Vera_BradleyI absolutely hate paying airlines to check my luggage. I paid enough for my flight as it is, do I really have to pay to take my stuff with me too? Apparently the answer is yes. Well, this time around I’ve found a way around that. Tomorrow I head to the land of tourism and sunshine for vacation. I’m spending a week in Orlando, FL visiting my boyfriend and a few friends. One of the hardest things about packing for a vacation is knowing what activities you’ll be doing while you’re there. I’ve packed outfits that can work for many different events and be dressed up or down. Read on to see what I packed!

Florida Bound!

1. Bottoms

I packed mostly white shorts/capris because they will match anything! I also packed some Cute_Shortsjean shorts for a more casual look and athletic shorts for days that may require athletic clothes. All of these are very versatile and allow me to change the look of my outfit without changing everything.

2. Tops

Cute_TopsI picked things that can work for both day and night. The black and white striped top can be worn with white shorts or capris. The light purple top is 3/4 length sleeve and a very light fabric and can be worn with white/jean shorts and dressed up or down for day or evening activities. The silver tank top is best for evenings out and looks particularly good with the white capris. The white tank top works with any combination of shorts. The coral top is also 3/4 length and light fabric and once again can be worn with any combination of shorts (except for the athletic shorts) and dressed up or down with the right accessories! Finally, the yellow top is a tank and looks best with the white shorts and capris.

3. Dresses

The coral dress is mid length and 3/4 length sleeve and looks great with nude pumps or flats. It can be worn for day and Little_Black_Dressnight depending the accessories and shoes. ย The black lace dress is one shoulder and also looks nice with the same nude pumps.

4. Accessories

I brought with me a pearl necklace and matching earrings (seriously, what doesn’t look Jewelry_Accessoriesgood with pearls?) I also brought a large statement necklace that pairs well with almost every outfit. Additionally, I brought dangly earrings in blue to work with both coral pieces in my wardrobe. The multi colored earrings will also work with any of the outfits I brought. Finally, to add a nautical touch to my casual outfits, I brought navy blue anchor earrings.

Also, not pictured is my cross body Coach bag (for days when I don’t want a big bag to carry), navy blue Sperrys, nude pumps, and silver sparkly strappy sandals. The Sperrys are great for my casual outfits (I’m also wearing them on the plane to reduce weight in my carry on) while the pumps and sandals are nice for a dressed up look or brunch with the girls ๐Ÿ˜‰

5. Little extras

Obviously bring your underwear, socks, bras blah, blah, blah. Don’t forget your bikini too! I bought mine in a magenta color that can be mixed with my navy bikini pieces. For this trip, I don’t want to add a lot of weight to my luggage (25 pound limit!) so I’m only bringing the magenta bikini. Also, don’t forget your flat iron or curler. Be aware of weight limits so you may have to choose between them (yikes, you can do this!)

Bonus: I’m bringing my laptop, make up, and Vogue in my tote bag (yes, it does fit under the stupid seat in front of me madam flight attendant!) Most airlines allow you the carry on to be stowed overhead and a laptop bag/large purse to go underneath the seat in front of you.

As for my outfit tomorrow, I’m sporting a navy blue tank top underneath a mint colored hoodie with those white shorts I mentioned earlier.

Am I missing anything? Any things you might take with you? Let me know in a comment below!



Lazy days

Designer in the Family!

This is a little something my sister designed a few months back on Polyvore. I love this outfit and would totally wear this for a cozy day at home. She loves to create sets and do crazy make up! She’s really talented and creative go check her out! Link here!
She is also in several ‘fandoms‘ as she calls them (Doctor Who, Super Natural, Hunger Games, Once Upon a Time…) and she creates sets based on those characters.ย 
More from me to come tomorrow… Surprise vacation this weekend and a few tips on light packing!

Summer is coming and it has crept up on us yet again. As I look in the mirror I can see a few improvement areas, particularly around my thighs (a trouble spot). However, I know better than anyone else that getting your bum off the couch and getting to the gym is one of the hardest things you will do in an average day. Some people live for the gym and I’m forever jealous of them!ย 
What can we do to motivate ourselves to hit the gym? I think I’ve come up with a few ideas. Read on.ย 
1. Get a gym bag
Seriously, who doesn’t love getting a new bag of some sort? I’ve been browsing Dick’s Sporting Goods and they seem to have quite the assortment of awesome gym bags to choose from.
2. Put together a great gym outfit
Girls (and guys) should try and look presentable at the gym. I enjoy looking cute though. Go find some athletic shorts in your favorite color and a new tank. While you’re at it, indulge yourself in a new pair of running shoes. They don’t have to cost hundreds but fresh kicks can do a world of good!
3. Make a routine
Tone_It_UpYou won’t want to go to the gym if you have no idea what you’ll do when you get there. Find a routine that you are comfortable with but will also challenge you. The Tone It Up girls run a Youtube channel with hundreds of workouts to choose from. Go take a peak!
4. Make a playlist
For a really good workout you need a really good playlist of songs that motivate you. A few songs on my playlist are “Angel” by Akon, “Cool Kids” by Echosmith, “I Love It” by Icona Pop, “I Made It” by Kevin Rudolf, “Runaway” by Mat Kearney, and “I’m Alive” by Shinedown.ย 
5. Hydrate
Water is an important part of any workout routine. If you’re like me, you find water rather boring. Rethink this with adding Pinterestfruit to your water! I love strawberries and limes in mine. At a spa I went to in Disney World, they added lemon and cucumber to their water. It was a refreshing drink that truly made water exciting!ย 
6. Find a workout partner
Having someone that will meet you at the gym will motivate you for two reasons: 1. You won’t want to be rude and cancel on them and 2. You will challenge yourself to keep up with your partner and meet your own goals.
7. Find a fitness appย 
I like to record my progress, calorie intake, weight, and water consumption on my phone so I can remember and have it handy. Find an app that you like to record the same things. I use My Net Diary to keep track of these things but there are many others!ย 
What do you do to motivate yourself to go to the gym? Any tips? Comment, like, and share!

What’s in the Duchess’ Closet?

The Duchess of Cambridge has become a style icon of our generation. People scrutinize every outfit she wears. Why? Because there hasn’t been one that doesn’t look amazing on her! She’s classy, sophisticated, stylish, and wears clothing that doesn’t go out of style. She’s becoming a ‘classic’ icon similar to Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly. Despite having a personal stylist and shopper, she has always had taste in clothing in before marrying Prince William. What influences her amazing wardrobe? More importantly, how can we dress in a similar way? I’ve found a few key pieces that the Duchess seems to go for time and again.ย 

1. Navy Blazer

Kate_MiddletonThe navy blazer is a classic and doesn’t go out of style. Not only that, it can be worn with many different outfits. It can be dressed up or dressed down. The possibilities are limitless.ย 

2. Fitted Jeans

Jeans are a staple in anyone’s wardrobe. But do we see a lot of denim in the Duchess’? kate-jeans--zActually, we do. However, she has taken a trend and made it her own by adopting fitted, colored jeans into her wardrobe. This is her small nod to current trends mixed with her very classic style.ย 

3. Nude Heelsย 

Nude_HeelsEveryone knows her go-to shoe is a nude pump. It elongates the leg and matches everything. Her frequent trips touring the world require careful packing and planning so a shoe that works with everything really lightens the load.

4. A Cocktail Dress

Kate knows a good dress! We see her in dresses more often than anything else. Having a Kate+Middleton+Dresses+Skirts+Cocktail+Dress+XRI-kvyX3oUlcocktail dress that can be used multiple times and is neutral in color is nice a addition to any closet. Each time you wear it change up the accessories for a fresh look!ย 

5. A Striped Shirt

downloadShe’s been wearing these since before marrying Prince William. They well with the navy blazer she loves so much and does a lot for the classic, preppy look she embodies. Stripes can be problematic for some people, but not for Kate. Her slender figure allows her to wear almost anything she wants to.ย 

6. A Button Up

Classic oxford button ups are just that- classic! They come back every season and people fall in love all Kate_Middletonover again. And apparently Kate does too!ย 

What are a few staples you’ve noticed she wears? Do you have any for yourself? Comment below!





Purses and Their Purposes

Every girl needs something to carry their stuff in. We can’t get away with carrying a wallet around like our male counter parts can. But honestly, would we want to? Our bags are way too cute! In middle school, I went to a private Christian school and a few of the popular girls had Dooney & Bourke purses and lunch bags. Being the price that they were I couldn’t buy one. However, I found a great knock-off version that had all the girls at school wondering how I bought one. As I got older though, I realized investing in a few different good bags is worth the money. Here are 5 bags every girl needs to invest in.

1. The Satchel

Coach_PurseThis is pretty standard and necessary for every girl. Whether you’r shopping, eating out, running errands, or going to a ball game, this purse will serve you well! I got mine from a Coach outlet in Florida. It was normally $250 but I got it for $90! If you don’t want to buy something this expensive, many department stores and places like Ross or Marshall’s carry brands like Tommy Hilfiger or Kenneth Cole that have great satchels.ย 

2. The Tote Bag

Dooney_&_BourkeThis was especially useful for me when I was in college carrying books around to and from classes. It also makes a great carry on for the plane. Get a sturdy one because it will receive a lot of wear and tear especially around the handles! The one my mom and I share is Dooney & Bourke (I got a fabulous deal on it) but a great tote I used to have was from Kenneth Cole and was only $35 and it lasted for quite awhile!

3. The Clutch

Black_ClutchIts perfect for a night out, a wedding, party, or dancing with your friends. No more putting your credit cards and cell phone in awkward places! Mine is a black vintage 1940s clutch that was my grandma’s in her younger days. I used to play dress up with it when I was a kid but I now see the true beauty in such an adorable accessory. Get one in a neutral color such as nude or black to suit all purposes.

4. The Cross-Body Purse

Coach_PurseThis is so great to have if you’re going to a theme park or on a long day trip that involves walking around. Its small and portable and requires very little fuss. It can easily fit your phone, ID, credit cards, cash, hand sanitizer, and lip gloss. When I worked at Disney World, tons of women wore these because they were small and convenient. The other good thing about them is that they’re small enough to fit on roller coasters. You won’t have to leave your bag behind and worry about it being stolen.ย 

5. The Duffel Bag

Vera_BradleyNot quite as big as a suit case but gets a lot of use for long weekends and overnighters. I found my Vera Bradley duffel at an outlet in Florida for $45 when they are normally $85 (for the large size). The print is called Safari Sunset. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my duffel and it truly has served its purpose.ย 

What purses do you have to have? Are there any purchases you regret? Comment below and share with your friends!



A cozy day in for my kitty!

We all enjoy a day off to relax and revive ourselves. I am not exception to this rule, especially since I just finished all my finals and I had my wisdom teeth pulled. By the way, my cheeks seem to be bruising more and more by the hour. If anyone has any tips to reduce swelling and such please comment below! Anyway, since all this is going on I need a day to just sit back and enjoy a day of nothingness. I’m a go-go-go kind of person and just sitting down is hard for me. Here’s what I do to relax and enjoy a cozy day in!

1. Comfy Clothes

Do I even have to explain this one? No one wants to spend a day lounging around in jeans and a polo shirt. You need something soft and loose to really relax and feel at home. I love wearing my university sweatpants and this cute new Aeropostale hoodie I found for $7 at the mall. Its super soft and just enough ventilation so I don’t get over heated.ย 

2. Tea Please!

I’m trying to learn to enjoy tea more but I’m still a coffee addict. I do love Tazo Passionfruit Tea from Starbucks though. I’m trying to find a recipe for it so I can cave some money and make it at home. The nearest Starbucks is 15 minutes away so there are no such things as quick Starbucks runs around here. I’ll be stocking up on teas and coffees (possibly buying a cute mug or two) and settling in.ย 

3. A Book

We rely on media to entertain us but books have been doing so for much longer. I’m not a fan of fiction books unless its a Lauren_Conradreally great one. However, I do love books about history, crazy conspiracies (they’re fun to think about), fashion, home decor, lifestyle, and old magazines. Find a genre that interests you and dig in. Reading makes you a well-rounded individual and is good for your mind.ย 

4. Candles

Ahhh candles. Is there anything more calming than the smell of a burning Bath_and_Body_Workscandle? I think not. Having a few around adds a nice touch to a relaxing day. My favorites ones to burn are Vanilla Cupcake from Yankee Candle and Mahogany Teakwoood from Bath and Body Works. They smell divine together! Plus Mahogany Teakwood smells like the Abercrombie cologne my boyfriend wears. Yum!

5. Pinterest

I know I’m lame for saying this, but cuddled under a blanket I could pin for hours! I love pinning to my one blog called “The Feeling of Home” because its all about coziness! Me and my bestie Lindsey used to room together for an internship we both did at Disney World and during our days off we would begin by the pool and end in our beds pinning to our heart’s content.

6. Music

Whether you want to listen to something upbeat or low key it can soothe your soul! I love listening to the ‘Sound of Sunshine’ by Michael Franti & Spearhead for a great upbeat sound. For something a little more chill I love some Jack Johnson!

7. Nail Polish

I love doing my nails when I have time to do them well! Grab your nail file and clippers and get to work on prepping yourNail_Polish fingers and toes for a gorgeous update! Something I love to do is choose a basic nail color (I usually go for a light pink) and painting all my fingers with a few coats then let them dry. After, I paint each tip with a sparkle polish kind of like you would a French manicure. However, on both of my ring fingers I paint the entire nail with the sparkle polish. Its so cute!

8. The Entire Season of a TV Show

Is there anything better than finishing a season of something on Netflix? I do that at least a few times a year. My latest show is ‘Lie to Me‘ even though it only has 3 seasons (which is beyond me because it was such a cool show). However, in the past I’ve gotten into ‘My Fair Wedding with David Tutera‘ and ‘White Collar‘ (Matt Bomer is too cute).ย 

9. Fruit

A cozy day in is also a great day for a little detox. Fruit is such a wonderful thing and is loaded with anti-oxidants and other good stuff. I love to cut up pineapple, kiwi, and strawberries and put them all in the same bowl then sprinkle a small amount of sugar on them (sometimes salt if they’re already too sweet) and then dig in! So yummy and refreshing. Add some Light Cool Whip for a dessert feel!ย 

10. Soft Pillow

Pillow_PinkI stack pillows on my bed like its nobodies business! At one point I had 7 on my queen sized bed. Surround yourself with pillows and leave room for a nap. There are so many benefits to napping I don’t know why employers aren’t on board with it. For now, on your day off take a nap and enjoy every minute of. For an even better nap, open your window a bit and let the breeze come in!

What are your must haves for a cozy day in? Let me know by commenting below! Thanks!