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Hello Friday, it’s so nice to see you again! This week has been full of snow and other chilly things that have made making plans a little difficult. My flight home was cancelled due to the winter storm the Washington, DC region will be experiencing tonight. I’m actually thankful because the last thing I want my mom to have to do is drive in icy conditions to pick me up from the airport.

Since I’m going through a new phase of job hunting, I thought I’d share some of my “snag a job” tips. By no means am I an expert on getting a job, but I have been a job hunter and interviewee quite a few times. What I’ve learned has helped me understand people better and acknowledge important unwritten rules no one tells you about. Follow my lead!

Tips for the Big Interview

  • Watch out for scams: The number of “scam jobs” I’ve seen posted on every career site is incredible. If the title of the posting includes the words “entry level” or “training provided,” be very cautious. It might be legit but read the posting further for more clues on if the job is what it appears to be. For example, if you come across a title like “Entry level event planners wanted, no experience required” I can almost promise you that those “events” you’ll be planning are actually trade shows at Sam’s Club or Costco. Get your hair net and apron ready!
  • Landing the second interview: Getting an over-the-phone interview is hard enough, but getting an in-person interview is even harder! Prepare what you are going to say ahead of time. Have your resume ready because you will have to walk the employer through your experiences. If you stutter through this, it sounds like you aren’t prepared and that won’t land you another interview.
  • The in-person interview: Wahoo! You made it to this step, don’t screw it up by looking unprofessional. My mom went to an interview at our local library for a desk clerk position and the woman being interviewed ahead of her was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. This is possibly the worst outfit you could wear! Let me break down a business professional look:
    • Crisp blouse (white or cream are my favorites for a clean first impression)
    • Fitted skirt (slightly above the knee is appropriate; patterns should be kept minimal but a striped skirt in muted tones are nice)
    • Smart shoe (no heels you can’t walk in or anything strappy, nude kitten heel is best)
    • Classic jewelry (a watch and pearl earrings is professional and says a lot about you; large hoop earrings or clanking bracelets also says a lot about you in a negative way)
  • Don’t look up- When you’re speaking to someone face-to-face, avoid looking up in the air when they ask you a question. You appear to be pulling answers out of the sky. Look down with your eyes and you appear contemplative.

Please leave your interviewing and job hunting tips in a comment below! Best of luck for everyone in the middle of job hunting!
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Quilted Jackets and Duck Boots

Oh goodness gracious, I hope my East Coast followers have been paying attention to the snow storm coming! This Maryland gal has been checking the forecast frequently and it appears we’re in for a modest 10-12″ of snow and ice. This storm comes at the worst timing for me because I have to fly home Saturday afternoon into Baltimore. I feel as though the snow is just waiting until I get to the airport to begin dumping on the runways so I can’t take off on time. Such is life, right?


In preparation for the inevitable freezing temperatures, I’ve dusted off my quilted jacket and pulled out my mom’s old duck boots. The quilted jacket I actually bought a few years back at Old Navy for $20. It was on clearance and the last size they had was an XS. Determined to buy the coat, I sucked it in and made it fit (more like stretched it out). My mom’s duck boots were from the 90s but I always steal them from her. Last spring, I found some Sperry duck boots for $35! Those have become my go-to shoe for wet days.

With all the sidewalk shoveling you’re going to be doing this weekend, I suggest you invest in a good quilted jacket and duck boots. I love the quilted jackets because they’re warm but still very mobile in terms of movement range. The duck boots offer the same thing. Wearing snow boots has always been something I dreaded because they feel so clunky.

The above jackets and boots are all under $100 and most are under $60! Normally, I wouldn’t pay that much for a single article of clothing (I’m a bargain hunter, remember?) but both of these items won’t go out of style and they’ll last for years. Keep an eye out for sales coming up in the next few months on clothes like these! I’ve already seen bikinis coming onto the sales floors so it won’t be long before winter jackets are 75% off!

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Winter sweater sale

Good morning loves! It’s a chilly and snowy day in the midwest and I’m glad I brought enough winter clothes with me to last for another week. January is usually the coldest winter month but also the best for great sales on cold weather clothing. Last week, I spent an afternoon wandering around a shopping center trying to find all the good deals while they were still going on. Strolling into Ann Taylor Loft, what catches my eye but a great ivory and lace sweater on sale!

This pretty thing was only $10! The secret? Go to an outlet to find it. I looked online for the sweater but it wasn’t there. They also had it in a great burgundy color so I’m really depressed that I can’t find it! Loft’s semi-annual sale is one of my favorites though. I saw rompers, shorts, skirts, and tons of jewelry on final sale (think everything under $15!) It took all of my will power not to walk out of there with a couple bags full of stuff!

Semi-Annual Sweater Sales

Since I’ve failed to give you a way to get the sweater besides trekking to your nearest Loft store, I found a few great sweaters on sale that you can order online!

Sequin Stripe Sweater– Ann Taylor

Fair Isle Sweater– Old Navy

Sawyer Sweaterter- J Crew Factory

Factory Intarsia Sweater– Banana Republic Factory

Bow Scoopneck Sweater– LC by Lauren Conrad

I’ll keep my eye out for other great sales! From wandering around the little boutiques near my apartment, I think literally every store has a big sale going on. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, what can I say? Check out my Instagram for another fab find from Loft! Also, like my Facebook page for blog and life updates!

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Thank goodness it’s almost Friday! I’ve spent the last few days applying for jobs non-stop, running errands, and doing generally unpleasant things. It’s life, I get that it won’t always be full of fun. That’s a lesson my mom taught me; life isn’t all fun and don’t rely on other people to make it better. Anyway, weekends are meant for relaxing and enjoying life, something I plan on doing when Friday night rolls around. I did treat myself yesterday by going to a high end furniture store called Nell Hill’sΒ (I could only afford to look)Β in Kansas City. Here are a few things I found!

Pretty Things for a Pretty Penny

nell hills kansas city

Can this armoire get any more fabulous? I walked by it and did a double take. How can one piece of furniture sum up my interior design tastes? Because it was so big and beautiful, I didn’t bother to look at the price.

kansas city furniture stores

Several pretty things I saw for a living room were all very distinct in terms of style and texture. The ottoman is velvet-y and the chairs were made of a regular cotton. The styles are very distinct but somehow work well together.

houndstooth chair

Can I just say that this “study” reminds me of something that was in the Parent Trap at the British twin’s home? It’s so smart and English looking. This embodies everything “#housegoals” means to me.

plaid bedding

Oh hello gorgeous tartan plaid and velvet monogrammed pillows! I love tartans and monograms because of how reminiscent they are of the New England prep style. This bedroom set is very masculine but has so many great feminine touches in the details.

briar cliff shopping

This desk is perfect to add to the study I mentioned above. The best part about a desk is all the little things you can put on top to personalize it. Picture frames and flowers are among my favorites.

neutral bedding

Ahhh neutral bedding! Probably one of my favorite color schemes is oatmeal, cream, crisp white, soft grays, and a hint of yellow. Before anyone says I’m boring, I’d like to point out how well all of these colors can go with little accents you might like to add to the room as well as seasonal touches throughout the year.

table accessories

Last but not least is this beautiful marble table with the cute potted topiaries on top! I think marble is such a classic element to use that no matter what decade it is, it won’t go out of style unlike trending concrete or granite.

Leave a comment with your favorite piece of furniture you see here!

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drug store cosmetics

Good morning beauty-lovers! It’s been a super chilly few days and I’ve barely gone outside thus haven’t really worn any make up here lately. My face probably thanks me for the 48 hours of breathing time it got. Everyone should have a day once a week where they just don’t wear makeup. I imagine it really helps out your pores!

Since I’m still looking for a job right now, I’ve had to cut costs on my beauty expenses and accept that I’m not too posh for drugstore cosmetics. Are they all natural and made from coconut extract? No, but I’m ok with that for now! The other day I needed new face powder and found some I really liked at Wal-Mart believe it or not. Being that we’re on the subject of drugstore cosmetics, I rounded up a few of my favorites to share with you.

  1. Milani Face Powder
  2. Clearasil Daily Clear Hydra-Blast Pads
  3. Maybelline Blushed Nudes PaletteΒ Β (more about this palette here)
  4. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser
  5. Nyx Powder Blush (on sale for $2.50!)

I use each of these products on a daily basis and really like them. Probably my favorite is the Clearasil Daily Clear Pads because they’re abrasive enough to scrub out your pores but it doesn’t hurt. At the end of the day after I’ve taken all of my make up off, it’s crazy to see how much is left on my face when I’m using the pads. Actually, no, not crazy just gross! Taking care of your skin is really what ensures that your make up looks flawless.

Leave me a comment with your favorite drug store beauty products!

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house hunters complaints

Happy Monday beauties! It was a fast, crazy weekend for me as I got settled in a new apartment in Kansas City, not to mention that it was absolutely freezing out! The temperature was somewhere around 15 degrees with a wind chill that made it feel as though it was -2. I don’t do this “cold weather” thing. I suppose I’ll have to adjust won’t I?

Spoiled Girl Apartment Hunting

Since going through apartments and finally choosing one took a little while, I was trying to find an analogy that would accurately describe how the apartment hunting went. Have you ever watched House Hunters? I’m pretty sure that’s a great comparison to use here. Nothing quite matches exactly what I want so I’m going to complain about stupid little things that I’ll get over eventually. Here are 5 classic House Hunters complaints that I had.

  1. “There’s no granite!”- Can someone just slap me in the face? I’ve heard that remark so many times on the show and it usually comes from an entitled 20-something who has no idea that her cushy lifestyle with mom and dad has come to an end. I don’t want to be that girl.
  2. “I don’t think my shoes could even fit in that closet.”- Yes they can and they will. Seriously, I don’t even have that many pairs of shoes. My closet at my parent’s house is really small and I’ve lived with it for years. All of the closets I saw in apartments were at least twice the size. Like I said, I can deal.
  3. “I was hoping for hardwood floors.”- Oh my goodness, Liz just stop talking. If there were hardwood floors, you’d be complaining about how expensive the rent was for the place. Laminate works just fine.
  4. “This kitchen is so outdated.”- Sometimes this can be a justified statement, other times not so much. Several times when I was browsing online for apartments, I saw the kitchen and was just like “nope!” Like I said, it can be justified if the cabinets haven’t been cleaned up or at least given new hardware since the 90s. However, when your complaint is that the appliances aren’t stainless steel, you need to get over yourself.
  5. “Do I have space to entertain?”- Am I honestly worried about that when I just moved to a new city where I know no one? Pipe down, Liz, pipe down.

The nature of girls like me is to want the best of everything but misunderstand how much it costs. If you want luxury, you pay dearly for it. When you’re just starting out, luxury isn’t something you can afford. Luckily, I found a great apartment for a good price and am now sitting happily in it while writing this post. Does it have those wonderful stainless steel appliances? No, but it does have a beautiful fireplace, a cute built-in bookshelf, and a pretty little vanity in my bathroom. I am one happy girl!

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