I’ll update you on my trip via Instagram! Be sure to follow me (@wittynpretty21)

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  1. Meg and Mr O says:

    Austin is amazing, we came over from the UK for the Formula 1 18 months ago! Loads of awesome food places (Franks for hotdogs and beer was a fave), and fab bars on sixth street. And if you like live music you’ll love it! And if you need new boots, Allens boots is a must visit. I picked up an amazing pair for about $200, that have literally lived in since! My ยฃ per wear must be pretty good by now!

    Have fun xx

  2. hopenotgone says:

    Spend a little time in Austin- Austin likes to party, and there’s always something to do!

  3. gallerybelle says:

    Looks like you have all the gear, have fun!

  4. Sounds a lot of fun. Have a great time x

  5. MealsWithMel says:

    Love Austin!! I’m actually driving down there today from Dallas for a little shopping eating and fun while the husband is at a conference.

    If you like shopping…. You have to check out the Domain it’s a huge outdoor high end shopping complex.

    For food…. If you like to stand in line… franklins BBQ it’s the best but be prepared to wait.
    Matts El ranchero all the food is amazing but you have to get the prickly pear Margarita and request to sit on the patio.
    Also hit us a few food trucks.

    For drinks check out the Luster Pearl it doesn’t get more Austin than that ๐Ÿ™‚ http://lustrepearlaustin.com

    Also you have to try an Avocado Margrita from curra’s grill. yum!!

    In San Antonio…
    Riverwalk and you can’t go wrong.

    And for food
    Check out La Hacienda de las barrios
    A little outside of town but totally worth it dine outside under the big oak tree and the puffy tacos are famous :)!

    Have a great time!!

  6. Liz – We live a couple of hours east of San Antonio. There are several fun ranch options for you to tour near SA. Check out this article:
    Also, be sure to experience RiverWalk downtown if you can: http://www.thesanantonioriverwalk.com/
    Oh, and then there’s Sea World…
    Have fun in the Lone Star state – where we kindly welcome Lilly, Tretorn, Izod, white bucks, seersucker, chambray and madras plaid alike!

    • Liz says:

      Haha! Thanks a lot for your suggestions and links! I’ll have to check out that river walk especially!! Glad Texas welcomes a bit of preppy too.

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