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Oh my goodness I’ve been so excited about Chip & Joanna’s Hearth & Hand collection for Target! I had seen my local Target putting up these sheets around the collection so no one could see it yet and I was so tempted to peek! When the collection was revealed, it was exactly what I expected to see from them. It has Joanna written all over everything!

The pieces are very earthy and natural looking. They also have that homespun look that reminds me of classic Americana designs. I think its reasonably priced as well, which is always important! I went through all the pieces a million times and selected a few that I thought would be perfect as hostess gifts for the holiday season!

My Love-Hate Relationship with Shiplap

Joanna Gaines uses shiplap in pretty much every episode and she’s really good at designing with it. However, I’m not a big fan. I know, ridiculous aren’t I? Shiplap, when used by those who know what they’re doing with it and in moderation, can look great. The average person, like myself, will either install it wrong or make it look a little too Pinteresty. I love my pin boards but certain things are just overdone and shiplap is one of them.

I’m also not a fan of trendy anything. Similar to how dark wood paneling was popular way back when, shiplap is popular now. Give it a good 10 years and it will be – you guessed it- tacky. By all means enjoy the trend now but don’t invest too much. Trends come and go. Joanna certainly has beautiful taste in everything she designs but shiplap isn’t one of my favorite design pieces she often uses.

Have you bought anything from the collection? Let me know your thoughts on it!

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Y’all its finally cooling down here in Dallas! I’m so excited! After months of oppressive heat, I can open my porch doors and get some fresh air. Fall in Texas is so strange to me though. There really aren’t many trees that change colors and then lose their leaves. There also isn’t that wonderful crispness in the air that I love so much. I’m not entirely sure what I thought living in Texas would be like. I always had a romantic vision of cowboys on horses and bright stars at night- and still enjoying four seasons. That doesn’t happen here. Sigh.

Long-Sleeve Romper for Fall

Since Texas in the fall is very unpredictable, I came across this adorable romper and thought it would be perfect! It’s that awkward time of the season when we have to dress warm in the morning and then peel off layers by noon. This Old Navy romper was a great compromise for both ends of the spectrum. The best part is that it was on sale for $28! And it has pockets!

So, a few other things I’m pulling from my winter wardrobe are my long sleeve shirts, Hunter boots, blanket scarves, and vests (because I literally live in those half the year.) Of course, I’m wearing all of these things with shorts because jeans are just not happening until later this fall. Still too hot!

A few things I’ve noticed other Texas women doing with their fall style is taking classic fall clothing, such as flannel shirts or felt hats, and wearing denim shorts with them. It still looks fall-ish without sweltering in layers of clothing. Speaking of which, I’m dusting off my burgundy felt hat and bringing that out too!

Little Life Update

I’m trying to open up to you guys a little more through my blog and not just posting pictures of my (fabulous) outfits! So I want to share a little life update today! I’m working on my personal health a lot more and learning how to manage stress. Although, I’m not very good at it yet, I have found that running makes the stress manageable. Also, drinking tea in the evening is becoming a relaxing ritual that makes everything all better! See my post about the health program I’m part of if you’re in an exercise and stress rut too!

Photography: Luisa’s Secret 

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Hey everyone! So glad that the weekend is almost here. The weeks are long and stressful for me so I savor every second of Saturday and Sunday! A few weekends ago I went to a football game between David’s college (UTSA) and University of North Texas and I couldn’t believe how spirited that game was. Holy smokes. Texans are crazy with their football! I’m not a big sports fan but what I do love is a good game day outfit!

What to Wear to a Football Game

So in my limited experience, women who are serious football fans rock the jerseys and face paint. Women who enjoy the game wear their school’s colors. Women like myself, who don’t care either way but go for something to do, wear something cute and casual! My open shoulder top was gifted from Social Seams Boutique and is so comfy! Plus, its only $19.99 and if you use code Fall15 you get 15% off!

It’s long in the back for more of a tunic feel and then loose and flowy in the arms for extra coziness. I can’t wait to start wearing it with a big blanket scarf and my signature monogrammed ball cap! This look is really simple and perfect for days when you know you’ll be eating a lot, which is pretty much every Saturday for me. Definitely check out Social Seams for more cute tops like this one!

Dating a Sports Nut

Ok so almost every guy likes a sport of some sort or at least has a team they cheer on. When I began dating David, I quickly realized that sports aren’t just entertainment, they’re a way of life. The 3 things I learned about dating a sports fan? Keep reading.

First, you will schedule your life around games. Yep, I’m dead serious. I figured this out pretty fast when I asked if he wanted to go somewhere and David looked at me like I was crazy and said “there’s a game on.” Oops my bad. I thought sports were just entertainment, not set appointments.

Second, if you’re in a fantasy league, you must do a destination draft. No ladies, it cannot be at your house, a bar, or restaurant. It needs to be at some sort of an AirBnb or it really doesn’t count as a “draft.” For the best draft, all of your bros have to be there and the WiFi has to be fast. It should also be a weekend-long event, not just a few hours. If you don’t have some crazy story from draft weekend, then did it even really count? Nope.

Third, sports podcasts are a thing and you’ll listen to them whether you want to or not. I honestly had no idea people really listened to podcasts until I met David. At first, I thought this was just something to listen to on the way to work. Guess again. Sports podcasts are playing whenever David is driving, in the shower, or playing a video game. These little gems dictate who he picks to win in his fantasy league.

I mean, if I’m going to date a sports nut, I may as well have cute outfits to wear to sporting events right?! Go ‘like’ Social Seams on Facebook and show them some love!

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Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share something personal and something that impacts so many other people- depression. Mental health awareness is so important for the health of our society and yet it still has a strange stigma around it. I thought my own experience with this was something that I could talk about to help remove the stigma one brick at a time.

Sharing my Struggle with Depression

So one thing you have to keep in mind while you’re reading this is that I’m not writing this to receive comments affirming how “brave” I am or on the contrary, that this blog post is just looking for attention. I’m writing it because it’s healthy to talk about mental health and we simply should.

Like every teenager, I had my bouts of depression (thank you changing hormones!) However, sometimes it wasn’t just crazy teenage hormones. Often enough, it was actual, real sadness. I certainly didn’t have anything to be particularly sad about, just typical teenage girl stuff. Once I got into college, anxiety kicked in and seemed to replace the depression for a while until I graduated. Right about this time, anxiety started to feed my depression and vice versa. Anxiety and depression are very closely related and tend to fuel each other.

Once I recognized how bad I was feeling and that it was starting to impact my habits, I knew I needed someone to guide me through it. This was when I began to realize the serious stigma around mental health issues. I had seen a psychologist when I was younger who helped me work through an irrational fear of ghosts (not Scooby-Doo kind of ghosts, actual ghosts.) But now I needed someone to work through something else that haunted me- depression.

Knowing that getting professional “help” was frowned upon or met with judgement, I kept this to myself, my family, and select friends. When anxiety medication was recommended by my doctor, I kept that piece of information to just my family because medication is met with even more judgement.

Let’s Ditch the Mental Health Judgment

Throughout my experience of trying to improve my mental health and doing everything I should to feel better, people still judge. What I don’t understand is why they judge. Depression doesn’t happen because I didn’t “decide” to be happy. Depression occurs due to a chemical imbalance in my brain. It isn’t because I’m crazy or because I just chose to be this way and to suggest such a thing is absurd.

I often wonder if maybe people wouldn’t snap if we recognized the signs of poor mental health and encouraged people to seek help. Or if people who need a clean bill of both physical and mental health to do their jobs (for example pilots) were given time to routinely talk with mental health professionals instead of being let go for even suggested that they’re feeling anxiety. I’m certainly no expert in this area but removing the stigma mental health issues have attached to them would certainly improve the lives of those impacted, including myself.

Since I’d love to see mental health’s negative connotations be replaced by positive ones, I’ve decided to be completely honest about it with friends, family, coworkers, and even my boss. I keep it light hearted, explaining that “hey, everyone needs to see one because we all feel overwhelmed from time to time.” People seem to get that.

If I’m speaking with someone who think depression or anxiety is “all in your head,” I explain my own feelings of depression and it makes it hard for them to deny my feelings. It plants that small seed of doubt in their mind and opens them up to the idea that just because they haven’t experienced depression doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

How You Can Help

To recap, depression is real and it makes it far worse when other people judge or doubt. What you can do is encourage friends and others around you to talk with a doctor about their depression or other mental health problems. You can also be open about your own struggles. Finally, you can share this post with friends or someone you know who might be struggle with depression to let them know you understand and care. It will mean more than you know!



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Happy Hump Day everyone! Getting to Wednesday is like an uphill battle but once I’m there, it’s golden! I wanted to chat about how to wear floral prints in fall. Similar to wearing white after Labor Day, people think you can’t or shouldn’t. I beg to differ. When done tastefully, it can be really pretty!

Choose the Right Color Scheme

In the spring, we think of pastel color schemes and Easter egg-like patterns. In the fall, we think of warm, rich burgundies and deep blues. When wearing floral during the fall, the color scheme you choose makes a difference! For example, the top I’m wearing from Social Seams Boutique features a series of dark blues, reds, and yellows. It works really well for October because it blends in with the colors and elements we already associate with the season. Also, use code Fall15 to get 15% off my top!

Choose the Right Floral

The colors matter but so do the actual flowers themselves. Choose patterns that features flowers that are typically found in the fall. Don’t attempt to wear something with a hibiscus plant on it or some other tropical, summery flower. It just doesn’t work. Go with traditional fall flowers!

Fall Memories

Whenever I think of fall flowers, I think of chrysanthemums. Every fall, my mom and I would go to the Amish market near our house and pick out a few mums to put on the front steps at our house. Usually, we’d choose the bright yellow mums but occasionally we’d venture out and buy burgundy. I can’t picture an autumn without mums on our front steps! Now that I have my own apartment, incorporating these flowers into my seasonal decor is a must!

Outfit Details

As I mentioned earlier, my top is from Social Seams and is only $24.99! I love that its an off the shoulder top and that it buttons up the front. I think it adds a little uniqueness to it! My white denim jeans are from Lucky Brand and they’re the Bridgette Skinny. I can’t find them on the website anymore (they were on clearance at the store) however my favorite fit is the Charlie Skinny. I’m linking this fit’s white denim skinny jeans that are similar to mine and just so happen to be on sale for $30! My red bag is from Coach (now called Tapestry?) and is super old but still a fall favorite of mine!

Comment with your tips for wearing floral prints during the fall! I love hearing from you guys!

*this post contains affiliate links and my top was gifted. All opinions are my own!

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Happy Friday! I honestly can’t go another day without at least a little break so I’m thrilled that it’s the weekend and I can finally relax for a bit. If you read my last post on my crazy work week schedule, you’ll understand why! I thought today I’d share a review of a few fall skincare products I’ve been testing out. For full disclosure, several of these items were gifted for me to review but all opinions are my own!

Dermarché Labs Review

Ok so let’s start with the Instant Skin Smoothing Masque. I’m always skeptical with these masques simply because I feel like its just a bunch of gunk I put on my face with no real results. However, I liked the feeling of this one and the result! My skin was definitely brighter and I didn’t look exhausted so that’s always nice!

Next, is the Hyaluronic Acid Topical Wrinkle Filler! Obviously, I’m too young to have wrinkles so I can’t tell you whether or not this product really does work to fix that but I can tell you that it helped with the circles under my eyes. Usually my eyes look a little sunken and tired but they were less noticeable when I used this product. It was also really moisturizing, which is nice during the winter months when your face dries out!

Becca Blurring Primer

Oh my goodness, I love this product! Its a face primer you use before you put on your foundation and it’s amazing. It has a silky texture that feels so smooth on your skin. You don’t need much for full coverage. The best part is that you don’t feel like you’re even wearing it! Winning!

Silicone Beauty Blender

I had seen silicone beauty blenders all over the place and finally decided to try one from a Korean company that was at Style Con. I honestly love it so much! It makes putting on foundation so easy and you don’t use half the foundation you would with a makeup brush. Plus, it’s a million times easier to clean- you just wash it with warm water after you’re done using it! During the summer months I wear a powder foundation but when it gets chilly again, liquid foundation is my go-to!

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