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Happy first day of May! I’ve always loved this month because it’s starting to warm up, all the summer stuff is being stocked, and bright colors are back in season! Dressing for an office environment during the summer is always difficult for me simply because I want to wear exciting, happy colors and most professional wardrobes consist entirely of the opposite. If I’m going to be forced to sit at a desk for 8 hours, then you better believe I want to wear fun colors! Here are a few easy ways to spice up your summer work wardrobe!

Mix Patterns & Textures

I love a good pencil skirt. A classic back or gray skirt for the office is essential, however it’s not the end all be all. One of my favorite places to find bright, patterned work-appropriate skirts is J Crew. Because duh. If I’m going to wear a patterned skirt, I’ll want to wear something on top that compliments it but doesn’t necessarily blend into it. The dress I’m wearing looks like two separate pieces but like I said, it’s a dress, and both patterns and textures look great together!

Do a Bold Lip

I’m thrilled if I get out the door wearing any makeup at all let alone lipstick. But a bold lipstick color can really add some color to your appearance. The lipstick I’m wearing is the new Lancome Matte Lipstick Shaker (link here). This stuff literally lasts all day! No matter how many cups of coffee I consume, it stays on! It’s a great way to add color to your work day!

Don’t Buy Basics Only

Investing in quality basic pieces for every season is important because they will last forever and you’ll wear them with everything. However, don’t skip over the fun stuff in favor of building your wardrobe’s foundation pieces. Buy the colorful scarf if you love it! Splurge on the bright green dress that you’ve been eyeing! The great thing about professional wardrobes is that often times, you can add blazers or sweaters to change up the look once in awhile!

Share with me your favorite places to go for fun pieces to add to your professional wardrobe!

*lipstick c/o lancome

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Lately here in Dallas it hasn’t really felt like spring or summer. It’s been chilly, wet, and just icky. But I know come late May it’s going to heat up! Last summer was my very first summer of living in Texas and wow! I didn’t know what 105 degrees felt like until I stepped outside of my apartment and felt the heat wave. Unfortunately my hair felt the heat too and dried up pretty darn fast, so this year I’m preparing my hair in advance with a great hair care routine!

how to keep hair from heat damage

Beat the Texas Heat With Hair Essentials

So my number one rule for my hair is to use as little heat as possible, in other words no straightening, blow drying, or curling. Of course if it’s a special event, then I indulge a little, but the average day of sitting in my office- forget it, I’m saving my hair.

My second rule is to use a shampoo and conditioner that’s free of the stuff I don’t want in my hair like sulfates, parabens, and other things that I can’t even pronounce. Instead, I love using coconut oil and organic honey! Who’s with me on the coconut oil train?! Hask Beautyย just came out with a new collection of hair care products that are made from yummy-smelling exotic oils and they let me try some of their coconut oil-based hair products!

If a hair product doesn’t smell good, I’m not inclined to use it. When I opened my Hask shampoo and conditioner bottles I was overwhelmed by the smell of coconut and honey! So it got past the smell test! After using it a few times though, I was sold. My hair is soft and when I brush it, it doesn’t frizz up like a poodle. Win for me!

My final hair care tip for the hot summer months is to embrace the boho chic braids. I love cute little french braids worn with statement earrings for a stylish summer hair style. It’s easy and so cute. Embrace the coconut oil hair care trend and enjoy the summer heat, because it’s coming whether you like it or not!

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In case you haven’t noticed- off the shoulder dresses are huge this season!! Up until recently, I hadn’t really been a fan of these dresses simply because it’s hard to get them to stay put and not accidentally become a belt much to your embarrassment! A few weeks ago, I was browsing Old Navy’s website for some deals and I came across this dress!

This super pretty off the shoulder dress comes in 3 colors and is under $20! Plus, it’s flattering on every body type! Need I say more? I love how cute it is for a date night outfit or just a day shopping with the girls. And for the price, you can’t beat it!

Since the dress was black, I wanted to add lots of colorful accessories! I styled the dress with my favorite Steve Madden wedges (linked in the widget above) and my neon yellow Kate Spade purse David gave to me a few years ago. It’s still my favorite bag in my closet!! Let’s also not forget my bright pink matte lipstick. I’m pretty sure all of Dallas could spot me!

Also, big, huge, proud-of-myself announcement! I took a big step forward in my blogging career- I finally hired a Dallas photographer! I shot this look with Rebecca Kirstin of Beckley & Co. Photography and she was seriously amazing to work with! She totally confirmed why I wanted a professional photographer in the first place!

I linked everything I’m wearing in the widget above! Go grab one of those off the shoulder dresses while they’re still on sale (link here)!!

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Happy Monday girls! So as a lot of you probably know, SEO (search engine optimization) is incredibly important for your rankings with Google. I work for a company based in Dallas that does SEO for several local clients and I’ve learned so much since I started working there. In this post, I’m going to be sharing with you a few blogger tips on how to better optimize your blog this summer! Some tips may be having you rolling your eyes like”duh” but others may be helpful to you! So study up and please share this with your blogger friends!

Use Titles and Metas in Every Blog Post

If you want people to click on your link when it shows up in a Google search result, then you need a great title and description of what they’re clicking on! They should include keywords and an accurate description of what the blog post will tell them about. Don’t give away tons of information, but just enough to entice them to click! The Yoast plugin is super helpful for this and it’s free!! You know I love free!

Alt Text in Photos

Ok, I’m not sure what Alt text stands for but I do know that it’s so important! If you go into the back end of a photo you upload on WordPress, you’ll see a space to put the title and then the alt text as well. most people title their photos but forget to use alt text. The alt text should be a description of the photo. For example, if I’m wearing a Lilly Pulitzer dress, I’ll have the alt text say something like “fashion blogger wearing Lilly Pulitzer.” Google bots can’t analyze photos and come up with their own descriptions, they rely on you for that.

Internal Linking is Your Friend

Far too many bloggers don’t link back to previous blog posts they’ve written, but it’s important to do it! Internal linking helps drive users to other helpful content on your site and it keeps them on your website even longer! A good rule of thumb is to have one internal link per paragraph provided it doesn’t look like spam! Honestly, I’m a little lazy about doing this, but I know it’s important to do!

Put Keywords in Your Headers

Headers, like the one above, are important to help guide your readers along through your post and get Google’s attention. You’re writing for both Google and you’re user, and it has to appear natural to both. For example, if I’m talking about a particular aspect of my hair care routine, then my header might be “how to use coconut oil in your hair” (there will be a post later this week on my hair care routine fyi!) This lets the reader and the Google bots crawling your site know what you’ll be talking about.

Do you have any good SEO tips? Leave me a comment! I’m always excited to learn from other bloggers!

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mexican independance day outfitHola ladies! Here in Texas people are gearing up for Cinco de Mayo fiestas! Since Texas has such a large Hispanic population, our Mexican food and margaritas are delicious. Then again, I’m from Maryland so I really don’t know what good Mexican food tastes like, but I certainly love what they’re serving up here in Dallas!ย 

David and I will probably go out with friends to a fun fiesta downtown and I plan on looking as festive as possible (I’ll totally be that old lady with seasonal sweater vests someday.) A few of my favorite styles right now are tassels, pom noms, and off the shoulder dresses– perfect for a fiesta! I’ll be getting my party pants on and wearing tons of tassels for this colorful and exciting holiday!

I’ve linked everything featured above (plus a few colorful surprises!) in the widget below! Look for sales on a few of these items because I noticed quite a few discounts featured! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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Oh happy days, another week is beginning! Not going to lie, I had a serious case of the Sunday scaries last night. There wasn’t one atom in my body that was excited to go to work. Honestly, I think most of us dread it not because of the work itself, but the lack of energy we have to start our week off. I sit at my desk for about an hour every morning trying to get the momentum to actually do something. Part of my energy problem is not eating the right food! Believe it or not, Captain Crunch isn’t packed with nutrients! So today, I’ve partnered withย Power Up Snacksย to share 4 different foods that pack a nutrient-filled energy punch!

Flax Seed Health Benefits

So… I jumped on the Flax Seed bandwagon but for a really good reason! Flax Seed is full of fiber and protein, two things I need more of in my diet. You can add it to yogurt, smoothies, soups, and even salads! Gourmet Nut’s Flax Seed is quite tasty and a yummy addition to my yogurt in the morning!

Healthy Trail Mix

Ahhh trail mix, the tasty sugary snack meant to be “healthy.” As a kid, my little trail mix creations certainly contained a lot of chocolate and no nutrition. My new go-to trail mix to munch on in the afternoon is Power Up Mega Omega! This healthy trail mix has walnuts and almonds packed with Omega-3’s, and dried mangoes and cranberries for antioxidants. Protein-packed pumpkin seeds are thrown in for a little extra something!

Edamame for Fiber and Protein

Edamame is one of my favorite things to snack on during the day! This dry-roasted edamame provides loads of protein and fiber to get you through your day. Seriously, this stuff is yummy and good for you! That’s a win for me!

Mineral-Rich Himalayan Pink Salt

Another bandwagon I’m jumping on is using Himalayan pink salt as a seasoning for my food. Regular table salt doesn’t provide many necessary minerals beyond iodine. Himalayan salt however, provides upwards of 84 natural minerals that our bodies need. Pink salt, I learned, can help regulate thyroid, balance your metabolism, and keep you hydrated among other things.

Getting to work and being excited to start the day will never happen for me, but having the energy to at least get moving and stay moving throughout the day is really nice. Give some of these yummy foods a try and let me know how you feel!

*all products are c/o. all opinions are my own

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