Worst Trends of Spring 2016

Happy Monday beauties! I thought I’d start off the day with something kind of meant to be humorous but also an honest opinion about some of the latest trends we saw on the runways. Designers work hard to be creative and put on a good show for us. However, sometimes they miss the mark! High fashion starts out as completely unwearable clothes for the average person and trickles down into retailers like Forever 21 that take these fashions and make them easy to wear. I can certainly appreciate these efforts but there are simply some things I still think missed the mark.

  1. The Slip Dress: I’m having a flash back to the 90s. Anyone attempting to wear the normal bra and underwear combo is going to be taken back when the lines of said undergarments are quite visible through this dress. If you enjoy going undie-less, then this might be the dress for you, otherwise avoid it.
  2. The Rucksack: In my humble opinion, it’s a glorified backpack. I’ve seen some that are actually pretty cute but they aren’t convenient unless you’re hiking up a mountain or in Disney World all day. Add some Furbies to it for a trip down memory lane though.
  3. The Denim High-Waisted Skirt: Hello mom’s wardrobe, I never thought you’d be in style. This is without a doubt my least favorite trend this spring. Whoever wanted to bring the 90s back really should have reconsidered before Forever 21 picked the trend up.
  4. The Choker: Seriously? Why is this back? Lizzie McGuire has long since ended and a piece of jewelry that is meant to resemble a tattoo is not an accessory I look forward to seeing on all these teenagers who think they’re clever.
  5. The Peasant Top: Not the worst trend this season but not my favorite either. Depending on the top, it can look really cute! However, I’ve seen a lot of the off-shoulder styles floating around and it’s a little unfortunate for anyone who wanted to leave the 70s in the past.

Feel free to debate me on this. There are just certain things I don’t like that come out of New York Fashion Week. Comment with your favorite or least favorite trend of the season!

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healthy snacks

Happy Thursday beauties! I’m so excited to announce to you all that I’ve accepted a job as a research assistant for a non-profit here in Kansas City! Many of you have been following my little career updates over the last year and know how hard the job market is for recent grads. Obviously, this is a big victory for me and I feel so blessed and relieved to finally start my career.

Healthy Eating at Work

One of the first things I think about when it comes to being in an office all day is what am I going to eat? Often times, you’re too busy to go out and get something but a bag of chips doesn’t sound excite you. Even worse, you fidget at work all the time and need to keep your hands busy and out of the Hershey’s Kisses bag in your desk drawer. I’m a serial fidgeter and have all of the above problems! Here are my go-to snacks for days spent in the office.

  • La Croix and Dried Fruit- The flavored fizzy water is one of my favorite things to drink! Depending on the flavor you get, find a dried fruit to complement it. Cranberries are a great dried fruit to snack on! I also love dried pineapple and banana, however they’re both high in calories. Gotta watch that waistline!
  • Cheese and Pretzel Thins- Baby Bell cheese and the big bags of pretzel things you find at Target are a great snack for the mid-day munchies. If you get tired of the cheese, try a low-fat hummus!
  • Cucumber Slices and Spices- Cucumbers are basically water and can be made tasty by adding a bit of kick to them! Sprinkle lemon pepper and garlic onto thin slices of cucumber for a low-cal snack.

Get excited for work snacking because it just got a lot more interesting! Leave a comment with your favorite snacks to enjoy at work!

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color for spring

Today I woke up and was excited to see the sun shining outside of my window but I was a bit disappointed when I walked onto my porch and felt the familiar crisp air grabbing at my skin. Since spring is not too far off, I feel like its appropriate to start thinking about the cute clothes that comes with this vibrant season! Being that my skin tone is more suited with colors that are prevalent in autumn, I miss out on wearing all the pretty pastels in March and April. However, I found one spring color that compliments me- coral! From what I’ve read, it will be this season’s ‘it’ color.

The ‘It’ Color of the Season

I like to start my seasonal shopping early when stores are pushing sales and promotions to get things moving on the sales floor. For your convenience, I’m linking a few of my favorite coral pieces featured above! Some of them are on sale too!

  • Crew Neck Dress (Nordstrom Rack)- here
  • Drape Sleeve (J. Crew)- here
  • Nars Lipstick in Honolulu Honey (Sephora)- here
  • Stud Crossbody Bag (Nordstrom)- here
  • Garden Flat (Modcloth)- here
  • Peach Coral Stud Earrings (Etsy)- here
  • Pencil Skirt (J. Crew)- here

Leave a comment with your favorite coral piece below!

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Self-tanning products

Happy Monday friends! I hope you were in a part of the country that was warm and spring-like this weekend! Kansas City was lovely and everyone was out and about enjoying the weather including me. I broke out those flip flops faster than anyone else! I avoided shorts for the simple reason that my legs are pasty white from the lack of sunshine on them the last few months. In an effort to prepare for the coming spring weather, I’m starting a self-tanner regiment early and you should too!

Am I starting before I need to? Yes, but I have my reasons! You can’t put self-tanner on freshly shaved legs. Wearing anything but pants typically requires shaved legs for women. Start putting on that tanner while you don’t have to shave your legs! No irritated skin and you’ll have that bronzed glow you want when everyone else is just starting.

Best Bronzers to Choose From

With so many options in self-tanners to choose from, you can really only narrow it down by price, which is what I’ve done for this post. My first choice is one I used last summer, Banana Boat’s Summer Color. You can find it at Wal-Mart or Target for around $5. It works well if you use it consistently and don’t skimp on the amount you put on. No streaking was visible and it looked natural!

The next pick, Fake Bake, will cost around $20 and everyone seems to love it. Being more of a mid-range product, do your research on it. Based on reviews, people get great results. I haven’t personally used it, however the ratings were what made me put it on this list.

My final pick, St. Tropez Bronzing Oil, is recommended by everyone at Sephora. It costs about $50 but apparently works like a dream! It’s more of an investment obviously, so talk to a doctor or dermatologist about it before buying; buyer’s remorse is the worst!

If you’ve tried any of these products, leave a comment!

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Spring Break Basics


Happy Friday beauties! I hope some of my college followers are gearing up for spring break this year! When I was in college, I never really did spring break other than going skiing once on a very cold day in February with a few friends. Miami was not on the radar for this girl! Although I’m glad I missed out on the inevitable hangovers and casual “encounters” with the opposite gender that are synonymous with this annual event, I can’t help but think that I missed a few fun beach days with friends. If I could do it all over again, here’s what would be on my list of things to get for my spring break!

  1. Casual Romper- They’re perfect beach cover ups and can still be worn in the evening. Find one in navy blue that will go from day to night even if you’re wearing your bikini from earlier in the day!
  2. Water Bottle- The beach gets hot and so does the pool. Stay hydrated and back away from anything that will make you bloat (aka alcohol or soda.)
  3. Turkish Towel- Light weight and easy to fold up without much bulk. Plus, they’re really soft! It can stay in that beach bag you’ll inevitably tote around all day.
  4. Jack Rogers- Splurge on a pair of Jack Rogers sandals (or look-a-likes) for your spring break. Check eBay for pre-worn Jacks for less! Go with a neutral color so it will match more and you won’t have to take so many pairs of shoes in your luggage!
  5. Portable Charger- Everyone’s iPhone will lose battery power by the end of the day. Bring a charger to power up before you go out to dinner.
  6. Beach Bag- Find one with a summery print or woven style. Make sure it’s light weight to lug around all day. Most importantly, be sure it’s cute!
  7. Spring Nail Polish- Find a great color to wear during your spring break! I love the light green Essie polish featured above because it’s neutral enough to go with most everything but it still stands out!

Leave a comment with a spring break basic!

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pink haul

Today I’m super excited to share with you my fun Pink Victoria’s Secret haul! Every once in a while they send me really good coupons in the mail and I go splurge on a few pretty things. I’m not the type to willingly shell out $10.50 for underwear, so when there’s a sale and a coupon to go with it, I sprint to the nearest store!

Pink and Victoria’s Secret sent me a “free underwear with purchase” card so I went into both stores and bought a thing or two to qualify for the underwear. Spending the majority of my time in Pink, I got suckered into their 5 for $27.50 deal on undies. I love good deals, what can I say? Especially when that deal was paired with a $10 off a purchase of $35 or more card (I bought a water bottle I had been wanting.)

cute pink undies

The two free pairs of undies I got were so cute and I love the little sayings on them! You may be the only one who sees them, but you should still feel confident when you wear them. The best way to enjoy Pink’s amazing deals is buy signing up for an “Angel card” and using it every time you make a purchase. I’m not a fan of having a credit card for every store, but the coupons and offers you get when you have one from VS are great! A little bonus- right now Pink is giving away free fanny packs and koozies with any purchase! Go enjoy if you can!

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