Lilly for Target Picks

Happy April Fool’s Day and may the odds be ever in your favor today! With my troll of a sister, the odds most certainly are not in my favor. She looked at the calendar earlier and realized it was April 1st and she says “Oh my! I have to get to work!” She loves to pull pranks or do otherwise annoying things.

Besides April Fool’s, there’s one other event that we should be celebrating and that day is April 19th- the day Lilly for Target is finally available for purchase! I’m so excited about this collaboration. The look book on Target’s website is everything I could have hoped for and more! Is it sad that I’ve been putting aside money for this event? Anyway, here’s what you’ll find in my shopping bag when the line comes out!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    These look beautiful! I’m so sad Target is no longer in Canada πŸ™

  2. nedralucas says:

    Your picks looks amazing. I am so excited for this launch to happen! I have my eye on the pom-pom shorts! Great post!

  3. rylie630 says:

    I cannot wait for this!!

  4. bflyrenee says:

    I so want it all

  5. I am so excited for this!

  6. Catherine says:

    I’m going after the shift dresses. Perfect summer wear. And so much less expensive than the Brick & Mortar Lilly Boutiques!

    • Liz says:

      Yes! Great idea Catherine! I think I’ll be sitting outside Target at 8am waiting for them to open so I can get the dresses!

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