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Happy Monday loves! Another weekend come and gone. They just go by so quickly, actually the whole summer has gone by quickly! This week David is going to be out of town at a bachelor party for one of his besties in Las Vegas. So it’s going to be me, the cat, the dog, and Netflix for a few days. I’m perfectly fine with that.

I get bored easily though so I’m doing a fun girl’s night out with one of my friends here in Dallas! No GNO is complete without a great outfit though. I picked up this pretty dress last weekend and I seriously love it, plus it’s on sale (here!) I have tons of little black dresses and great date night dresses but this tropical print just tops them all! I’m linking the rest of my outfit details below!

Monogram Clutch: (old) similar here | Wedges: here | Tassel Earrings: (old) similar here

Dallas Girl’s Night Out Spots

I think GNO spots are way different than where you’d go on a date or with a mixed group of friends. I prioritize pretty drinks, Instagrammable aesthetic, and good music when I’m choosing a location. A few of my favorite Dallas spots are:

  • Happiest Hour
  • The Rustic
  • Nickel & Rye
  • Pie Tap Pizza Workshop
  • HG Supply Co.
  • SODA Bar
  • Stirr

I’m always looking for a new place to try out so if you have suggestions, let me know! Bonus points if your selection has a killer cheese plate! I could seriously make every meal I eat a cheese plate. And I’d never get tired of it. They’re just so good! Also, my dress comes in black as well so be sure to check it out! Have a lovely week guys!

Photo creds: Luisa’s Secret Photography

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preppy clothing for fall

You guys… fall is almost here!! Ok so it’s still about a month away but I seriously can’t wait! I live for September through December! Seriously, those 4 months are the absolute best! Dallas doesn’t really get “chilly” until late October and by chilly I mean consistently under 75 degrees. However, I live vicariously through the northeastern preps that break out their Bean Boots way before I can.

Since I brought up preppy fall clothes, I may as well get to the point of this post: fall preppy essentials. I live by the Karl Lagerfeld quote “Trendy is the last stage before tacky.” I invest only in classic pieces that can be worn for years to come. Trendy items are fun but they’ll also show your age 20 years from now.

Invest In L.L. Bean

One of the very first things I think of when I hear the word “classic” is L.L. Bean. The brand has stood the test of time and continues to produce quality clothing after 100 years. I chose a few of my favorite fall Bean items to share with you because I know they’re worth the money! My mom had a pair of Bean Boots that lasted for 20 years!

L.L. Bean Tote (Here) | Bean Boots (Here) | Cable Knit Fisherman’s Sweater (Here) | Flannel Shirt (Here)

Fall in Love with Tweed Skirts

Ever since I saw Sarah Vickers of Preppy Girls Wear Pearls blog wearing a tweed skirt in a gorgeous New England setting, I knew I had to have one. While I still haven’t purchase one, I found this skirt (here) and thought it was perfect! I love that a tweed skirt embodies  the rich, cultural heritage of a Scottish kilt while also embracing the prep school vibes we all know and love from Gossip Girl.

Buy the Right Denim

Denim is as American as it gets. And over the years, this classic staple has been redesigned time and again. The trendy way to wear denim right now is with rips up and down the pant legs and fringe at the cuff. My style advice is to stick with a classic dark wash denim skinny  (here) that can be worn to work as well as happy hour. Denim is one thing I’ll pay a pretty penny for because the perfect pair of worn in jeans can’t be loved enough.

Classic Knit Cap

Beanies, bogans, toboggans- whatever you want to call this classic knit cap, should definitely be on your list of fall preppy staples. The origins of this delightful hat with the pom pom on top are unknown but everyone loves them. If you’re an outdoorsy person, this North Face toboggan (here) is really cute!

Monogrammed Quilted Vest

J. Crew’s herringbone vest is a tough fall classic to beat. However, these adorable quilted vest come pretty close! Every year I try to buy a new vest because they’ve been popular for ages and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Link here!

Monogrammed Fall Tee

Drumroll please! My absolute must-have, favorite thing on this list is this adorable monogram fall tee! Marley Lilly has outdone themselves with this seasonal item. I can literally picture myself curled up with my kitty, drinking a pumpkin spice latte in this tee! Get one before they sell out, link here!

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stock photosHey guys! Happy Monday! I feel like the summer just flew by and I barely had a chance to use my pineapple pool float. Or go to overpriced brunches every Sunday. First world problems, right? Summers in Texas are so different from summer back in Maryland. The heat here just blows me away! I’ve lived in Dallas for just over a year now and I wanted to share a bit about my time here and the struggle to make friends in a new city!

Loneliness of Not Knowing Anyone

I moved with my boyfriend to Dallas in search of better paying jobs and cheaper cost of living. Also, David’s from Texas so that kinda drew us here anyway. My first 6 months here were nothing short of lonely. Sure, I had David but that’s pretty much it. I didn’t know a soul here and it sucked. I’ve spent my entire life on the East Coast and all of my friends are there. It was a big deal to pack up my stuff and leave all that I ever knew. Plus, it’s hard to make friends as an adult. It just is.

Difficulty in Finding Friends

My first job here in Dallas gave me the security of having great coworkers who became friends. They were really open and invited me into their work group. That part made my days easier, but finding friends outside of work proved a bit more challenging. I thought blogging would open up opportunities to get to know other Dallas bloggers and it did to a degree. However,  I noticed pretty quickly that these girls already had their groups of friends and weren’t particularly open to outsiders.

Don’t get me wrong, bloggers I met up with at events or knew through Instagram were kind and polite, but that’s different from being friendly and inviting. I was reminded by another blogger that finding friendships within the blogging community is difficult because it’s constant competition between bloggers. And I can definitely see that.

Learning to Find Friends

Eventually, I found a few blogger gal pals that I could get coffee with and bounce ideas off of. A lot of them I found through Style Collective! One of the smartest things I ever did was try out an app called Shapr. Shapr is an app that connects you to other professionals in your city looking for similar opportunities. In my profile, I said I was looking for freelance work and new friends in town. That’s how I met Laila, my fabulous fashion PR friend who puts up with my tiring shopping trips!

I also found that getting out and doing things within the community opens up a whole world of opportunity. The difficult part is just getting out of the house to go do something. Dallas is a fairly transient place and there’s a lot of new people here. The challenge is finding them and getting outside of your comfort zone. Nothing is ever easy though, right?

dallas fashion blogger


Oh my goodness you guys, I went to Target the other day (surprise, surprise) and their back to school dollar section was awesome! They had things for teachers, students, and college students. Since I can relate a little more to college students, I figured I’d cover the neat dorm room stuff! So I went through the dollar section with my phone and took photos even though a few people gave me those “what the heck are you doing?” looks while I was doing it. Whatever.

Must-Have Dorm Room Stuff

Once upon a time I was a college freshman and so excited about going to college. I was a little younger than most freshman- 17 years old – and was full of energy. It only took a few months to have that zapped from me but nonetheless, college was a blast! Before I arrived on campus, I went shopping for dorm room stuff. Lots of dorm room stuff. Most of which I didn’t end up needing. I figured I’d share my must-have dorm room items that I got the most use out of!

Cheap dish-ware: Seriously, don’t spend money on cups and plates. You’ll destroy pretty much whatever you use anyway so you only need the cheap stuff. The plastic cups above were only $1!

Inexpensive dorm decor: I had one roommate that literally drilled holes into the wall to hang things. Worst. Idea. Ever. I love the fun cork board, peg board, and wall decals I found in the dollar section! Under $5 each and easy to remove at the end of the year!

Recipe book: My mom printed out a few recipes for me and I’ve kept them in a binder since! If you have a traditional dorm, you’ll want to have easy, no-cook recipes in there that you can whip up before class.

Sturdy laundry basket/hamper: I lugged my hamper to and from the laundry room multiple times and I was glad I invested in one that wouldn’t split open under the weight of 3 weeks worth of laundry.

An actual backpack: No cute little shoulder bags or messenger bags. An actual backpack is what you’ll need to avoid back pain. Those college textbooks get heavy walking across campus!

For college graduates or seniors, leave a comment with one thing you wish you had when you started school!

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Hey guys! Is it really Monday again? As much as I enjoy my job, I enjoy the weekends even more! I was doing some online shopping over the weekend when I noticed that a few stores had debuted their early fall product line. My heart skipped a beat for a minute and then I realized fall doesn’t come until December in Texas. Nonetheless, every store is starting to put summer items on clearance! YAY! I live for clearance finds! Since we’re on the subject, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite summer clearance things to stock up on for next year!

Shopping Tip: Always, always shop sale racks for things you can wear or use next year! Saves you a lot of money and getting a deal is exciting!


I don’t see rompers going out of style in the next year so it’s a safe bet to buy a few on clearance now and wear them next year. I have a few from Old Navy that I bought last summer and they’re still in style now! Not gonna lie, some rompers are too short on me and give me an unattractive, ahem, wedgie in the back so be sure you know what size you are!

Pool Floats

I bought the pineapple float pictured above on eBay for $20! Normally these pool floaties are at least $30 a piece but many of them have come down to under $20 recently. Target I know for fact has them marked down! I brought my pineapple float to the pool yesterday and got tons of compliments on it.


Wedges, flip flop, strappy, and statement sandals are all great items to stock up on right now. Old Navy has a bunch, Target is marking them down, and I believe even DSW is putting them on sale. I wear my sandals out pretty quickly so I always buy some if I think they’re a good deal.

Basic Tees

You can’t go wrong with a basic tee shirt. I love them because they’re versatile and easy to throw on. J Crew is marking their v-neck tees down in price and they’re my favorite! I always buy neutral colors first and then a fun bright pink too!


Sundresses and maxi dresses won’t ever go out of style so it’s safe to buy a few off the clearance racks. Zara had a bunch of cute ones and so did J Crew. Be on the look out early because these items usually go fast once they’re on sale. Normally, I’m a size 8 in pretty much everything and usually that size tends to go quickly.

Cold Shoulder Tops

This is a trendier piece and I’m not sure how long it will last. It’s been in style for a few years now so it might come back at least next spring. J Crew has so many cute ones on clearance as well as Nordstrom!

Photo credit: Luisa’s Secret Photography

When I started writing Witty n Pretty, I just wanted to write and enjoy a fun hobby. Everyone needs something to do during their down time, and this was my favorite thing to occupy my time with. However, when I started getting more into blogging and learning all that I could, my motivations changed. I had these big dreams that I’d be an overnight success, a fabulous Instagram ‘it’ girl, and be making crazy money through my blog. I hired a photographer to take my photos like the ones above so I’d be more appealing. I started analyzing what other, more popular bloggers were doing differently from me, which quickly turned into comparing myself to them.

To make a long story short, my self-esteem took a downward turn. Blogging, while still something I enjoy, isn’t always enjoyable. When you begin to look around at more successful, more beautiful women, it isn’t shocking to feel the pain of insignificance. But this led me to another realization- why do women have such a hard time feeling and believing that they’re beautiful? 

Women Focus on the Flaws

When women look in the mirror, they focus in on the things they hate! For me, it’s my hereditary double chin and stomach. I can’t tell you how much I hate both of those things, so I go through my day knowing that both of those things are following me around everywhere I go. For other women it might be puffy cheeks, large pores, or circles under their eyes. Whatever the insecurity is, we women zero in on it and can’t, and more importantly, won’t forget about it.

Women Get Jealous

This is true for every human being but when it comes to beauty, women take jealousy to a whole new level. Scroll through your Instagram feed and try not to compare yourself to another girl, seriously just try. It’s hard isn’t it? When I’m cruising through the ‘gram I get jealous of another girl’s gorgeous makeup, perfectly formed eyebrows, big hair, or how thin she is. Frankly, sometimes I can’t shake that feeling and I start to feel inferior or worse- unworthy. Jealousy makes your heart bitter. 

Women Feel the Need for Approval

We all want to feel accepted and loved for who we are. It’s just a human need. But approval comes in many forms. For some women, we need our boyfriends or husbands to tell us we’re beautiful in order for us to believe it ourselves. For others, we want society to tell us that. This could be through the amount of Instagram followers a girl has or how many likes her selfie gets. Whatever the source of approval is, women often need it before they’ll accept that they are beautiful.

Final Thoughts and Self-Worth

I’m not here to solve a problem that literally every woman has dealt with at some point in her life. I’m here just to highlight that you aren’t alone in the feeling of insecurity. I have such a hard time looking in the mirror and saying “wow, God made me beautiful!” It drives me crazy that I can’t do that and it’s something I need to work on. Women should love themselves for who they are but we don’t. And that’s why it’s hard to feel beautiful.

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