Spring is here in Texas and I couldn’t be happier! After February’s solid month of rain, you better believe I’m ready to put away my Hunter rain boots and break out my wedges and chambray shirts! I love chambray shirts because they’re classic enough to be sold by Ralph Lauren but still trendy enough to be restocked and redesigned every spring. Even better, you can wear them to work!

When I started my job a week or so ago, I thought I’d need a whole new career wardrobe. Since I’d been working from home for so long, I invested more in sweatpants than I did blazers. Luckily, I went through everything and came up with a few new outfits I could wear using older pieces in my closet! This was one of my favorite outfits I put together!

My chambray shirt is old but this J Crew one is on sale and I really like it! I tucked mine into a red pencil skirt, which by the way you can wear with everything (my fave is on sale at Target), threw on my fave sunnies, and slipped into these mules I found for $16 at TJ Maxx. You can’t beat that deal! Can I admit to you that I may or may not have popped my collar too? You can take the girl out of the east coast, but you can’t take the east coast out of the girl!

I love that chambray is also cute to wear on the weekends! I’ve paired this top with little white shorts and cute wedges for a Saturday brunching in Uptown. Its always clean, crisp, and stylish for spring. Bonus points if you roll the sleeves up and keep the cuffs exposed like I did! Comment below with your go-to wear to work outfit!

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engagement ring

Hey everyone! Happy almost spring! A lot has been going on lately with me starting a new job and now David and I are getting ready to move so I’ve just been hanging on for the ride here lately. In other news however, the subject of getting engaged has finally come up! I’m not sure when, where, or how but we like to be on the same page about everything and this is something you can’t just be nonchalant about.

Not gonna lie, a few months ago I went into a jewelry store and tried on a ring or two (more like 10) just for fun whence the photo above. For clarification purposes, no the ring in the photo is not mine, Kay Jewelers let me try it on and dream a bit! I’ve been talking to engaged friends and reading every Wedding Bee article about engagement etiquette and that sort of thing, so for ladies that are getting engaged soon, here are 5 things to do before you get engaged!

Make Sure You Both are on the Same Page

Almost every girl I know is just a tad more excited to get engaged than their guy is. Not that he isn’t excited at all, but ladies just enjoy finally making their wedding Pinterest boards a reality! So don’t jump the gun on wedding planning just yet, make sure you’ve talked about it and agree on a time frame and other details.

Look at Rings Together

While you don’t have to go into an actual store (although that can be fun too!) be sure to browse ring styles together so you both know what you like. More importantly, decide on the appropriate budget. Every couple will handle this important subject differently but since finances are a big part of marriage, you may as well get the hang of it with this major purchasing decision.

Set Realistic Expectations for Yourself

I tend to dream when it comes to major life events like this, which is totally fine! However, reality often dictates how life goes. Before you even get engaged, understand that friends’ and family’s financial status might inhibit them from celebrating the engagement, attending parties, or even the wedding.

I’m a firm believer that no one that’s in or attending a wedding should go into serious debt for it. As much as someone may love you, understand that going to (or even throwing) the bridal shower etc. might be too costly for them. This will save you from any hurt feelings down the road!

Keep Those Nails Manicured!

It’s my worst nightmare that my nails are gross when David asks me to marry him. You can’t take a good ring photo when you have dirt under your nails. Just ew. If you don’t want to keep paying for professional manicures, my advice is to keep them clean and tidy with just a clear coat on top and regular nail filing!

Answer all the Big Questions

Big questions like how you’ll handle money, if you’ll go to church, or whether you’ll have kids are pretty important things to talk about. So talk about them to make sure you at least know where each other is coming from and what expectations they have for your future together. Its better to know the answers to these things before getting engaged rather than being surprised after!

Hopefully, you’ll be hearing more from me on this subject in the future! Until then, leave a comment with your best engagement advice! 


Happy almost spring everyone! Its been so warm and sunny here lately that I can’t help but want to drag out the Easter/spring decorations and turn my house into a giant Easter egg! Every season I try to do a blog post on cute things I’ve found in the Target Dollar section that you guys might like. I was really excited by everything they had in stock for this coming spring!

Favorite Dollar Spot Items

When I walked into my local Target I smiled at the security guard at the door and then saw the Dollar Spot and my eyes lit up! He cracked up as I scurried over there and started snapping pictures of everything. Probably my favorite find was the adorable “Beach Life” tumbler! How darn cute is that? Especially for $5! 

I also was immediately drawn to those fake Easter egg trees to put on my desk at work (only $3!) I love a ton of greenery in my apartment during the spring and summer just because it freshens up the place. Unfortunately, nothing usually lives when I’m tasked with taking care of it – so fake flowers and little trees are my go to!

Another favorite of mine was the note cards and stationary set. I routinely write to David’s grandma just to say hi and having pretty stationary makes it so much more fun!

Share with me any of your recent Target Dollar Spot finds! I always love to be on the look out for fun goodies!

Happy Tuesday loves! I’ve been in such a good mood lately because its been warm and sunny! I’m just so ready for spring to begin and rock some wedges and little dresses. As you may know, I’m a big bargain hunter! I’ve seen tons of super cute wedges that I’d love to get my hands on but my bank account will seriously judge me if I spend the money on them. So instead, I found a few really cute wedges under $50 to share with you!

Since my closet is kinda small right now, I’m trying not to buy tons of shoes-  so let me know which of these is your favorite and I’ll pick one to wear literally everyday this spring!

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Last week I blogged about depression and what to expect when you love someone with it (if you missed that blog it’s here!) This week I’m sharing part 2 of the blog series on how to love someone with depression. I received a lot of great feedback from the last blog and definitely see a need for this subject to be talked about openly, especially in the context of a relationship.

What You Shouldn’t Say

Everyone puts their foot in their mouth from time to time. We say the wrong thing trying to help or just don’t understand the situation. While I’m sure most people with depression have had others unintentionally say the wrong thing to them when talking about it, it can still hurt. So if you’re dating or married to someone with depression, here are a few things you shouldn’t say.

  • “It’s all in your head.” – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, depressed people aren’t crazy and we know better than anyone that depression isn’t something we make up.
  • “It’ll get better eventually.” – In some cases, depression can resolve itself but often times it doesn’t. We get that you’re trying to make us feel better but this isn’t particularly helpful.
  • “Just try to stop being depressed or snap out of it.” – Ummmm that’s not how this works. No one wants to be depressed and its next to impossible to just “stop.”
  • “It’s miserable to be around you when you’re like this.” – We totally get that. Depressed people are depressing to be around. However, saying this makes us feel like we have to hurry up and feel better only for the comfort of someone else.
  • “You don’t need medicine.” – First of all, unless the person saying this is a doctor, they have no business telling me what I do and don’t need. And second of all, sometimes depressed individuals DO need medicine to balance out their hormones.
  • “Get over it, a lot of people are sad and learn to move on.” – Depression isn’t the same thing as sadness. You are sad because your pet died or a friend hurt you. An unfortunate event doesn’t have to happen to make someone depressed. You can get over a pet crossing the rainbow bridge, you can’t get over a chemical imbalance.

What You Should Say

To avoid saying something you shouldn’t, here are a few things you should say to your loved one!

  • “I wish I understood how you feel but I’m sure it’s hard.” – It’s totally ok if you don’t understand what depression is like, the important thing is that you let the other person know that you sympathize with them even if you don’t know how it feels.
  • “Can you explain it to me?” – Simply asking your loved one to explain their symptoms or what it feels like shows them you care and gives you a better understanding of depression and how it impacts them.
  • “I may not be able to help but I’m here to listen.” – Sometimes just a listening ear can be incredibly helpful and personally, I’m always thankful for it!
  • “I’ll be happy to go to the doctor with you.” – For those that see a doctor routinely for treatment or general help, it can be really eye opening to go with your significant other and talk with the doctor. He or she can explain depression and even offer tips on caring for someone with it.
  • “How can I help ease your symptoms?” – Sometimes there really isn’t anything you can do, however offering to go on a walk with them or get some fresh air can be a nice gesture that shows you want to help.

Helpful Tips

David and I’s relationship has been through job loss, moving around, and distance. But nothing has been quite the challenge like my depression. It’s been hard for him to understand it because he hasn’t experienced it. By explaining how it feels and making sure he understands it isn’t his fault (or mine), its been a bit easier on both of us.

Every aspect of a relationship can usually be improved with open, honest communication and mental health is certainly something to be honest about. If you and your loved one struggle with this, try writing letters to each other to explain your feelings. David and I have found this to be a lot easier.

Ultimately, just be there for your significant other! Open the curtains for them and let the sunlight in! Sit down and just chat about something funny that happened during the day. Sometimes the little gestures can mean the most when you’re depressed.




Hey everyone! David and I just got back from our little getaway and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- I left my heart in California! I can’t get enough of all the sunshine, palm trees, fresh seafood, and happy people. David wasn’t sure if he would like it there but he quickly fell in love just like I did. There’s just something about the LA area but I can’t put my finger on it.

The photos above were on the beach in Santa Monica! I was so ready to get some sun on my legs that I decided to wear these cute ripped denim shorts I just got at Target for $16.99! Seriously, I’m obsessed with Target’s Universal Thread line- its affordable and very trendy! I also wore this one-shoulder ruffle top from J Crew (similar style) and a warm scarf, the beach breeze was a tad chilly!

Where to Eat in Santa Monica

Every vacation for me starts and ends with eating! Let me just say we ate our weight in seafood and fresh guacamole and it was worth it! Our Air BnB was up in Glendale just outside of Los Angeles and the first place we went to eat Sunday morning was at this restaurant called Delia’s and oh my goodness! Freshly squeezed orange juice, made to order burrito, and bistro seating on the street that couldn’t be beat! It was pure bliss!

When we headed over to Santa Monica for the day, the first thing we did was hit up the pier for guacamole and margaritas. Mariasol Cocina Mexicana on the pier was delicious! We ordered table-side guacamole and they made it right in front of us. David and I Instagrammed the heck out of that moment! Besides the chubby pigeons waiting for a tortilla chip to drop, it was great!

We walked the pier and beach for another 2 hours or so and then went to work off our meal by renting bikes! We rode a few miles down the shore to Venice Beach before turning around and trading in the bikes for a cold one at a neat British pub by the water.

For dinner Sunday night, we went to Water Grill – Santa Monica. Holy smokes ya’ll, this place was divine! David and I ordered a bit of everything including fresh crab cakes, wedge salads, mac & cheese, brussel sprouts, coleslaw, fresh swordfish, and the yummiest rolls ever! If you ever want a nice meal by the ocean in Santa Monica, this place can’t be beat!

What to See in Hollywood

Right after our flight landed at LAX, we took an Uber to our Air BnB to drop off our luggage. Then we headed over to Hollywood to see the sites! Of course the first thing we did was grab a bite to eat at Stout’s- delicious veggie burgers and loaded fries can be found there! After filling up, we walked down Sunset blvd before making our way to the Chinese Theater and the walk of fame.

Ok, this may not be a popular opinion but… I wasn’t that impressed with Hollywood. I felt like I should have been wow’d but it was dirty, stinky, and the people cosplaying as their favorite characters made me uneasy. If you’re planning a trip to Los Angeles, just plan a half day in Hollywood. The Chinese Theater offers tours which I’ve heard are neat and the walk of fame can be cool if you’re on a scavenger hunt for specific people. Otherwise, there are great views of the Hollywood Hills and sign!

Pressing Onward After Vacation

There’s nothing harder than coming home from a needed vacation only to have reality hit you in the face. I could honestly move to California I liked it so much… the price of living keeps me from moving out there though. Anyway, it was a great trip and one I’m glad I get to share with you! Next Monday I start my new job and I couldn’t be more excited! 

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