Lilly for Target Haul

lilly_for_targetAs most of you know, yesterday, April 19th, was a mad dash to the nearest Target for Lilly lovers all over the United States. The colorful prints of Lilly Pulitzer came to Target for a seasonal collaboration and preppy girls everywhere went crazy. I, of course, was one of them!

Doors opened at 8am but my best friend Lindsey and I were smart enough to get there about an hour early to get in line. We were behind 3 other people and in about an hour another 50 had joined us. Stories circulated through the line about Targets in major cities having several hundred people waiting outside for hours. Suddenly, a lady from Target opened a door and peeped her head out, horrified at the line she saw. She gave careful instructions not to run and hurt anyone else. She also dropped a major bomb on lilly_pulitzer_maxi_dressus: there was only one of each size for every dress, top, and bottom they sold. The woman also made a snide remark about how she didn’t like or want any of the Lilly Pulitzer line but had to be here early to prepare for us. We quickly filed in and grabbed dresses and anything else we could find. It was gone within a minute. Then people made a made dash for accessories and home goods, both of which were gone in about 3 minutes. It was like Black Friday but crazier.

Anyway, after the mad dash was over I got in line to check out with the two items I was able to grab– a shift and a maxi dress. I overheard a lady ask a cashier what was going on this morning for there to be so many people at Target. When the cashier explained the lady said “I’ve never even heard of that brand. People are ridiculous.” Um no, we prefer ‘passionate’ thank you very much.Β I quickly bought my shift in Upstream and the strapless maxi dress in Nosie Posie then returned home to get ready for church. I’m still exhausted.Β 






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  1. Val says:

    I am loca for Lilly too and loved the pieces I was able to get from the Target collection. Glad someone shares in my “passion”!

  2. Liz – I’m working on a new series of Lilly P paintings… I’ll let you know when the newer ones come together. Meanwhile, you can check out a few small studies here:

  3. annegillion says:

    This is straight out of Confessions of a Shopaholic! Great fun blog.

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  5. Great buys! Those dresses are so pretty and fun!

  6. Shauna841505 says:

    I don’t really know about Lilly but you go girl! πŸ™‚

  7. Lindsey says:

    I had fun girl! I agree, we are just passionate! πŸ™‚

  8. When I went everything was sold out! I heard it was crazy!! I’m a little jealous that you were able to get some items! They look great!

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