Morning Tips to Help Get You Going

Monday Mornings
Happy Monday morning friends. If you’re exhausted from this weekend, I suppose that means it was a good one! Sometimes on days like this I have a hard time getting myself out of bed and motivated for the day. When I say “sometimes” I mean at least twice a week! I don’t think I’m alone in this either. Here are a few ways to get yourself motivated for the morning!

Monday Motivation

  1. Coffee set to brew at the time you wake up. Have your favorite coffee mug sitting right beside the coffeemaker!
  2. Perfect outfit laid out the night before. Wear clothes that make you feel confident and beautiful.
  3. Healthy breakfast ready to go in the kitchen. Vanilla yogurt, granola, and a few strawberries mixed in!
  4. New playlist on your iPhone. Download a few new songs and put them in a playlist for you to enjoy on your way to work.
  5. Plan out your day. A schedule is the one thing that I can count on most days. Create one for yourself so you have less insecurity about what the day will bring.

If anything this morning, I hope your lipstick is perfect, your eyebrows are on point, and your coffee is just the way you like it! I’m going to enjoy wearing my heels, pearls, and aviators on this gorgeous Kansas City day. Leave a comment with your favorite morning motivational tip!

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9 Responses to Morning Tips to Help Get You Going

  1. Jessica says:

    Mornings suck but your tips are great! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’–

  2. dawn says:

    Up before daylight to practice Ashtanga Yoga then coffee and art πŸ˜€ Life is good!

  3. Lor says:

    Yes, yes, and YES to all of this! I always get the coffee ready the night before, so when I do wake up all groggy and still asleep, I just have to switch it on and let it brew. The same goes with preparing my lunch and getting a wardrobe ready. I’m just excited that spring time is finally coming so the mornings will start being a bit more sunny; it makes all the difference with my day!

  4. I always start the day by telling my son how much I missed him while he slept , just seeing his smile gets me going and ready to face the day . Love this post ! So lovely

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