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Happy Friday loves! I hope you have something fun planned for the weekend! The weather in Dallas this weekend is supposed to be chillier than usual so I’m looking forward to wearing fall clothes and accessories. One of my favorite accessories for this chilly, cozy season is this gorgeous JORD Wood Watch. You might have seen these watches floating around the internet and wondered what they were and where you get them. Lucky for you, I’m not only going to give you the details, but I’m also giving away a watch! Keep reading for giveaway details.

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When I got my wood watch in the mail, I was really surprised by how smooth and shiny the wood was. I don’t know why I had it in my head that a wood watch would give me splinters but I was pleasantly surprised that I wouldn’t be needing tweezers to pull out fragments of wood from my wrist. I was also surprised by how nice the packaging was. The watch came in a little wooden box with the brand label stamped on it. This particular JORD watch is from the Fieldcrest series in “Dark Sandalwood” (link here). I love that it goes with everything I wear in the fall season! Blanket scarves, riding boots, and pumpkin spice lattes are made even preppier with my watch.

plaid blanket scarf

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So this is my favorite part of the whole post! I get to giveaway a free JORD Wood Watch to one of my fabulous followers! I’ve been really excited about this for awhile now because the people that support me and my blog (you!) deserve some sort of a ‘thank you’ for it. What better way to do this than by giving away something so unique? Here’s the link to the giveaway form! Giveaway ends on November 20 at 11:59 CST. Good luck!simple blog layout





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Happy hump day lovelies! I thought today I’d chat with you about a more serious topic that so many people, particularly women, can relate to- body confidence. If you’re hoping that this is going to be a “ra-ra love ourselves” post, it really won’t be. Not that I don’t appreciate those posts because I do! Feeling good about yourself is important to personal happiness. However, I’ve come to notice that body confidence has it’s own asterisks attached to it.

The other day, I was scrolling through my newsfeed when I came across a story about a personal trainer who had a baby and somehow still managed to get her six-pack abs back only a few weeks after having her baby. You would think that people would either want to know how she did or just keep scrolling, but no. Commenters jumped straight to body shaming her for her post-baby photos and saying that she’s a self-centered mom if she has time to work out. One person went so far as to say that women who are good moms don’t look like that. Ouch.

We often think of body shaming as only being geared towards people who are overweight. However, we leave out the people who are on the opposite end of that spectrum. What good is a message about loving ourselves and our bodies if it only applies to some people and not to others? Some people are built differently, have different metabolisms, and different athletic abilities. That’s ok. And being happy with how you look and even proud of it is such an important part of body confidence.

On the other side of the issue, is the push to love how you look even if you aren’t happy with it. Take me for example, I know I’m in the correct height-weight range for my age, but my pant size went up a little from last year and it’s driving me crazy. Should I shame myself for the weight gain? No, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to fit back into the jeans I wore last fall either because they gave me confidence! Feeling good is part of looking good. Encouraging friends who want to feel good is part of sharing body confidence with others!

Next time you see a social media post from someone who is body confident, don’t shame or judge them for that confidence no matter how thin or big they are or what circumstances surround them. Women who really believe in body confidence, don’t do that to each other.

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pom pom dress cheap

Dress: MakeMeChic (link here) // Sunglasses: Old Navy // Bag: Kate Spade

Happy Monday girls! I can’t believe another Monday is here again. The days just seem to blend together now that I work full time and am busier than usual. Since October is coming to a close and the weather is still warm, I wanted to take advantage of it and highlight a favorite trend of mine- athleisure! What is athleisure you ask? It’s athletic wear (what you wear to the gym) combined with the comfort of leisure wear (what you wear when you get home after a long day!). This adorable cold-shoulder dress is from MakeMeChic and it’s only $23!

fall style in dallas

athleisure dresses

This dress is the ultimate in the new athleisure trend! It’s super soft and comfortable to wear. The pom pom detailing around the shoulders adds so much interest to the dress. I first saw another blogger I love wearing it with the cutest tennis shoes and I had to have it too. It looks just as cute paired with sandals though. And let’s be real, it’s super flattering!

neon accessories

Here in Dallas, the fall colors don’t ever appear so little touches of neon like the ones on my dress are appropriate year-round. I’m still adjusting to the lack of gorgeous leaves falling to the ground and copious amounts of girls walking around in riding boots and quilted J Crew vests. It just doesn’t seem like fall without it! Instead, I’m seeing where the athleisure trend is super strong here because it stays warm for so long. No point stocking up on sweaters when you can’t wear them. You’d think cowboy boots would be the go-to item but nope! Athletic wear from Lulu Lemon dominates the Dallas scene.

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dallas style bloggers

That last photo is from my blooper reel! My boyfriend, David, always gets the funniest photos of me and I had to share this one with you. Fashion blogging is lots of fun and I want to share the fun moments with you guys, no matter how goofy I look!

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Happy Thursday everyone! Only one more day until Friday, so start making your weekend plans! Friday night, I’m going to watch Hocus Pocus in one of the public parks here in Dallas. I’m bringing a cozy blanket, a picnic basket full of munchies, and of course a big pumpkin spice latte. Speaking of which, one of my favorite things to do after work to relax is sit on the couch with my favorite pumpkin spice latte mug and drink some coffee. Read on for a few of my favorite ways to relax after work!

relaxing ideas after work

Ways to Relax After Work

We all have our vices and things that calm us down when we’re stressed or just have had a long day. My days are filled with demands from my job and early mornings. Sometimes I don’t have time for anything other than a protein shake and a big cup of coffee. But when I get home I relax by doing something enjoyable. Here are a few easy ways to destress at home:

  • Color in a coloring book (Michael’s has some for under $5!)
  • Take a hot bath with fizzy bath bombs
  • Sip coffee or tea while spending time with your kitty or pup
  • Lift weights and do some cardio to burn off stress
  • Paint your nails a festive color for the season
  • Sit by a fire and read a book
  • Create a new board on Pinterest and pin a few items
  • Do some online shopping and buy yourself a little something

Your mental health is so important to the rest of your life! I’ll be totally honest and tell you that in addition to doing some of these things, I also from time to time talk with a psychologist to ease my anxieties. You wouldn’t think people would judge me for that, but you’d be surprised how people react when they find out I talk to a “shrink”. But in my opinion, it’s nothing to be embarrassed by! Sharing your ideas and feelings with another person that will tell you the truth is so beneficial. It’s truly the best stress reliever for me.

If none of these ideas tickle your fancy, a scientifically proven way to fight depression and anxiety is to smile and laugh. For whatever reason, it makes your entire body feel better. I won’t go into the science of it mostly because I’ll totally butcher it, but it works and we all need to smile more. If that’s all you get out of this post, then I’m happy with that!

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lilly pulitzer fall It’s hump day! Friday doesn’t seem so far off now, does it? Yesterday, I was going through my wardrobe trying to figure out what to wear for the rest of the week. Even though I have a closet full of clothes I find myself saying “I have nothing to wear”. Before I drug out all of my fall clothes, I wanted to see what in my summer wardrobe I could repurpose for fall. However it came about, I tried on this outfit and thought the blue skirt looked super cute with my floral Lilly Pulitzer top. You can’t go wrong with Lilly!

Lilly for target

Lilly Pulitzer and the fall season don’t seem to go together but in my humble opinion, every season is the perfect season to wear Lilly. The Lilly Pulitzer blouse I’m wearing is from the Lilly for Target collection! I walked into work yesterday wearing the top and carrying a Lilly Pulitzer travel mug and one of my coworkers was like “you’re so cute, you match your mug!” The perks of being a Lilly lover, right?

basic girls

If you haven’t seen the fall Lilly Pulitzer prints, then you’re missing out! It’s the cutest thing! I love how vibrant every season’s prints are. I’m the only one in the office that wears Lilly and I’d like to think I bring a little sunshine with me when I walk into work. There’s no point in wearing bright, happy prints if they don’t make you smile.

rayban look alikes

Since I live in Dallas, the summer lasts just a little bit longer, which is why I thought one of the last days of October would be perfect to write about wearing Lilly in autumn. Is it a traditional fall outfit? No! But it’s a little slice of summer to savor when the season turns cold and we miss the warm breezes that we took for granted. If you’re in Texas, enjoy the warmth because it won’t last forever!

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old navy tunic review

Happy Monday lovelies! I don’t know about you, but I had a serious case of the Sunday scaries last night. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful beyond belief for a job but there are just some mornings that are rougher than others. Mornings are usually the only time when it’s actually cool outside and I love feeling those brisk autumn breezes in Dallas! We had some cooler weather last week so I thought I’d share this fall outfit with you today. I’m always on the look out for fall style basics and came across this Old Navy tunic that I absolutely love!

autumn style dallas

Dallas fall weatherFor those of you wondering if my earrings are actually pumpkins, they are! It’s a week before Halloween and I intend to wear my juvenile Claire’s jewelry with pride. I thought this black tunic worked really nicely with my multi colored blanket scarf in fall colors. The best part is that the tunic was only $7 on sale! It’s super soft and comes in multiple colors. I bought this black one and a striped red one, which you’ll be seeing a lot of this season, to mix it up a bit. You can find the tunic here!

style in dallas

dallas style blogger

My photographer/boyfriend took these fun candid shots of me! The wind was blowing and the back of my tunic blew up in the wind a bit. I love that they designed it with a little slit on both sides, it makes this Old Navy tunic so much more flattering! I’m pretty self conscious of my stomach area and anything too tight makes me feel funny. Everyone has something they don’t like about themselves, right?

Get to Old Navy before they sell out of these tops! They’re so affordable and you can wear them with so much. I’m already looking forward to the tunic-quilted vest combo I’ll be rocking when it stays consistently chilly in Dallas. Basic fall style is the easiest thing for me to pull off because it’s simple and doesn’t require me to stand in my closet for 30 minutes trying to figure out what to wear each day. That’s something we can all appreciate!

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