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Top: Old Navy | Shorts: Tobi c/o (HERE) | Purse: Kate Spade | Shoes: Old NavyΒ 

In past years, my summer wardrobe has consisted of navy blue, navy blue, and more navy blue. How exciting, right? I’m from Maryland where nautical colors pretty much influence everything from decor to wardrobes. But moving to Dallas forced me out of this preppy comfort zone of mine and made me look at clothing in other colors. Oh the horrors of that! I ended up falling in love with a few new colors and even, dare I say, patterns!

Summer Colors to Love

I spent a good hour trying to put together the right combination of my favorite summer colors. I think David sat around rolling his eyes waiting for me to get ready so he could to make my photos and be done with it. He’s a good man! I finally had the right combo of color and I had to share it with you!

Corals, yellows, royal blue, and white are such a great color palette to work with! They’re bright, happy, and easily worn together. For years my bestie Jessica has been trying to get me to wear something different from my usual J. Crew wardrobe and moving to the southwest inspired me to buy more coral and yellow for my closet!

I’m still not ready to mix patterns yet (I literally can’t even) but I definitely love including a pattern somewhere in an outfit! The detailing on my shorts adds a little extra something to the whole outfit I think! David took me to lunch on Saturday and among the cactus and outdoor seating, I felt like I stood out. What girl doesn’t love that? Shop my look with the links I provided above!

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In high school when all the other girls had pretty, long pin-straight hair, I had bulky, thick wavy hair. No amount of straightening would keep it the way I wanted it. I had the Hollister hoodie, fake Dooney & Bourke, Five Star notebooks, and all I was missing was that gorgeous highlighted, straight hair all the other girls at school had. After years of trying to get my hair to behave the “right” way, I’ve finally embraced the hair I was born with.

Loving My Waves Using Kenra

My mom and I both have wavy hair and frankly, neither of us have ever known what to do with it. Finally, I just started letting my waves do what they wanted and it felt so good! Moving to Texas made me rethink my hair routine though. I used a lot of great coconut oil products but I needed something that kept up with the heat, humidity, and the need to have “big hair” like the other girls in Texas. Enter theΒ Kenra Grip CollectionΒ at Ulta.

Kenra Professional sent me the Air Grip Spray, Whip Grip Mousse, and High Grip Spray to try out! After showering, I let my hair air dry and then scrunch in the lightweight mousse to keep the wave from becoming fluff. When it’s finally almost dry, I spray in either the Air Grip or High Grip Spray to tame the inevitable frizz. The only thing it can’t quite control is the annoying cow-lick (I think that’s what it’s called!) that I was born with. Nothing, not even NASA, can control that little section of hair!

Loving who you are and what God gave you is so hard when you’re a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Everyone seems to have a prettier face, better hair, and thinner body than you. But as I’ve grown up a bit, I’ve realized how blessed I am to be born with my mom’s hair, my dad’s eyes, and my unique personality. Embracing who I am and what I look like is a slow process, but it started with my hair!

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Jumpsuit: Tobi c/0 (HERE) | Necklace: Happiness Boutique c/o (HERE)

So the jumpsuit trend I’ve been seeing all over Pinterest isn’t my favorite trend this summer, but it’s one I’ve jumped on board with anyway. I’m not usually someone who likes trends to begin with- classics are my go-to. But I found this super comfy gray jumpsuit from Tobi.com and figured I’d give it a go!

Tips for Wearing a Jumpsuit

Wearing a jumpsuit isn’t easily done and I found that out first hand. Jumpsuits can look funny on different body types and unfortunately highlight areas people might not want to draw attention to! Here are a few tips on how to wear a jumpsuit this summer!

  • Pay attention to the cut and style- some jumpsuits are high-waisted while others hit at the hip!
  • Don’t try to overpower the jumpsuit with big accessories, simple necklaces like the one above work nicely too.
  • Find one made from breathable fabric! In the Texas heat, you can’t afford to be wearing anything besides flowy fabrics and cotton.
  • For casual jumpsuits like the one I’m wearing, wear chic tennis shoes like Keds (perfect for errand running and Sunday brunch!)
  • Get the size you need, not the size you want! For some jumpsuits I have to size up to get the right fit!

I linked all my outfit details above! Jumpsuits and rompers are so cute for summer so definitely give them a try! Also, another trend I’ve seen for the summer is simple jewelry that makes a statement. My gold necklace above is from the Happiness Boutique and they have some really great pieces like this one! Don’t be afraid to try out this trend, if can rock it, then so can you!

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Hey loves! Happy first day of June! Who knew summer would be here so fast? Today, I wanted to chat with you about the not-so-fun aspect of blogging- web design! Seriously, who really gets excited about coding? Not me! But it has to be done, right? If you can’t code a fashion blog, then you need to find someone who can. So I’m sharing my best tips and experiences with finding the right person to do the job!

Ask Specific Questions

For the love of Pete (whoever he is) be specific when you’re talking to a potential web designer. Don’t just ask “can you code” because of course they can, that’s their job. Be specific and ask if they’d be able to code certain elements of a fashion blog. Also ask, if they’re starting from scratch on your website or if they have a template they already use.

From personal experience, I know how important that last question is to ask. When I first started blogging and wanted a custom theme, I paid a web designer about $400 to build the theme I currently have. Little did I know she was using a template she’d used for other sites and just added a few things here and there. Had I known that’s all the individual was doing, I would have just bought a basic theme for about $60 and saved myself loads of money. LESSON LEARNED! Ugh, still kicking myself for that one.

Choose Someone With Style Blog Design Experience

Coding is important but so is the UI/UX design (user interface, user experience). A properly coded site is incredibly important to the back end function of your blog, however you also need your style blog to look nice! Hiring a web designer that has experience designing blogs for style bloggers will be so important to the outcome of your website!

Check Out Etsy for Web Designers

Etsy is more than just wood working and handcrafted goods! I’ve found so many talented web designers on there. I actually got my new blog header (I LOVE it so much) from a graphic artist through Etsy! She was easy to work with and super affordable (here’s her Etsy shop link.) Supporting small businesses is super important to me so this is another great way I can do that!

Weekly Blogging Tips

Every week I’m going to try and share some blogging tips with you all so please leave comments with questions or topics you’d like me to address!

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Hey friends! Today I’m sharing with you a post all about Father’s Day (and great gift ideas!) Father’s Day always creeps up on me and I end up looking unprepared for my dad’s big holiday! This year, I teamed up with HARRY’S to share a sweet story about my dad as well as share nice, affordable Father’s Day gifts with you!

Growing Up With My Dad

My dad has always been the hard working, loving parent that every kid wants. Since I was little, he’s been getting up at 5am to go to work no matter how cold it is. He’s always been there for all of my accomplishments and cheered me on. He served our country for 20 years in the Navy. And he laughs at almost all of my dumb jokes. But I never realized how proud of me he was until the day I graduated college. In a crowd of several thousand people, I could pick out my dad’s face from the stage because he was just over the moon that day. For this Father’s Day, I’m letting my dad know how proud I am to be his daughter and how thankful I am to have him as my dad!

The Luxe Winston Shaving Set

Harry’s sent my dad a beautiful engraved Winston Shaving SetΒ as a Father’s Day gift. I gave it to my dad just a little early (he was visiting me in Dallas last week) and he absolutely loved it! My dad isn’t the type to spend crazy money on “extra” things. Up until I gave him this shaving kit, he literally used disposable razors because he didn’t need anything nicer. It’s safe to say that he’s upgraded with Harry’s! After using it once he said it was the best shave he’s ever had!

The Winston Set comes with the razor handle, 3 blades, carrying case, razor cover, and foaming shave gel all for $25! It really makes a great gift without having to spend a fortune! I come from a very budget-conscious family, so this was right in my favorite price range!

Please share sweet stories about you and your dad or dad-figure! I love hearing from you!

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Let me be honest here and say that I’ve never considered myself a “successful woman.” It was until recently that I thought to myself “hey, I guess I’m doing pretty good for someone my age.” I have a job, cat, nice apartment (see my apartment here!), sweet boyfriend, and an awesome blog if I do say so myself! But I spend a lot of time studying the habits of successful men and women and I’ve come up with a few takeaways from articles, books, and documentaries that I wanted to share with you!

1. Successful Women Never Stop Learning

College is wayyy over for me but it doesn’t mean I can’t learn anything new. Successful women read, take classes, go to seminars and conferences, and watch documentaries. They always seek out opportunities to learn from other people.

2. Successful Women Take Care of Themselves

I know what you’re thinking- work out, eat right blah blah blah. And that’s true. Successful people do something active everyday and eat healthy meals and snacks. I learned from a nutritionist that the more colorful your food is on the outside, the cleaner you are on the inside. Note: colorful food doesn’t include bright orange Cheetohs (though I wish it did) it means beautiful veggies and fruits.

3. Successful Women Have Schedules

I am the child of Chief Petty Officer in the Navy. Believe me, I know all about regimented schedules and doing things at certain times. Frankly, I thrive on that lifestyle! I have my own little routine but if I had my druthers, I would have an hour by hour schedule for myself. At the very least I keep a planner, which successful women should!

4. Successful Women Use Good Manners

Good manners are for everyone but unfortunately, not everyone seems to demonstrate them. However, for women (and men) in the business world, having good social graces is important. Not only is it important for you to demonstrate proper etiquette in your own career, but if you’re attending a work function of your boyfriend or husband’s, it’s vital that you perform well there too (and the same goes for him). It’s important that both of you help each other in your careers!

5. Successful Women Use the Servant-Leadership Style

This style of leadership throws many people off. How can a leader also be a servant? Take a look at a prime example in history. Jesus Christ is one of the most famous leaders in history. He’s still remembered for His leadership style of putting others ahead of himself. He was a servant leader. Whether you’re the CEO or not, you have a duty to put those underneath of you in front of your own needs. Right after you close a major business deal, you must realize that you are not above sweeping a hallway or taking out the trash. That’s servant leadership.

Leave me a comment with your tips for becoming a successful woman!

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