Inspired by Gold

Here’s a little Sunday inspiration for you! Whether you’re going out or staying in, a dusting of gold can add so much to your day. I’ve been feeling a “blah” here lately (the weather is never what I’d like it to be) and find that living life with as much color as possible really boosts my mood. Singing “the sun will come out tomorrow” is also a nice reminder that sometimes we will have bad days and even bad weeks, but there’s always something to look forward to.



Gold (much like pink), just makes me happy. Its the same color as pixie dust. Every once in awhile we all need just a little bit of it. Enjoy your day and color your world in gold this week! Leave a comment saying what your favorite “happy” color is!


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  1. My favourite happy colour is a pale peach.

  2. thegirldish says:

    Love this! I’ve been feeling so blah because of the never ending winter wheatear where I live and I’ve been dressing up my look here and there with a gold bracelet or accessory. It also makes you feel glamorous!

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