Hey everyone! Some of you may or may not know, but David and I have been in the process of moving to a new place! It’s still in Dallas, just a little bit outside of the city near White Rock Lake.  Our apartment was just getting too small for us but we still aren’t ready to buy a home, so we found a cute duplex to rent for another year or so!

It’s an older home built in the 1960s and I can’t get over how well its been cared for and all the retro vibes! I’ll be showing you photos of the whole house later, however take a look at my new bathroom! My ten year old self is over the moon with this very pink bathroom but my adult self is a little shocked by it. When we signed the lease I kept thinking “how am I going to make this color work?” Then my coworker suggested I embrace the very pink tile and go for a vintage Miami look! And that’s what I’m doing!

If you scroll through the widget above, you’ll kind of get a feel for the look I’m going for. I already bought the adorable Lauren Conrad “Wing It” bath rug because I couldn’t resist! The banana leaf shower curtain is going to be hard to find for under $100. Who knew shower curtains could get so pricey!? I’m also searching high and low for some cute, cheap artwork of Miami. I’d love to find some old New Yorker magazine or Vogue covers to frame for the wall.

I’m really excited to start redesigning this space! At first, I was so overwhelmed by it but now I’m absolutely in love with it! Comment with any design ideas you have, I’d love to hear them!

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I was chatting with someone the other day about furniture shopping and home design. We both have expensive taste and certainly enjoy the finer things in life. She was about my age and income level so I figured we both got our inspiration at Restoration Hardware but shopped at Target for home decor. She pulled up this gorgeous set of nightstands she wanted to buy for her bedroom – the price tag was around $500 for each. I assumed she was just doing a little dreaming, but she had plans to purchase soon. This got me thinking, am I the odd one out when it comes to how I spend my money?

Talking About Spending Habits

Everyone is entitled to spend their money how they see fit. And admittedly, sometimes I wish I could just drop some cash and buy the things I really want! But I just can’t, my common sense won’t let me. I think our spending habits and financial management comes from our life lessons and what our parents taught us. My parents hate credit cards and try to pay them off as soon as they can. I have an equal aversion to them. So let’s approach financial responsibility from a fresh perspective!

Don’t Buy a New Car

It always makes me scratch my head when people by brand new cars. While some cars retain their value fairly well, most do not. If you can afford to make it rain money, then enjoy! However, when you’re saddled with student loan debt and other expenses, it just makes more sense to find a used car in good condition that’s affordable. I for one, do not like having a car payment!

My future sister-in-law was getting rid of her old SUV and she sold it to me for $500. Why was it so cheap? It needed a new engine. So all in, I paid a little over $4000 with repairs and engine work. Is it my dream car? NO. But, I’m saving for that!

Live on 2/3

Many people live paycheck to paycheck. Sometimes this is unpreventable. However, for many people including myself, living paycheck to paycheck is by poor money management. When we’re spending every dollar that comes in, of course our paychecks are going to seem small and money will seem tight! Many financial experts advise that we should live on 2/3 of our income and save the rest. Which brings me to my next point.

Pad Your Savings Account

When our paychecks drop, 1/3 of that money automatically goes into our savings account. We don’t even miss it because it wasn’t in our checkings to begin with. Whether its $100 or $1000 that goes into your savings account every month, it all adds up! Having a healthy savings account has been important to David and I for awhile. We both grew up in homes where it would be hard to pay for an emergency car repair. We are bound and determined not to have that problem!

Meal Prep

If you go out everyday to grab lunch, then you’re doing it wrong! I love a yummy lunch out to break up the monotony of my work day, however the cost and calories keep me from doing so. Instead, I use my trusted Crockpot to meal prep for the entire week! This saves me at least $50 every week, so roughly $200 a month.

My favorite thing to throw in the Crockpot is a mix of corn, black beans, rice, lentils, chicken broth, a few spices, and chicken. You can make a ton of it and then freeze for later!

If this was helpful for you, please share with friends! If you have additional advice, I’d love to hear it!

san antonio bar

Happy April everyone! I’m so glad the warm weather is here to stay. I already packed up all my winter clothes into storage so if there’s a cold snap, I’m screwed. Every year I try to go through my closet and donate whatever I definitely don’t wear and then put together new outfits with old and new clothes I have. However, I also love adding a few new staple items into my wardrobe every once in awhile! My most recent find has me wearing it all.the.time. – a navy blue, eyelet lace romper!

I really love rompers because its an outfit all on its own- can’t get easier than that! I found this romper by BB Dakota at Saint Bernard, which is an amazing store with tons of sales, for $16! I did a little happy dance in the dressing room when I tried it on. Such a good find and I’ll wear it again and again!

Outfit details: Sandals are from Jack Rogers (on sale!!) Earrings are from a local boutique in Dallas called McCauley & Luck. Clutch is from Marley Lilly!

Where I Wore It

David and I went down to San Antonio to meet our niece for the first time and to attend the big opening of his sister’s bar! My romper was a hit in case you were wondering. We had such a great time down there and our niece is a darling little baby that I totally fell in love with (baby fever anyone?!) Also, if you’re looking for a fun place in downtown San Antonio, Jokesters22 Pub n Grub is the place to be! David’s older sister always wanted to own her own bar and after years of saving and planning, she finally opened one! Talk about a girl boss!

We spent almost all day there with friends and family celebrating her and enjoying everything! The sun was shining and it was just perfect! There’s really nothing more rewarding in life than spending it laughing with the people you love.

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Hey everyone! I hope your week is going well and you’re feeling fresh! One of my New Year’s Resolutions (yes, I’m still trying to keep up with those) was to take better care of myself. That includes a healthier diet, drinking water, staying active, and coming up with a skincare routine. VIIcode reached out to me and asked me to test out their T2 Oxygen Eye Cream as part of my skincare routine!

My Skincare Routine (it’s not complicated!)

I tend to take the most time on my face at night. Mornings are just not my thing! That’s why I liked this eye cream, you use it at night before bed to prevent wrinkles and brighten up your eyes! My routine looks a little like this:

  • Rinse face with warm water
  • Add gentle cleanser to remove makeup from the day
  • Remove makeup with makeup remover on a cotton ball (it’s easier and won’t stretch your eyelids!)
  • Pat face dry and dab on T2 Oxygen Eye Cream under each eye (a little goes a long way!)
  • Finish by sipping a cup of tea to rehydrate my skin and relax my mind!

Basic skincare like this works for me because I hate anything complicated that takes a lot of time. I’m busy and while I want my skin to look great, it won’t make or break me. VIIcode’s eye cream is easy to apply and even put in your makeup bag when you hit the road!

What Does the Eye Cream Do?

Every time I think of eye creams, I think of something my mom uses to keep the wrinkles away. Luckily, the Oxygen Eye Cream does that and a few other things. Preventing wrinkles starts way before they’re even on your radar! I’m almost 25 and using the eye cream helps my eyes look brighter and also helps rehydrate the skin cells under my eyes.

If you’re concerned wrinkles might be a big problem later on down the road, then invest in something that can help prevent them now. I still have that youthful skin everyone talks about, but let’s be real- life wears you down even in your twenties! Anything I can do to make sure I have nice skin and less wrinkles when I hit 50 is worth doing!

Be sure to check out VIIcode’s other beauty products (apparently their eye mask is amazing!) Enjoy your day!

*Note: this post is sponsored but all opinions are my own.

recovering from depression

Hey everyone! In an effort to be the most transparent life and style blogger I can be, I always like to share the good and the bad parts of my life with you. Everyone sees highlight reels for the most part and while those are nice, they aren’t realistic. As much as I enjoy Instagramming my shopping finds or the brunch I’ve had, it just doesn’t show the real me. So this post is real and raw because I’m talking about my recovery from depression!

When I say “recovery” what I mean is how I’m learning to cope and slowly navigate the waters that are depression. I refuse to fall into the rabbit hole that is depression, I’m pulling myself (and hopefully others) out! As many of you are probably aware, I quit my job last month because I was quite simply miserable. The constant fog of depression and trembling fits of stress weren’t worth any amount of money. Since quitting, I started a new job and have since been lifted out of that fog. However, the recovery is still going strong and here’s what I’ve learned.

Depression Never Fully Leaves You

It never does, at least in my case. Most of my days are full of sunshine, smiles, coffee, and lovely people. Unfortunately, when I least expect it, I feel this darkness creeping through my body and straight into my mind. It’s heavy and difficult to lift. Depression and all of it’s fun symptoms come out of know where! I can’t anticipate it and I can’t run from it, my mind and hormones just let it do it’s thing.

For example, I was in the car with David the other day just enjoying our Saturday afternoon and then very slowly I felt something in my mind shifting. My face turned downcast, I stopped talking, and grew increasingly tired. I knew what it was of course and it took me several hours to get past it.

That’s the biggest thing I’ve learned while recovering from depression, or maybe I should say coping with depression. It never fully leaves you. Some days I feel like I’m past this awful disease and then I’m reminded that its still there even if I can’t feel it.

Where to Go From Here

Whenever I have a little episode of depression, I ask myself where can I go from here? Is there something I can do to get out of the fog quicker? Is there something that triggers the sadness? Can I detect the next episode? I think identifying the factors that play into a bout of depression can make it easier to move on the next time one occurs.

If you suffer from depression or even anxiety, write down how you feel before, during, and after your episode of depression. Write down any details that might be important in what you’re experiencing. Take what you’ve written to a counselor who can help! Mine is amazing and makes me feel normal and more importantly, hopeful!

easter dresses under $50 

Happy spring everyone! Apparently half of the east coast is covered in snow at the moment thanks to a freak spring snow storm but the sun is shining here in Texas! I saw a quote on Facebook from I’m not sure who saying “In the midst of winter, I found within me, an invincible summer.” I thought that spoke wonders about the human spirit and what warm weather and sunshine means to us- happiness and life!

Since Easter isn’t far away, about two weeks in case you needed to panic, I figured I’d share a few cute Easter dresses! When I was little, a new dress to wear to church Easter morning was always a treat! I feel like we need to bring that tradition back as adults too. Since splurging on anything is hard for me to do, I rounded up a few options under $50 to swoon over! Every dress I think can be worn again and again through the spring and summer months, so treat yourself! My personal favorite is that pink, scalloped shift dress! Such a classic!

Be sure to throw on some pearls, a big hat, and carry a small wicker purse like this one (also under $50!) to really make your outfit stand out!

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