sales for this weekendHappy Saturday! I’ve been super busy with work lately (read this post to understand why) but I wanted to take some time and round up a few sales happening this weekend! I love a great sale because I’m a total bargain hunter. Full price is the F-word for me! Everyday I read through my emails to see which of my favorite stores is having a discount or promotion and then I either talk myself out of buying whatever is that’s on sale or I just blow all of my money. It’s always a toss up.

A few of my favorite sales happening right now are the Bath & Body Works annual candle sale. I literally can’t wait to walk in the store and push and shove my way to Christmasy candles! Peppermint mocha latte in hand of course!

Another sale I’m super excited about is from my friend’s online boutique Anderson Road Co. They’ve marked down a lot of their items and are offering 50% off everything on top of that using code HOLIDAY50. It’s seriously such an amazing sale! I just bought two of these pineapple cocktail shakers to give as gifts and I got them for $15 each regularly $80!

Pass this along to your friends so they can enjoy the deals as well! Happy shopping!

Hey lovelies! I hope you guys found some amazing Cyber Monday sales! My finds were pretty good- a Simply Southern tee and crockpot! Exciting, right? I’m trying to cook more and a crockpot seems like a good way to go. Throw something in there and voila, it’s a meal- I think.

The last week or so I’ve been a bit off the grid due to thanksgiving and all. Everyone else was posting all the good deals and I regret not doing so but family time is rare for me and I had to take advantage of it!

Vacation Photos

David and I went back to my parent’s house for Thanksgiving and we had such a great time. The leaves were still changing and the air was so crisp! I just stood in their front yard enjoying the view. There’s nothing better than marveling at God’s creation.
I was so prepared for a fall photoshoot with my sister! We took pictures together and I wore a cozy vest and blanket scarf that blended so well with the background. These are the things bloggers live for!

On Sunday, we drove north to Gettysburg, PA to see my best friend Jessica and tour the battlefield. Pennsylvania is one of those places that just has endless beauty. I fall in love every time I’m there. We drive around the battlefield and then climbed some rocks that were really neat. The rocks we were climbing around were strategic places during the Civil War. Unfortunately, it was such a bloody battle that the ground was literally littered with the dead. Now, you can still find bullets in the dirt and climb the same rocks people hid behind for protection. While it’s a neat experience, knowing the history of this incredible place makes it rather sobering. If we had stayed longer we would have done a ghost tour, the park rangers said it’s quite interesting at night!

What I Wore

Is it bad that whenever I travel somewhere I choose my outfit entirely based on how itll look in photos for you guys? So I bought my oversized, cozy sweater for $15! My scarf was actually from the Target Dollar Spot and my hat was from Marley Lilly. Obviously my vest is a classic J Crew find (FYI: they put their vests on sale frequently in their outlet stores!)
I hope your Thanksgiving was lovely! I’ll be sharing a fun gift guide later this week so be on the look out!

dallas arts district

Happy Monday everyone! Only a few more days until we can gorge on yummy things and start *officially* playing Christmas music (not that I haven’t already enjoyed a carol or two.) It’s so hard to watch what you eat and stay in shape during the holidays just because of all the delicious food sitting around! Its like we’re more tempted to eat bad things because its the holidays and everyone else is. I mean, I’m definitely not turning down a sugar cookie!

I’ve noticed that I’m so much more likely to workout and hit the gym when I have a really cute workout outfit to do it in, so I’m sharing my little black gym style with you today! I met the ladies from Studio to Street Boutique at Style Con a few months back and I loved their clothing! They sent me a few styles to wear for you guys and I think you’ll love them as much as I do!

Look good, feel good

I totally believe that when you look good, you’ll feel good. Especially at the gym. For me, I feel like I look my best when I’m wearing an edgy jacket (like the bomber jacket I’m wearing) and some stretchy leggings. Honestly, I just like athleisure wear! I can’t roll up to the gym in a baggy tee and ratty shorts. No way, I’m just not motivated in that.

Have you ever walked into a gym and seen a bunch of girls wearing super cute gym clothes? Then you just look down at your outfit and get grumpy because you don’t look half as cute? Yep, I do it all the time! This outfit is is really chic for the gym and gives me that confidence boost I need to actually get in there and lift some weights.

So my little black workout outfit is all from Studio to Street Boutique. I linked my jacket above but I’ll also link my leggings and tank top here & here! Check out their athletic wear, it’s all so cute!

*this post was sponsored. all opinions are my own.


stretching in athleisure wearathleisure in downtown Dallasmoto leggings Dallas

Hello everyone! I’m nervous and excited to share something with you that’s a bit more personal and will hopefully strike a chord somewhere inside of you! Writing a blog post that goes beyond a cute outfit or reviewing a beauty product isn’t always easy, especially when it has to do with something like body image.

Talking About Body Image

A few years ago, I heard a slogan/hashtag going around that encouraged a healthy lifestyle as opposed to a “get skinny” lifestyle. The slogan was “Strong is the new skinny.” I thought this was pretty clever and a great way to live life. For awhile, this was my mantra. I was going to be strong, not skinny. I went to the gym, counted my calories, joined Facebook fitness groups, and tracked my progress. The only problem was, I still wasn’t happy with being “strong”. What I wanted was to be skinny. And it just wasn’t happening.

Secrets My Heart Hid

As much as “strong is the new skinny” encouraged me to keep going, every time I was at the gym and saw myself in one of those awful, big mirrors on the wall, I felt my heart sink a little. I wasn’t getting skinny. Strong yes, but not skinny.

Whenever I’d go out, I’d see tiny, thin girls and think “wow, they don’t know how lucky they are! My body won’t ever be like that.” And it won’t. That’s just not how I was built. Sometimes I’d blame God and think things like “thanks for all the genetics I didn’t want!” Honestly, I still do think that from time to time and that likely won’t every change. All I wanted (and still do) is to be “skinny.”

My Own Worst Critic

Everyone, no matter who they are, is their own worst critic. We want what we don’t have and focus in on the imperfections that won’t go away. As I sit here writing this, I can’t help but notice the roll of fat coming over the waist of my jeans. You probably wouldn’t notice it, but then again you aren’t looking for it- I am. The jiggle in my thighs? You better believe I notice that! The hereditary double chin? My worst enemy in photos.

I’ve always envied the women that had a natural thigh gap. I can’t even begin to figure out how to get one of those! I used to do weighted squats to try and create that thigh gap and instead it just made my thighs more muscular in the most unattractive way. So yes, I’m my own worst critic.

It’s Ok Not to Love it All

As wonderful as “strong is the new skinny” is for encouraging women to be healthy instead of always trying to be skinny, it just doesn’t do it for me. There are just things about my body I’m never going to love no matter how much I try to convince myself. And that’s ok.

This slogan and many others aimed at empowering women to love their bodies are great, but sometimes I feel like I can’t be honest with myself or others about how I really feel. It’s almost as if its taboo within self-love movements to admit that there are things I’d change in a heartbeat.

I’m thankful that my heart beats, my legs walk, and that my mouth can smile. Those are things I’d never change! But would I shave a little belly fat off if I could? You bet I would, and to me, there’s no shame in admitting that. I’m being honest with myself.

So strong doesn’t always feel like the new skinny. Sometimes, I just really do want to be thin. But strong is what I can become and it’s much healthier than starving myself to be skinny.

What I’m Wearing

I want to give a shoutout to the special boutique that gave me the really cute athleisure outfit I’m wearing in this post! Studio to Street Boutique is locally owned in Texas and run by the sweetest ladies! They aim to give women an affordable version of luxury athleisure style to wear from the gym to the street. I’m linking everything I’m wearing below!

Please check out their online store as well as their Barre studio!

*Clothing was gifted and all opinions are my own.


christmas gift guide from etsy

Oh my goodness guys, it’s almost Thanksgiving! For the shopaholic, that means Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and of course Small Business Saturday. I went through some of my favorite Etsy stores and picked out a bunch of super cute gifts all under $25 that are perfect to give to your besties!

Small Business Saturday is the perfect way to support these Etsy shop owners! I have a personal connection to small businesses through my family. My uncle owns a few businesses, my great grandad owned a service station in Missouri way back when, and then my future sisters-in-law are both starting their own businesses as well. The risks people like them have taken are so scary but also rewarding! That’s why supporting small businesses is so important to me!

Etsy Gift Guide

Alright so here’s where you can find everything in the picture above! Like I said, everything is under $25 and every store is right here in the good ol’ USA. Be sure to check out other items from their stores too!

  • Balsam & Cedar Soy Candle- Here 
  • Coffee Stud Earrings- Here
  • Bath Salts- Here
  • iPhone Case- Here 
  • Fashion Illustration- Here
  • Make up Brushes- Here
  • Tassel Earrings- Here
  • Snow Flake Pillow- Here
  • Stars Hollow Mug- Here
  • Monogrammed Snowman Ornament- Here

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Hey everyone! Normally, I’d share a great sale find or new outfit I bought but I felt a little humor would be nice for a change. I’ve been thinking about writing this post for awhile but hadn’t gotten around to it until right about now. I’m a young professional trying to make my way through the business world without having a real clue as to what I’m doing. However, since I haven’t been in the workforce for very long and I’m not entirely accustomed to how companies are run, I can offer a different perspective on many things. Namely, corporate buzzwords.

Every Monday I create a mental list that I slowly fill in over the course of the week with every darn buzzword I hear. It’s like a game of bingo in my head. While buzzwords have become a regular part of emails and communication, they’re for the most part, useless filler words.

Why do I state this opinion so decidedly? Because I listen to people throw them around all day on conference calls, through emails, and just in regular conversation. Even more annoying, those that use them often are particularly favored by company leadership. In my experience, you may know nothing about anything but if you can use buzzwords, you’re golden.

Most Annoying Buzzwords

I won’t even attempt to rank them because everyone has one or two that drives them crazy, so I’ll let you decide which is the worst.

  • “Feedback” – Nice term meaning you’ll have more work to do after you’ve already finished something (also my least favorite buzzword).
  • “Circle Back Around” – Is this Ring-Around-the-Rosy? I don’t think so, we aren’t circling back to anything.
  • “Dive Deeper” – Does anyone at this conference table have diving equipment? Nope. Therefore, I’m not diving deeper.
  • “Best Practices” – Just shut up.
  • “Corporate Values” – No matter how much bull crap a company puts into their mission or value statement the only thing anyone really values is making a profit.
  • “Let’s Touch Base” – Let’s not and say we did.
  • “It’s On My Radar” – Really? I don’t see an antennae attached to your head.
  • “Thought Leadership” – You want me to lead with my thoughts? That’s interesting seeing as how you usually shoot my ideas down.
  • “Key Takeaway” – All I can picture is a key being taken away.
  • “Deliverable” – Ooh look! More work!
  • “Spearhead” – I guess it’s better than saying “Can you tackle this?” but not by much.
  • “Going Forward” – Just no.
  • “Get the Ball Rolling” – I hope you mean kickball, otherwise Imma let that ball sit there.
  • “Hop on a Call” – Are you really going to hop? Or just dial a number?

There are obviously a hundred more I could list but these ones really get under my skin. Please share your least favorite below!

dallas fashion blogger