Tulips in springHappy Thursday friends! It has been over two weeks since I wrote anything and frankly I’ve been itching to start blogging again. As you can probably tell, my blog has gotten a fresh new face! The installation and design of it has taken roughly 3 months and the blog had to be disabled for a few weeks so that my web designer could implement the changes.

This change has been in the works for over a year, it just took me a little kick in the butt to get started. It’s a massive undertaking and an expensive one! However, every article I read and professional blogger I talked to said that if you want to take your blog to the next level, you need a customized website. I spent several months scouring the web trying to find someone who could do a beautiful job and do it on a budget.

I got the idea to look on Etsy for someone who could at least teach me how to install a new theme and find a hosting company. What I ended up getting was even better! I selected Gatto Creative Design after talking with the brilliant mind behind it- Cat. She understood what I wanted and knew everything I didn’t about web design. Better yet, her prices were well within my budget!

After hiring her, it was several weeks of going back and forth over what I wanted in terms of features and color schemes. She helped me choose colors that would work together and look professional. Before the overhaul, my blog looked rather generic and didn’t do much to showcase my writing or personality. Now, I feel like it captures everything I love and gives me a new start on my blogging adventure.

Like many fashion/lifestyle bloggers, I blog because its fun but I also aim to make a living doing it someday. The scariest part of that statement is the “make a living” part. I have no idea if that dream will ever come true, but everyday I wake up and try harder than the last so I have a fighting chance. I hope you do the same! Enjoy the new design! Leave me comment with your thoughts!


jcrew spring dress

Oh my goodness, this week is flying by and I couldn’t be more happy about it. My birthday is on Sunday and my boyfriend’s family is coming into town to help me celebrate! Since I don’t know that many people here in Kansas City yet, having someone to enjoy my day with is such a blessing. Continue reading

sephora reviewGood morning friends! Hopefully you saw my blog post yesterday about my experience and how-to contouring at Sephora. If not, I’ll link it here! I did a quick contour for my makeup today and it turned out really well even without the careful instruction of the beauty experts. I always wonder if I can recreate the look on my own without all the same expensive makeup they use. Turns out, for the most part you can. But there are a few Sephora products that I find crucial to achieving the same look! Continue reading


Sephora classHappy Monday beautiful friends! I’m rested up from last week and ready to hunker down and deal with this week. Easter was interesting this year- it snowed! When I woke up, there was a dusting on the ground and by 3pm it was gone and the sun was out. Kansas City is forever surprising me. Continue reading

Classic jcrew button downHello pretty friends! Since spring is coming so fast and many of us work in office settings, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about cute clothing options you might want to have in your closet. Since the weather changes hourly (at least in Kansas City) I never know how to dress. Having a few versatile options has always gotten me through the awkward days of transition weather. Continue reading

Domestic Wish List

Hello Wednesday, it’s lovely to see you! Once I get over this mid-week milestone, it’s all down hill from here. The rest of the week seems like nothing! Though my days aren’t excessively long, I always enjoy coming home and cooking dinner while watching Friends reruns. I need that time to unwind and chill out. My kitchen is either my happy place or a disaster zone, depending on the level of cleanliness. Since I just moved in to the place, it’s somewhere in between! Continue reading