If anyone reads my blog enough, they know that I love new makeup products and sharing my favorite finds with my readers. Although I have to be honest, I don’t wear makeup everyday, not even to the office. There are several reasons for this, the most important being that I know how delicate skin is and how quickly it can get icky. I let my pores breath at least 3 days out of the week! Not being particularly prone to acne, this seems to just help any oily spots on my face, so I can’t speak for those who have chronic acne problems. Because we want to look beautiful in photos though (i.e. full face of makeup) some brilliant developers have come up with an app that applies makeup flawlessly to your face in a photo!
make up plus app

Make Up Plus App

These are my before and after photos. In the before picture, I have no make up on. After, I appear to have a full face of makeup. How amazing is that? Technology never ceases to surprise me. No matter what an app can do though, I’ll still believe that I’m pretty without a bunch of makeup. But an app I can use to look more put-together in photos? Sign me up! Did I mention it’s a free app?

My sister and her friends take so many selfies and photos together that I know this will be a hit! They’re all such pretty girls and it always just cracks me up when they complain they aren’t beautiful. They have no idea how lovely they are! When I was 16, I felt the same way though. Every year since I was a teenager I’ve gained a little more confidence and a lot more happiness!

Consider downloading this awesome app. If you take selfies a little too often, then this is a must-have on your phone!


Happy Tuesday girls! I’m on my way to St. Louis for a work trip but still wanted to write a little something since I was silent on Monday. It was one of those weekends where I had a great time but was entirely exhausted by the time Sunday night rolled around. Saturday really knocked me out as I spent 6 hours just shopping around an outdoor mall near my apartment. I came across some Jack Rogers lookalikes to share with you that made my extended shopping trip totally worth it though!

jack roger knock offs

Meet the $29 version of the coveted gold Jack Rogers sandal! Altar’d State was smart enough to know that some of their customers might be into these preppy shoes and they jumped on the band wagon by creating quality knock-offs for the summer. I have a pair of real Jack Rogers that I found on sale and these are honestly similar quality and you can’t beat the price. My next paycheck might go towards buying a pair of these beauties!

altard state review

One of my favorite things about Jack Rogers is how versatile they are! You can wear them with so many different things and it looks great every time. My favorite thing about designer dupes is that people can’t tell the difference between the $200 shoes and $50 shoes. Looking classy doesn’t need to cost you a fortune and I’m a firm believer that anyone can look like Jackie O. even on a budget!

Leave me a comment with your favorite designer dupe!



best etsy shopsHello pretty friends! Recently, I’ve been doing nothing but browsing Etsy for fun home decor items, particularly digital downloads of pictures I can frame to put on my walls. There are so many talented and creative people out there and I’m amazed by what they come up with! Below I’ve selected a few of my favorite shops with links to them so you can take a look at the cute stuff they sell!

Also, Spike the Punch generously gave me a discount code to share with you all for 25% off anything in her shop! Use code WITTYNPRETTY to get the deal! She has the most adorable things for sale like this Coco Chanel print below!

spike the punch shop

Ivana Illustrations

Ivana Etsy Shop


Paper Storm Prints

southwestern art


Macarons and Mimosas


kate spade printables

Enjoy the fabulous art from these amazing girls!!



Thank goodness it’s finally Thursday! This week has just seemed to drag by for me and can’t stand that (especially with pool weather upon us.) I have some super exciting news to share with you though! A few weeks ago I walked into Tulip, the cutest little boutique here in Kansas City. I got to chatting with the owner about my blog and having moved recently. She was interested in my blog and invited me to do their monthly Tulip Twist contest!

Nautical Stripe Dress

The contest is pretty simple. Myself and 2 other girls were given the same dress to style and whoever gets the most votes on their Facebook page, gets a gift card! How fun, right? The dress is a really great summer staple in any wardrobe and so easy to wear. Plus, it’s flattering on everyone since it’s a shift-dress!

kansas city boutiques

With summer coming, I was on the lookout for a nautical dress with some navy stripes and then this one came along. I paired it with some chunky mules from Target, my favorite Kate Spade bag, and a great coral and tortoiseshell necklace!

Preppy in Midwest


If you like my look, go to Tulip’s website and vote for me here! I’d totally appreciate the votes! Below are links to similar items that I’m wearing!Β 


marley lilly monogram purse

Happy Monday beautiful! I’m trying to learn how to wake up in the morning on a work day and be thankful that I have a job to go to. Not going to lie, it’s hard! But embracing Monday is a lot easier than trying to wish it away. If it helps, start your day with a good coffee from your favorite coffee shop and during your lunch, take a walk or go to a local boutique to enjoy a few minutes of down time. Maybe do a little online shopping too!

As someone who loves anything with a monogram, I browse the Marley Lilly website quite frequently! I also love a good deal and I found this adorable scalloped clutch for $19.99! It was a flash sale and the bargain was too good to pass up (link to clutch here).This clutch goes with everything in my closet! There was quite a few colors to choose from but I wanted something neutral. I chose mocha for the clutch color and ivory for the monogram. It’s absolutely adorable and really great for an evening out! The envelope style makes it easy to open and its large enough to keep your credit cards and phone inside.

If you like my Ray-Ban lookalikes, I did a post on them which you can find here! I’m always one the look out for great brand name dupes! Be sure to check out Marley Lilly and their awesome sales. I’m always surprised by the deals they have every week!

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Morning beauties! I hope your week went as quickly as mine. Frankly, I’m exhausted from it. My schedule is usually 9-5 Monday through Friday but on Tuesday my day lasted a little longer than usual. I had the opportunity to meet up with a bunch of great Kansas City area bloggers forΒ hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. It was the first time I had ever gotten to do anything like that and it was such a fun event! The Blog Guild organized the event and Golden & Pine graciously hosted all of us crazy bloggers! Getting a group of fashion-conscious, girl bosses together for an evening of socializing is always bound to be a great time.

window seat ideas

Golden & Pine has a beautiful space in the up and coming neighborhood of Brookside! Exposed wood and concrete floors added a really unique, hipster vibe to the store. Think Anthropologie with a mix of West Elm and you have Golden & Pine! I fell in love with how they styled this window seat area. Big throw pillows are an easy way to cozy-up a space!

spring inspired food

Another great way to make a space warm and inviting is wonderful food! Heirloom Bakery made these amazing treats for the girls to munch on. Pink donuts with a floral garnish satisfied my sweet tooth. Don’t you just adore the pink glaze dripping down the sides? On slices of wheat toast was hummus topped with veggies and a creamy whipped topping!

potted plants in home

coffee table styling

anthropologie inspired

Golden & Pine totally embraces my firm belief that plants and flowers brighten the home! They had so many adorable little packets of seeds to choose from with various combinations of flowers!

homes inspired by anthropology

A styling element they had going on was baskets full of pillows and blankets. The room just made you feel at ease! That’s saying a lot for someone who walked into a social situation where she knew no one and suddenly became friends with everyone. I’m tellin’ you, this group of girls is great!

elegant bathroom soap

There was so much detail that went into every little corner of the shop. Even the hand soaps were beautifully displayed in little wooden boxes. Every time I go into places like this, I come home and want to play interior decorator in every room of my home. After being around girls who are even more creative than I am, the desire to try harder and create beautiful spaces is coming back. Sometimes you just get in a slump and need other people to motivate you. The company you keep really does effect you!