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So it’s the end of August! That pretty much means it’s fall right? I’ve been going from store to store seeing their fall decorations and smelling the yummy fall candles. I can’t help but love this season! Every year my mom buys a few pumpkin spice candles to light around the house and it just smells like home to me! Today, I thought I’d share a few fall home decor items I’ve found so far to get you in the mood.

Bath and Body Works Fall Candles

I look forward to their candles every year and they never disappoint! This year, I’m loving the packaging of these candles, particularly the birch bark-looking “Leaves” candle. Seriously, so pretty and looks great with your regular home decor. I’m also a fan of “Pumpkin Cupcake” but that one makes me hungry for sweets! Once these candles go on sale, I’ll be stocking up!

Target Dollar Spot for Fall

So my other favorite place to get fall home decor items is the Target Dollar Spot! And they have the best fall and Halloween stuff this year! Everything you see in the photo above is under $3! How about the Hocus Pocus candy bowl?! It’s a must have! My favorite item I found in that lovely dollar section is this:

OH MY GOODNESS! How cute is that travel mug?! I love Pumpkin Spice Lattes mostly because I’m basic but also because how can you not love a pumpkin? I live for cute mugs like this one! The best part is, its only $3!!!

I know it’ early to start celebrating Halloween and dragging out the scarecrows, but starting September 1st, I’ll be wearing my pumpkin earrings and decorating my apartment with all things fall! You’ll find me at Michael’s Craft Store quite often too- gotta get those decorative pumpkins!

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Hey everyone! Happy hump day! I wanted to share with you guys a few fun photos from a pool party I went to last weekend! I think summers should be about making memories, getting some sun, and splashing around on a pool floatie. Luckily, that’s what this event was all about!

Dallasites 101 hosted a summer pool party at Le Meridien in Uptown, Dallas and it was a blast! A great pool party has awesome music, pool floaties, and frozen rosé- all of which were in attendance last weekend! The DJ was playing a bit of reggae and some summer hits while everyone climbed onto the giant pool floaties and sipped margaritas and frosé! I wish every day could be like that.

Since David was still in Las Vegas, I went to the pool party alone but I still had a great time. They had complimentary manicures from a local nail salon, flower crown station, complimentary hair braiding, and mini Blush-Ups from Blushington! I pampered myself a little and got my nails done then went for a Blush-Up before getting my hair braided. Is there anything better than feeling like a celebrity even though you’re totally not one?!

They also had some fun vendors there like Bai (they were giving away free drinks!) and McCauley + Luckwhich by the way have the cutest earrings ever! I bought a pair and can’t wait to style them in an upcoming photo shoot!

Now that I’ve gone to a fun Dallas pool party this summer, I feel like I can say good bye to summer and hello to fall! I’m already making lists of fall style must-haves to share with you all. You’re going to love it! Have a lovely week!

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classic button up dallas arts district

It’s Monday-funday! Said no one ever. I’m trying to give myself some energy every Monday by indulging in a good latte or posting a blog post full of pretty pictures, which I’m doing today! My wonderful photographer and I got these photos done a few weeks ago and I’m just now sharing them with you!

It’s one thing, however, to take great photos and another to actually do something with them. So today I wanted to chat about one of my favorite wardrobe classics- the button up- and how to style them when they won’t stay buttoned!

Keep it Together- Button Ups That Won’t Button

If you were “blessed” with a larger chest, then you know how difficult it can be to find and wear a button up shirt without the annoying fabric gaps or buttons that fly off. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen in love with a cute button up and tried it on only to realize that it won’t button without a gap somewhere. So annoying! I love classic Ralph Lauren buttons ups but I can’t wear them!

Instead of avoiding these tops altogether, I’ve learned to style them in different ways so I can still wear them! One of my favorite ways to wear this chambray shirt is just open with a white tank underneath! The key to wearing a button up open is making sure that you can easily tuck in a tank to your shorts or jeans. Since an unbuttoned button up is a loose fit, you need to balance it with something tighter underneath to keep it flattering.

I also took a tip I learned from a J. Crew stylist and applied it to this look- roll your sleeves up and leave the cuff exposed for a chic look. Isn’t it cute? 

Another great way to wear button ups is by buttoning the bottom buttons and doing a big statement necklace on top to really pull the look together. The necklace will draw the eye up from the unbuttoned buttons and put the focus closer to your face.

Probably my all-time favorite way to wear a button up though is wearing it underneath a sweater. It’s so classic preppy and the best part is, you can leave the top buttons unbuttoned because the sweater covers it up! Winning!

Outfit Details

Don’t ever feel like having a bigger chest should keep you from wearing the things you love. Sometimes you just have to figure out how to modify the style so it works for your body type. Nothing looks good on everyone! That’s why styling options are so important.

Ok, so outfit details! My chambray shirt is old but I’d recommend investing in this shirt! My shorts are on sale for… wait for it… $6.99!! Here’s the link! They have multiple colors and patterns so check them out! My sandals are Jack Rogers (link). Finally, the monogrammed clutch I get asked about so often is from Marley Lilly, however they don’t make it anymore! But here’s a cute alternative you’ll love (link)!

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Hey lovelies! I hope you’re having a nice week! I’m sitting in bed writing this waiting for the weekend to come. I’m having brunch this Saturday with a bunch of bloggers from Dallas and really looking forward to it! I love getting together with other creatives to chat and share ideas. It keeps me inspired to continue blogging. Not gonna lie, there have been quite a few times I’ve felt like quitting. 

One thing that keeps me motivated is having a community of bloggers and Instagrammers to feel inspired by. Since moving to Dallas a year ago, I’ve had a hard time making friends. Around this time however I joined Style Collective and immediately had a support system all over the place! If you’re going to invest in anything for your blog, I highly recommend joining Style Collective! Here’s why.

Benefits of Style Collective

Style Collective was started by Annie Spano when she saw a need for blogger babes to have a space just for them where they could talk and collaborate. A few leaps and bounds later, she started Style Collective. I joined last year and love it! The benefits are endless but my favorite parts of this group include:

  • Community forums where we can seek advice or share opportunities
  • Space to share blog posts and get engagement on them
  • Regional meetups with your Style Collective sisters
  • Brand opportunities
  • Brand directory where you can find contact info for your fave brands
  • Worksheets and e-courses to help you grow
  • Weekly tips and blog posts that answer all your questions

There’s so much more to this group than I can share here but these are just a few things I benefit from the most!

girl boss hashtag

The above photo is from one of our first meetups here in Dallas! You can read the original blog post here. Since I had just moved to Dallas and literally knew no one it was so great to meetup with these girls and build a connection with my new city!

The Details

For a monthly membership to Style Collective it’s basically the cost of two lattes at Starbucks ($10!) and you can sign up here through my affiliate linkI really love this group of girls and I’ve been connected with some of the nicest ladies! Annie is also such a sweet, genuine person that she’s easy to talk to and often times personally messages you back if you have a question. If you’re looking to learn and grow in your blog, then definitely join us at Style Collective!

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red tropical print dress

summer style ideas from dallas blogger

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Happy Monday loves! Another weekend come and gone. They just go by so quickly, actually the whole summer has gone by quickly! This week David is going to be out of town at a bachelor party for one of his besties in Las Vegas. So it’s going to be me, the cat, the dog, and Netflix for a few days. I’m perfectly fine with that.

I get bored easily though so I’m doing a fun girl’s night out with one of my friends here in Dallas! No GNO is complete without a great outfit though. I picked up this pretty dress last weekend and I seriously love it, plus it’s on sale (here!) I have tons of little black dresses and great date night dresses but this tropical print just tops them all! I’m linking the rest of my outfit details below!

Monogram Clutch: (old) similar here | Wedges: here | Tassel Earrings: (old) similar here

Dallas Girl’s Night Out Spots

I think GNO spots are way different than where you’d go on a date or with a mixed group of friends. I prioritize pretty drinks, Instagrammable aesthetic, and good music when I’m choosing a location. A few of my favorite Dallas spots are:

  • Happiest Hour
  • The Rustic
  • Nickel & Rye
  • Pie Tap Pizza Workshop
  • HG Supply Co.
  • SODA Bar
  • Stirr

I’m always looking for a new place to try out so if you have suggestions, let me know! Bonus points if your selection has a killer cheese plate! I could seriously make every meal I eat a cheese plate. And I’d never get tired of it. They’re just so good! Also, my dress comes in black as well so be sure to check it out! Have a lovely week guys!

Photo creds: Luisa’s Secret Photography

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preppy clothing for fall

You guys… fall is almost here!! Ok so it’s still about a month away but I seriously can’t wait! I live for September through December! Seriously, those 4 months are the absolute best! Dallas doesn’t really get “chilly” until late October and by chilly I mean consistently under 75 degrees. However, I live vicariously through the northeastern preps that break out their Bean Boots way before I can.

Since I brought up preppy fall clothes, I may as well get to the point of this post: fall preppy essentials. I live by the Karl Lagerfeld quote “Trendy is the last stage before tacky.” I invest only in classic pieces that can be worn for years to come. Trendy items are fun but they’ll also show your age 20 years from now.

Invest In L.L. Bean

One of the very first things I think of when I hear the word “classic” is L.L. Bean. The brand has stood the test of time and continues to produce quality clothing after 100 years. I chose a few of my favorite fall Bean items to share with you because I know they’re worth the money! My mom had a pair of Bean Boots that lasted for 20 years!

L.L. Bean Tote (Here) | Bean Boots (Here) | Cable Knit Fisherman’s Sweater (Here) | Flannel Shirt (Here)

Fall in Love with Tweed Skirts

Ever since I saw Sarah Vickers of Preppy Girls Wear Pearls blog wearing a tweed skirt in a gorgeous New England setting, I knew I had to have one. While I still haven’t purchase one, I found this skirt (here) and thought it was perfect! I love that a tweed skirt embodies  the rich, cultural heritage of a Scottish kilt while also embracing the prep school vibes we all know and love from Gossip Girl.

Buy the Right Denim

Denim is as American as it gets. And over the years, this classic staple has been redesigned time and again. The trendy way to wear denim right now is with rips up and down the pant legs and fringe at the cuff. My style advice is to stick with a classic dark wash denim skinny  (here) that can be worn to work as well as happy hour. Denim is one thing I’ll pay a pretty penny for because the perfect pair of worn in jeans can’t be loved enough.

Classic Knit Cap

Beanies, bogans, toboggans- whatever you want to call this classic knit cap, should definitely be on your list of fall preppy staples. The origins of this delightful hat with the pom pom on top are unknown but everyone loves them. If you’re an outdoorsy person, this North Face toboggan (here) is really cute!

Monogrammed Quilted Vest

J. Crew’s herringbone vest is a tough fall classic to beat. However, these adorable quilted vest come pretty close! Every year I try to buy a new vest because they’ve been popular for ages and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Link here!

Monogrammed Fall Tee

Drumroll please! My absolute must-have, favorite thing on this list is this adorable monogram fall tee! Marley Lilly has outdone themselves with this seasonal item. I can literally picture myself curled up with my kitty, drinking a pumpkin spice latte in this tee! Get one before they sell out, link here!

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