new years eve 2017

Hello lovely! I hope your Christmas was wonderful and full of surprises. Mine certainly was! I spent Christmas in San Antonio with my boyfriends family and we had a ball. Of course, I missed my own family in my home state of Maryland, but this was just as nice! It seems like the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is so rushed that I don’t even get time to enjoy the little break or the good sales going on.

Speaking of New Year’s Eve, I’ve been combing my closet for something to wear this weekend and nothing seems to scream “wear me!”. I started browsing a few blogs for inspiration and thought I’d share a few New Year’s Eve outfit ideas with you! I want my life to sparkle and be exciting, and my style should reflect that! Enjoy your New Year’s parties and adventures!

New Year’s Eve Style Guide

heel comfort inserts

Hello loves! It’s almost Christmas and I have the perfect stocking stuffer for you! If you read my last post (link here) I was talking about good stocking stuffers for your gal pals. I’ve since discovered another great stocking stuffer or gift in general. They’re called Sole Patches and they’re wonderful! I was lucky enough to get to test them out and they are so easy to put in your favorite pair of high heels.

wearing heels without pain

How to Wear Heels Comfortably

As you can probably tell, they aren’t like traditional shoe inserts that are the width and length of the shoe; they’re little patches you can place wherever you need inside your shoe. For me, I put them on the heel part of my shoes and then near where my toes go. That’s the best part about Sole Patches is that you put the patches where you need them for maximum comfort!

gifts for her

I like to wear heels around the office during the day. I always like to say that I can’t concentrate in flats! High heels just gives me that little boost of confidence that every girl needs when conquering the day’s challenges. These will also come in handy for the various Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve events I’ll be going to! There’s nothing more uncomfortable than standing for hours on end in shoes that make your feet feel like they’re bruising. You can find Sole Patches online (link here)!

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christmas gift ideas

It’s the last Monday before Christmas and I’m getting excited! There’s just something beautiful and happy about this season and I wish I could bottle it up and carry it with me throughout the rest of the year! One of my favorite things to do during the week before Christmas is hit the stores to do some last minute shopping. It’s completely chaotic but that’s what makes it so fun.

I’ve done pretty much all of my shopping but one of the hardest things to find are good stocking stuffers! My mom, ahem, Santa I mean, used to give my sister and I cans of silly string and tell us to go at it. Usually, we ended up just going after my dad because it was way more fun! Anyway, I’ve included a few fun stocking stuffers to spark your creativity.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women

Some of my favorite things I’ve gotten in my stocking in Christmases past (besides silly string) are nail polish, fuzzy socks, chocolate Santas, mittens, lip balm, and oddly, a whoopie cushion. Trust me, that provides hours of entertainment and laughs for the whole family! Here are a few other great ideas for a gal pal on your list! Scroll through to find your favorites and be sure to share your stocking stuffer ideas in a comment below!

old navy shift dress

It’s finally Wednesday! This week has just dragged on and on for me and I keep forgetting Thursday and Friday are still ahead of me. I feel like my outfits Monday through Wednesday are on point, but by Thursday I just don’t care anymore because I’m so over the work week. As a Dallas fashion blogger, I’ve had to learn to dress for a warmer climate than I’m accustomed to. It’s been quite the transition, let me tell you! So my outfit of the day is a basic shift dress and quilted vest (and Starbucks, because duh).

outfit of the day

Dallas fashion blogger

One thing I love about Dallas and being a style blogger is that I can transition so easily between styles because the temperature goes up and down! The other day I was bundled up and today, I’m getting away with wearing a dress to the office.

Ok, so a few outfit details! My dress came from Old Navy last year (similar under $30 here). The white quilted vest was stolen from my little sister’s closet. I should be embarrassed by that, but I’m not. My monogrammed hat is from Marley Lilly. My leather boots are from Steve Madden (similar here). Finally, my scarf was an old Abercrombie & Fitch find!

Going to work I felt totally confident in my outfit and am quite please with how my “what I wore Wednesday” look turned out. Leave me a comment with your look of the day details!





Happy Monday gal pals! I hope Your weekend was nice and you got a little Christmas shopping done! I was at home in Maryland for a long weekend with my parents and sister to celebrate Christmas a little early. Flights home this time of year are crazy expensive so I had to go back a little earlier than usual. My family gave me my gifts early (which inspired this post!) and it got me thinking about what the perfect Christmas gift is. Of course, it’s different for everyone but for #basic girls like me, there’s nothing better than a quilted vest! Particularly, if it’s monogrammed! Read on to find out where I got this adorable monogrammed vest.

Quilted vests have been around for ages but they came on the fashion scene not too long ago. I have quite a few hanging in my closet and each one is my favorite! Over the weekend, my parents gave me the coveted J. Crew Herringbone quilted vest as a Christmas gift. I was over the moon! I’ve been eyeing that vest since everyone started wearing it but I could never bring myself to buy it for whatever reason. I had sent a photo of it to my mom last month and she found it half off! We both certainly love a good deal!

Ok, so about the actual vest! I bought it from Marley Lilly earlier in the spring when they were half off and I’ve loved it since it came! How beautiful is the color? The cobalt blue just adds a little something extra to an otherwise ordinary vest. If they go on sale again, I’m definitely buying a few more colors! They’re a great Christmas gift for any girl on your list.


Happy hump day gals! It’s been a crazy few days decorating and getting ready for Christmas. I apologize if I seem absent but this time of the year is chaotic for me and most likely everyone else too! I’m actually getting to go back to my home town in Maryland tomorrow as an early Christmas present to my family. Is there anything better than being in your childhood bedroom again? I don’t think so!

In preparation for going home, I try to get myself looking my best because let’s be honest, you’re not only trying to look decent for your family but also all the other people you’ll end up running into! I bought some stick-on nails for my trip home and am totally loving them. Read on for more details!

I went to Target last weekend (no surprise there!) and was browsing the beauty aisle when I came across these stick on nails. Normally, nails like that just plain suck. However, a coworker told me how cute they were and how much she liked them so I gave them a try! They’re called Impress Nails and they look so good! Everyone has a Christmas or holiday office party to go to in the next few weeks and these are the perfect nails to sport while holding a plate of little munchies.

I’ll confess to you that I bite my nails a lot and they just aren’t presentable for a work function where I need to impress people. Impress Nails covers up my not so nice nails with professionally manicured-looking nails. I bought them for $5.99 and have gotten tons of compliments. During your next Target run, which will probably be tomorrow, pick up a set to try out. Choose one that features an accent nail like the gold glittery one on my ring finger, it adds so much!