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So the spring months went really fast! I’m seriously not prepared for the hot summer months ahead of us here in Dallas. I don’t even have my pool floatie yet! Or a new floppy sunhat! However, I have stocked up on a few trendy items that have made their way into some of my favorite boutiques like Tobi (seriously such cute stuff!) and even Marley Lilly!

Kimono Sleeve Shift Dress

A really pretty summer trend appearing here in Texas are dresses with kimono sleeves like the blush-colored one I’m wearing. This kimono sleeve shift dress (c/o) is seriously so comfy and perfect for changing from day to night. Fair warning, wear some shorts or something underneath if there’s wind in the forecast, you’ll be glad you did! Link to my dress HERE!

Wedge Style Shoes

In the shoe department, these Steve Madden wedges I’m wearing are really popular! Normally, anything with a heel is a nightmare for my feet, but oddly enough these cute wedges are quite easy to wear and walk in. That’s a major win for me and my podiatrist!

Scalloped Styles

Lastly, in the realm of preppiness, scalloped everything is back this summer! This scalloped monogrammed clutch goes with me pretty much everywhere and I get tons of compliments on it. I bought it last year and it got pinned on Pinterest over 1,000 times! So go find something with scallops on it!

Leave me a comment with your favorite summer trend this year and also what pool floatie you’re buying!

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Being a style blogger is a lot of fun! I enjoy meeting new people, collaborating with amazing brands, and constantly learning new things. It really has been a crazy, fun journey getting to where I am not. However, there have DEFINITELY been so not so fun parts of this journey… like a lot of them! Some of them were just part of the learning curve and I moved on. Other parts are an ongoing battle. Today, I’m sharing 5 things bloggers can stop doing that make our own and everyone else’s blogging experience difficult!

Stop the Follow/Unfollow Game

Oh my goodness. This is without a doubt the most obnoxious thing bloggers do to each other. It goes a little something like this: Blogger uses a bot to follow other Instagram users who might be interested in their content and follow them back. Once they get the return “follow”, the bot goes back and unfollows the user that just followed them. Sometimes this process takes days, other times, it takes only an hour. Either way, it’s obnoxious and needs to stop no matter how much “growth” a blogger gets from it.

Not Sharing Blogging Tips

I get it, giving away information that helped make you successful seems counter intuitive. And it is. However, sharing knowledge and success stories helps make our world go around, both inside and outside the blogosphere. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reached out to other bloggers and asked how they accomplished something and they blow me off with very basic advice or “you’ll figure it out.” Last I checked, helping other people build their blogs up never hurt your own!

Quit Comparing Successes and Timelines

I am the worst for this. I literally scroll through my Instagram feed comparing my posts to other bloggers and wondering why I don’t have as many followers or get as many likes. Or wonder how she did it so quickly and why I’m growing so slowly. Honestly, sometimes we hold ourselves back with these thoughts. And I’m trying harder not to compare myself to other women that I admire. I’m learning to accept ME.

Be Supportive of Each Other’s Blogs

Lastly, we grow and become better bloggers when we lift each other up! Last year I joined a great group of girls through Style Collective that are so supportive and willing to share blogging tips and genuinely wish the best for others. If you’re interested in joining us, here’s the link! Style blogging became so much more fun for me when I found these girls.

Keep blogging and keep your head up! Share this with your blogger group so they know they aren’t alone in this journey!

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Growing up I was one of those teenagers that had clear skin no matter what. Sure, I broke out in a few pimples from time to time but for the most part, I had beautiful skin. And it drove my friends crazy. When they were hiding their faces from every camera in sight, I was right there in front of them. My skin was great then and it still is now. So how do I keep it that way? By following these few simple tips!

vanity planet exfoliator

vanity planet spin for perfect skin

Exfoliate Dead Skin Carefully

To get that youthful glow, which I have mostly because I’m in my twenties, I exfoliate like crazy! I hate feeling like my skin has a layer of dirt or grease sitting on top of it. You’ll get that “glow” but not the kind you want. Every night before I go to bed, I use my Spin for Perfect Skin to remove dead skin that builds up over the course of a day.

This nifty little tool comes with a variety of spin heads to choose from depending on what you’re exfoliating. There’s one for general face exfoliation, body exfoliation, and even a pumice stone to exfoliate your feet! Keep scrolling for an AMAZING discount code just for you guys!

Go Makeup Free

SO many girls I know won’t leave the house without a full face of makeup. I totally get that but honestly, who are you trying to impress at the office or on a Target run? No one. I go makeup free at least 3 days a week to allow my skin to breathe! Crazy I know, but it works! The only times I really wear a full face of makeup is when David and I are going out, meeting up with friends, or doing blog photos. Otherwise, the heck with it. My skin appreciates it.

Pop the Blackheads

I know, I know every dermatologist says to leave them alone. Or maybe that’s pimples? Either way, when I see one of these suckers on my face, you better believe I’m getting rid of it. The best way is to use a comedone extractor, however I often just use my CLEAN fingers to pop them out. There’s nothing that ruins a complexion like a gross blackhead sitting in your skin.

Discount Code for Witty n Pretty Readers

Ok so here’s that discount code I was telling you about. Vanity Planet is offering my readers 70% off their purchase of the Spin for Great Skin exfoliator. Here’s the link to the exfoliator and the discount code is BBSFPS70

I honestly love this product and have way too much fun using it on not only my face but my very ticklish feet!

*product provided complimentary. all opinions are my own

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So David and I have been dating each other for almost two years and in that time we’ve done so much together! Seeing new places, trying new foods, and experiencing major life events together are some of the best parts of being in a relationship. However, date nights can get stale after awhile and you have to spice them up with new ideas. The Murder Mystery Co. reached out to me and asked if I’d enjoy going to one of their dinner theater shows with David. I jumped at the chance to go and we had a blast!

The theme of the show was “Til’ Death Do Us Part” and you had to figure out who in the wedding party killed the best man. Everyone at your table works together to sort through clues, ask the “suspects” questions, and then submit answers at the end of the night. I honestly didn’t know what to expect with the evening but it definitely didn’t disappoint! It was so much more fun than what I thought it would be.

I really treasure my time with David as we’re both so busy and often don’t get to really sit down, enjoy a meal, and laugh. If you’re looking for a fun date night experience to share with your love, then I definitely recommend doing this. The Murder Mystery Co. also does smaller dinner parties if you’d like to host a murder mystery night at your home with friends! That’s definitely something I’d consider doing once I actually buy a house that’s big enough to host in! Give me 4 or 5 years.

Do you have a favorite date night idea? Do you and your love have a fun tradition you do together on your anniversary? Please share your date night ideas with me in a comment below!

Thanks to the Murder Mystery Co. for sponsoring my date night!

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Photo credits: Luisa’s Secret

Hello loves! I’m so excited to share with you a fun blog post all about a Dallas blogger meetup that a few bloggers and I hosted! First of all, a little back story! I’ve been a member of a blogger group called Style Collective for over a year now. It’s a group founded by Annie Spano geared towards blogger education and growing our #girlboss empires! In the last few weeks, my fellow Style Collective sisters and I have been planning a meetup in Dallas!

We’ve spent so much time talking about details and decor, swag bags and photographers that by the time the actual event rolled around, we were all exhausted! Nonetheless, we had a great time hosting and getting to meet other Style Collective sisters. We hosted the event at La Madeleine and we all contributed to the table decorations, swag bags, and other fun little touches! We also had amazing sponsors for the event (see what was in our bags on my Instagram and Instagram stories!)

I’d also love to introduce you to my co-hosts of the evening! I’m including their names and blog links so be sure to check them out! They seriously inspire me to be a better style blogger!

What I Wore

Since this is a fashion blog, I feel like maybe I should tell you what I’m wearing- except you’re going to have to wait to see a full outfit post until next week! But if you’re looking for a dose of style inspiration, then join me and my fellow #girlbosses on Style Collective (I’m adding my affiliate link here!) Seriously, I’ve grown so much since I joined this group of girls from all over the world. I’ve found friends in Dallas when I had none and girls I can trust to help me grow and that’s what this event was all about! Enjoy the photos and leave me a comment with your blog link!

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Highland Park Dallas Shopping

Hey lovelies! I hope you had a nice weekend. David and I went out Friday night on a little date (look for the post later this week!) so I was inspired to share a casual date night outfit with you today! Some of my favorite dates aren’t even on the weekend but on a week night. At my office, we can wear jeans everyday with a nice blouse, and as we all know dinner dates and meetups with friends often happen right after we leave work. So this is my little day to night outfit!

Rock those wedges and throw off the blazer to go from office to restaurant! I’m wearing my favorite Lucky Brand jeans, Old Navy peplum top, and my go-to wedges! Seriously, a great pair of jeans and a few easy layering pieces are all you need for a transitional outfit. This look is easy and dare I say comfortable?

Thanks to my fellow Dallas fashion blogger Katherine, style blogger at Beyond the Black Suit, for taking my photos! In addition to blogging, she has a pretty neat daytime job too! Be sure to check her blog out!

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