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Hey girls! Is this week dragging or is it just me? Weekends go by so quickly and then the weekdays just take forever. Since I’m new to Dallas, my boyfriend and I spend every Saturday and Sunday exploring a new part of Dallas. I never realized how big this city was until my Apple maps completely malfunctioned and ended up trying to direct me down a one way!

We spent Sunday at the local farmer’s market and I was thrilled to find so many little restaurants there. David took me to a macaron bakery and let me pick out a few flavors to try! Who knew how expensive those delicate little treats were? 6 macarons cost $12, but my goodness it was worth it!

The bakery is called Chelles Macarons and they have the cutest little shop at the farmer’s market. Even better, they deliver via Grub Hub and Amazon Prime! How cool is that? After browsing the display case for a few minutes, we decided to try Fruity Pebbles, Vanilla Bean, Coffee, Candied Watermelon, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Lemon Berry! My mouth was watering by the time we got home to eat them!

I’ve tried many macarons in my lifetime, and these were some of the best I’ve had! I plan on having some delivered in the next few weeks just because they’re so yummy, and let’s face it, they make for great Instagram posts. If you’re in Dallas, go try some for yourself!



Happy Monday beautiful girls! I hope your weekend was lots of fun and filled with great Instagram-worthy pictures. How basic am I? Given that I ate macarons, went to brunch, and then took a stroll through Whole Foods over the weekend, I’d say I’m pretty basic! At least I’ll admit to it right?

Since it’s almost back to school season and so many lovely ladies are headed to college this fall, I wanted to focus a blog post on dorm room style. Thanks to Pinterest, the dorm rooms our parents might have had are being made so much more stylish with fun, inexpensive decor. When I was shopping for my first year of college, I headed straight to Target and took advantage of their college geared collection called Room Essentials. My dorm room was so cute that year! Take a look below!

diy dorm room

Since I graduated college recently, I’m going to impart some of my dorm room function wisdom on you! First, don’t spend a fortune on bedding or towels. Living in a dorm simply isn’t compatible with luxury, fluffy linens. You will spill coffee and mac n cheese on everything and regret it when it won’t come out of your bedspread. Second, bring something that makes noise like a fan. I can’t stand hearing doors slam and thudding footsteps going down the hallways at all hours of the night. You’ll thank me for this tip later. Finally, get a wall calendar! I like to keep my schedule on my phone and in a planner of some sort. Plus, it can be helpful when coordinating schedules with your roommate!

Style and function go hand in hand when you’re living in confined quarters. Target dorm room stuff always seems to cater to both of those things. Before going out and buying new things though, check out the layout of your dorm room online to see how much room you will have. I was surprised at how big my room was compared to what I was expecting! 




Thank God it’s Friday! It’s been a little over a week since I’ve moved to Dallas and I think I’m settling in well. I love exploring a new city and finding where all the hidden gems are. For example, I got lost driving around the other day and stumbled upon a Carlos’ Bakery! One of the best things about moving to a new city is the chance to start over. Dallas, I believe will be the perfect place to do that. Starting fresh however, and really enjoying a new lifestyle is challenging in an unfamiliar place. Here are a few tips and tricks to help a new city dweller settle in!

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Every time I’ve moved to a new place for an internship, my boss would send all of the interns on a scavenger hunt so we could get to know the city. Trust me, it helped! If I’m correct, Geocaching is very similar and doesn’t require you going into an obscure restaurant to grab a napkin proving you went there. Try it out in your new city here’s a link to a website for it.

Talk to the Front Office Staff

At any apartment complex I’ve lived in, I’ve made sure to make friends with the front office staff. They can tell you everything that’s going on in the city and give you great recommendations for places to eat or hang out. Plus, they might be fun people to share an afternoon cocktail with!

Take a Class or Join a League

I’m not one for taking a crazy boxing class or doing hours of Zumba, but I would take a yoga class to help me relax and maybe even make a friend or two! If a class isn’t your thing, maybe join a baseball league or if you play your cards right, consider joining the Junior League. My cousin is a member and I was close to joining until I unfortunately had to move.

Leave me a comment with your suggestions too!


street style texas

Happy hump day! Thankful that we’re halfway through the week and that I’m getting to explore new parts of Dallas. Last weekend, I made my way down to Austin with one of my besties. We swam in the Barton Springs pool, a naturally cool spring that’s home to an endangered salamander. If you want to see the pool, take a look at my Instagram! After the cool springs, we made our way to a Tex-Mex place for some chips and very spicy salsa! Did I mention how much I love this state?

naturally highlight hair

In addition to the great food, I’m loving the wonderful sunshine! I love hot weather and sunny days not only for my mood, but also my hair! I’ve never been one to highlight or dye my hair because I want it to stay healthy for as long as possible. The sun has been my best friend in creating natural highlights!

wall murals austin

Besides my hair, I figure we should talk about my outfit! This darling dress doubles as a great sundress! I wore it to the pool and then to lunch right after. My boyfriend’s mom got it for me when we went out shopping one day and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. It’s from a boutique called Altar’d State

altard state dress

day to night style

Austin Texas music scene

Upon leaving lunch, we went downtown and explored a bit. We came across this beautiful wall mural near Congress Avenue. Being girls always in search of the perfect place for a selfie, we couldn’t help but stop and take a few photos. For me, street art is either really strange or really pretty like this particular one. The blooming cactus is so vibrant and makes the street come alive! I certainly enjoyed visiting Austin but Dallas is quickly becoming my home.


cold shoulder top

Happy Monday from sunny Dallas! I’ve officially made my move to the great state of Texas and am thrilled to finally be here. It was a long drive across Oklahoma and Kansas to get to this place but so worth it! No longer am I a Kansas City blogger, which I’m sad to say. However, Dallas has even more opportunities for fashion bloggers like myself! The style here is better than I could have ever imagined! Tops like the blue cold-shoulder blouse I’m wearing are everywhere and I’m so excited that the Mint Julep Boutique sent me one!

online boutiques

The flowy top of the blouse makes the look so playful and breeze friendly! The best part of it is how it shows off the collar bone area so nicely! It’s easily one of my favorite, go-to summer staples. I love things that can be worn in many ways especially when traveling or living out of a suitcase. Who wants to come home from a trip and do a bunch of laundry? Not me. It’ll sit in the dryer for a week anyway.

mint julep blouse

I’m not sure who started the cold shoulder trend, but I’m so glad they did! Yesterday I saw a girl wearing a similar-style denim top with white jeans and wedges and totally fell in love. Granted, it was 95 degrees and I’m not sure if I could survive in jeans at that temperature. Either way, it was an adorable look that I’d love to replicate with this top when the seasons change!

If you love this top, you can find it here! I’m wearing a size medium and it’s meant to be a loose fit. Hopefully you like it just as much as I do! People ask where I got it all the time!


*Blouse c/o Mint Julep Boutique

Happy hump day gals! Oh man, my weekend was just chaotic but so full of fun. I’m still recovering from the endless Fourth of July festivities. My holiday was spent in Topeka, Kansas with my best friend (check Instagram this afternoon for a bestie picture!) We spent every day in the pool with other party goers and ended every night wishing we hadn’t eaten so much. Seriously, I’ve never had pulled pork that had been smoking for 12 hours but oh my goodness it was divine! Food and the Fourth just go hand in hand.

fourth of july outfit

Being that I love my outfits to coordinate with the merriment of every holiday season, I had to wear my Lilly Pulitzer fireworks print skirt that debuted last summer. How cute does it look with the popsicle tank?! It was such an easy outfit to wear because reds and blues go together so well- just like freedom and fireworks!

summer style inspiration

My best friend, Jessica, and I walked over to the gardens at Lake Shawnee to enjoy the flowers, bunny rabbits, and little goslings waddling around. Being that we’re girls always looking for a great photo op, we stood around taking pictures for my blog and her Instagram. What can I say? Bloggers never take a break!

old navy fourth of july

topeka fireworks

Unfortunately, the night ended in a bit of tragedy. While the entire street was out shooting off fireworks, a truck accidentally hit a woman crossing the road and killed her. We heard the sirens and then walked down the street to see what was going on. Paramedics were doing CPR and at the point I turned away. She was declared dead at the hospital. It’s so awful how a seemingly cheery event can turn deadly so fast. It seemed the fireworks went off in the sky as a way to mark her sad passing.

For the rest of the evening we tried to enjoy ourselves and celebrate our county’s 240th birthday. Being the proud American I am, I can’t help but get a little teary eyed watching fireworks light up the sky while sitting in a lawn chair surrounded by people who share my love of country. It’s lovely isn’t it?

Tell me about your Fourth of July with a comment below!