mexican independance day outfitHola ladies! Here in Texas people are gearing up for Cinco de Mayo fiestas! Since Texas has such a large Hispanic population, our Mexican food and margaritas are delicious. Then again, I’m from Maryland so I really don’t know what good Mexican food tastes like, but I certainly love what they’re serving up here in Dallas! 

David and I will probably go out with friends to a fun fiesta downtown and I plan on looking as festive as possible (I’ll totally be that old lady with seasonal sweater vests someday.) A few of my favorite styles right now are tassels, pom noms, and off the shoulder dresses– perfect for a fiesta! I’ll be getting my party pants on and wearing tons of tassels for this colorful and exciting holiday!

I’ve linked everything featured above (plus a few colorful surprises!) in the widget below! Look for sales on a few of these items because I noticed quite a few discounts featured! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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Oh happy days, another week is beginning! Not going to lie, I had a serious case of the Sunday scaries last night. There wasn’t one atom in my body that was excited to go to work. Honestly, I think most of us dread it not because of the work itself, but the lack of energy we have to start our week off. I sit at my desk for about an hour every morning trying to get the momentum to actually do something. Part of my energy problem is not eating the right food! Believe it or not, Captain Crunch isn’t packed with nutrients! So today, I’ve partnered with Power Up Snacks to share 4 different foods that pack a nutrient-filled energy punch!

Flax Seed Health Benefits

So… I jumped on the Flax Seed bandwagon but for a really good reason! Flax Seed is full of fiber and protein, two things I need more of in my diet. You can add it to yogurt, smoothies, soups, and even salads! Gourmet Nut’s Flax Seed is quite tasty and a yummy addition to my yogurt in the morning!

Healthy Trail Mix

Ahhh trail mix, the tasty sugary snack meant to be “healthy.” As a kid, my little trail mix creations certainly contained a lot of chocolate and no nutrition. My new go-to trail mix to munch on in the afternoon is Power Up Mega Omega! This healthy trail mix has walnuts and almonds packed with Omega-3’s, and dried mangoes and cranberries for antioxidants. Protein-packed pumpkin seeds are thrown in for a little extra something!

Edamame for Fiber and Protein

Edamame is one of my favorite things to snack on during the day! This dry-roasted edamame provides loads of protein and fiber to get you through your day. Seriously, this stuff is yummy and good for you! That’s a win for me!

Mineral-Rich Himalayan Pink Salt

Another bandwagon I’m jumping on is using Himalayan pink salt as a seasoning for my food. Regular table salt doesn’t provide many necessary minerals beyond iodine. Himalayan salt however, provides upwards of 84 natural minerals that our bodies need. Pink salt, I learned, can help regulate thyroid, balance your metabolism, and keep you hydrated among other things.

Getting to work and being excited to start the day will never happen for me, but having the energy to at least get moving and stay moving throughout the day is really nice. Give some of these yummy foods a try and let me know how you feel!

*all products are c/o. all opinions are my own

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How’s it goin’ gal pals?! Today I’m sharing with you my new obsession with La Bella Donna makeup and chemical-free makeup! I’ve never been the kind of girl to really care what’s in my food or what’s in my makeup, but after feeling the difference between makeup full of chemicals and makeup without it, you could say I’ve been converted!

Why You Should Use Mineral Makeup

I’m a girl that’s always after a bargain and unfortunately makeup bargains used to be my go-to. As I’ve gotten, ahem, older I’ve realized how important it is to really take care of my skin so it looks nice when I’m joining the AARP someday. Mineral makeup is the easiest way to do this. A few of the benefits are:

  • A lightweight feel, as if you aren’t wearing makeup at all
  • Natural protection from harmful UV rays
  • Moisture balance for your skin
  • Color that lasts instead of fading away
  • Natural-looking coverage that allows your skin to breathe instead of clogging up your pores

The lovely team at La Bella Donna sent me a few of their mineral makeup products to try and like I said earlier, I’m hooked! I tried the Moonlight Highlighting Crème Colour on my cheeks, the Liquid Liner, and the amazing LBD Sun with SPF 50! I’m wearing all 3 in the photo above! I rarely love any sort of foundation or powder for my face but I was really surprised at how beautiful my skin looked with it on. It felt completely natural and didn’t leave that icky residue on my phone after I called my mom (because that’s what good daughters do everyday!)

Eyeliner is also tricky for me as I suck at putting it on and it usually slides of my face in an hour anyway. I was pleasantly surprised that the La Bella Donna eyeliner pen stayed on all day even in this hot Texas sun! The highlighting cream was also a fun treat to try! I put it on my cheeks and just overtop of my cheek bones for a little highlight.

The best part is that La Bella Donna has been kind enough to offer my readers 20% off their purchase with code “SPRING20”! As I mentioned earlier, I love a deal and 20% off on high-quality makeup is one I can’t pass up. Cheers!

*this post was sponsored by La Bella Donna. All opinions are my own.

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Outfit Details: Top (here) | Earrings (here) | Watch (Jord Wood Watches) | Purse (Kate Spade, old) | Sunnies: YHF Los Angeles (here) | Wedges (here)

Hey ya’ll! I’m so excited to share this post with you because I’m absolutely in love with the RewardStyle mural I’m standing in front of! RewardStyle put up this adorable mural last week right next to Dallas’ Standard Pour bar and grill. I literally drug my boyfriend down there to get pictures in front of it. Pretty much every Dallas style blogger had already done a little fashion shoot in front of it so I had to join the club.

If you saw my last post about the Rachel Zoe Box of Style event, then you’ll be excited to know that these adorable pink sunnies were inside my swag bag! Seriously, I’ll be wearing these all summer! I never spend money on sunglasses because I tend to sit on them (oops!) but these are definitely worth the few extra bucks they cost. I linked them above for you!

Also lets talk about, my shorts and wedges combo. I’ve seen this all over Instagram and fashion blogs here lately and I figured I’d give it a shot! I bought some wedges the other day and large bandaids because we all know how painful it is to break in shoes. I squeezed into my old ripped up Abercrombie & Fitch shorts and voila! I rocked this outfit, in my humble opinion. Gotta say, wearing heels really gives me a little confidence boost!

If you’re in Dallas, you need to go check out this gorgeous mural! Also leave me a comment with your favorite way to combat shoe blisters!

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Happy Friyay! I’m so glad this week is over. As per usual, I’m tired and ready for some rest and relaxation. Last night, I had an amazing time at the Rachel Zoe “Box of Style” event in Dallas and I wanted to share some photos and a few fun things from the event! The best part about being a blogger is getting invited to events like these. Seriously, it’s one of the biggest perks!

The Box of Style event was part of Dallas Startup Week, a conference full of amazing panels of speakers and great informational sessions. My friend Laila and I only attended this event but it was as fabulous as we thought it would be. There was even an adorable little photo booth area with fun props to take photos with, of which we took many!

A party is only as good as what it serves! They had a rooftop patio with a little mini bar full of cute craft cocktails and cake pops for everyone to munch on and sip while they mingled or waited to get their hair and makeup done. Blushington provided complimentary mini makeovers for everyone and several hair stylists were doing hair (my hair is by Larry Trae ‘Von, see his Instagram here!) These people seriously know how to make a girl feel beautiful!

Bloggers, fashion designers, and other pretty people chatted and enjoyed the cocktails together while several photographers were buzzing around snapping photos. I met up with a few blogger friends and we compared notes on our fantastic swag bags gifted to us from Box of Style. Even at 24 years old there’s nothing I love more than a goody bag and these ones did not disappoint! Check my Instastory to see what was inside! Btw, these shoes are my new favorites and there’s free shipping on them link here!

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If you read my last blog post (link here!) then you’d know I got to spend the weekend on a beautiful ranch in East Texas for my birthday!! My super thoughtful boyfriend David rented a guest house on the 4D Guest Ranch with his sisters and a few friends for the weekend and we all got to stay and relax in Texas Hill Country!

Texas Hill Country Ranch

To say that we enjoyed our time is an understatement. We got to the guest house and it was a horse barn converted into a luxury getaway place. The main area had pretty chandeliers, cozy couches, and soft blankets to snuggle under as well as a huge projection screen to watch TV on. Our bedrooms were old horse stalls with the original sliding doors attached for privacy! Seriously, it was the neatest thing I’ve ever seen! Texas ranch style decor took on a whole new meaning for me.

We wandered around the ranch a bit admiring the rolling green hills and abundance of animals when we came across some cattle grazing in one of the fields. The neat part about the 4D Ranch is that the animals all roam free on the 900 acre property. Several horses and donkeys wandered right up to us and wanted a pet, which we gladly gave!

The rest of our time their was spent eating, sitting by a campfire, and just enjoying each other’s company. Usually I’m the kind of gal that has to be moving around, constantly doing things. This was the first time in years that I felt relaxed! It was the perfect spot to unwind and spend time with family. Be sure to check out the 4D Guest Ranch on Facebook to see more beautiful pictures!

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