Little Luxuries for the Master Bath

Hello lovelies! This weekend I took a break from the blog to get some things done and hang out with a few friends. Sometimes a girl just needs that, you know? I also had some time to just lounge around my house and encourage my creative side. Since I’m working on getting my first “big girl” job and my own apartment, I created a visual to go along with my list of design must-haves in my master bath.


  • Fluffy towels because no one wants red marks on their skin after using a towel
  • Good soap (aka, better than the stuff you get at Bath and Body Works)
  • Flowers for a natural element
  • Jewelry tray
  • Small candles
  • Glass jars for bathroom necessities like cotton balls or bobby pins
  • An ottoman for my weekly pedicure
  • Artwork because bare walls are so boring
  • Storage baskets, I can’t stand things not being stored properly

I’m spoiled, I know. I really believe that a woman’s bathroom should feel like an escape. We spend all of our time getting ready here so why shouldn’t it be luxurious? I also think that luxury shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. I was browsing through Marshall’s the other day and found all of these things for a 1/4 of the retail price. Some day I’ll be able to afford Restoration Hardware, but for now I’ll stick to my bargain hunting.


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  1. sarahskry says:

    Hi Liz! My name is Sarah. I love your mood board. I’m working on learning coding and learning to do things like this and write web content. I think we have some things in common 🙂 Congratulations on your new job and apartment! That’s a great accomplishment. I wanted to say thanks for liking my blog post. It’s always encouraging to see a like when you’re new to blogging.

  2. everything looks so cute, I love the “LOVE” artwork. I’ll def be using this as inspiration!

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