How to Wear Fair Isle Sweaters Stylishly

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Happy Wednesday girls! I can’t believe how fast the month of November is going. It feels like yesterday it was Halloween. It’ll be my first thanksgiving away from home this year. Since I live in Texas, going home to Maryland where my family is really isn’t an option. David and I will be spending the holiday with his family in San Antonio. The funny thing about going to someone else’s home for thanksgiving is you have no idea how they do things or how they dress for dinner. A classic thing that everyone wears during the holidays are Fair Isle sweaters. I don’t really think of those as fashion forward but if you wear them right, it can be really classy!

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Classic Thanksgiving Day Outfit

I found my sweater last year at Forever 21 on clearance and I’ve gotten a lot of wear from it! Even though Thanksgiving in Texas is probably going to be rather warm (read: 80 degrees) I still plan on incorporating some traditional, chilly weather elements into my day. While many of us will be wanting to bring along some “fat pants” for the hours after we eat our Thanksgiving feast, we might want to draw some inspiration from the classic, preppy persona that goes hand-in-hand with a Fair Isle sweater but adding some fun elements.

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Let’s start with my floppy felt hat. I bought it last year at Old Navy for $15 and I love how trendy it is but also how affordable it was. I’m not one for spending a lot of money on “trendy” items that will come and go within a year. I prefer to spend big bucks (like I have that) on timeless pieces that will look good year after year. Another trendy piece I featured here are the camel-colored peep-toe mules. I found these at Target and frankly, I think shoes like these could be placed into the “classic” category eventually. They seem to be coming back again and again!

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holiday outfit ideas

how to style floppy hats

So how do you style classic clothing like Fair Isle sweaters? Leave me a comment to give me some ideas for my holiday outfits this year!

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26 Responses to How to Wear Fair Isle Sweaters Stylishly

  1. Jennifer says:

    This is a great look on you!

  2. Lor says:

    This is an incredibly cute, stylish sweater!!


  3. Jen says:

    That sweater is so cute and I love how you dressed it up with the heels and matching hat!! It’s so so cute!

  4. That is such a pretty sweater! Love how you made this Fair Isle look a bit more stylish. Happy almost Thanksgiving!
    xoxo, Jenna
    Boston Chic Party

  5. I’m a native to North Texas (just down the road outside of Ft. Worth) and this Fall has been so warm! You know you live in Texas when you get excited about a cold front that drops the temperature into the 60’s and you bring out the cute winter clothes. Anyways cute outfit!!

  6. I adore Fair Isle sweaters…they never ever EVER go out of style!! And I totally agree about the camel mules…a classic piece!! Gorgeous (and I owe you email!!)


  7. PishtoPosh says:

    Great inspiration for keeping some oldies in the wardrobe! Super cute and stylish.

  8. PS – just saw you are in Texas! Fellow (ex)Texan here too so I totally get the 80+ degree holidays! Sometimes you just gotta dress the part 😉

  9. I am OBSESSED with fair isle print anything! You look adorable and LOVING that shawl collar! xx SHannon

  10. cheersjenna says:

    This is such a cute sweater! I love Fair Isle sweaters always make me think of the holidays. Thanks for sharing.

    Cheers, J

  11. Kat says:

    This is so so cute and perfect for the holiday! It makes me feel like buying one right now!
    All the best,
    Kat |

  12. Such a cute look! Absolutely love it!

  13. Simply Tess says:

    Love fair isle sweaters, so cute and perfect for the holidays!! The entire outfit is adorable!

    xo, Tessa –

  14. April says:

    This is such a cute look! That sweater is perfect for the holidays. The hat really brings the look together too.

  15. Belle says:

    Love this look especially paired with that hat!

    One Awesome Momma

  16. susie40s says:

    I love that sweater! Too bad they make me look like a blimp! LOL

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