New Coffee Love!

CoffeeI have found a new coffee company to love and obsess over almost as much as Starbucks: Illy! I was in desperate need of caffeine yesterday (and we were out of my favorite creamer at the office) so I wandered down to the cafeteria to get something there. I look in one of the coolers and I see a pretty little bottle of Latte Machiato chilling. I decided for only $2.50 it wouldn’t hurt to try it. Now I am running down there a little too often to get my Illy! Forget my Starbucks love!

Illy (as far as I know) doesn’t have stores or anything. You either order online or find it at a retailer. Their own website is full of crazy cool things they sell besides their bottled espresso creations (they sell Espresso machines!)

Comment below if you’ve found Illy in a store or know of another great coffee company! Coffee lovers unite!



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  1. anaesrout01 says:

    Starbucks is great, but if you come across a Kaladi Bros. anywhere near you, don’t hesitate to go in! They are awesome.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions!! <3

  3. skinnysafari says:

    I used to be Starbucks obsessed until I discovered Illy. Now that’s one of the only things I drink (when I can get my hands on it!) I think Wholefoods sells canisters of Illy, but I tend to order them online. Also Nespresso is fabulous.

    xoxo (A fellow caffeine addict),

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