best_friendsI so enjoy my Sundays maybe even more than my Saturdays. This weekend was no different. My good friend and I decided that we were getting a bit too pale and that we needed some time in the sun. We live about four hours from a real beach (as the bird flies its only an hour or so but water and lack of bridges ruins it). As many people do in our town, we found our own “beach” on the shores of the Patuxent River. Believe it or not, it was quite relaxing and enjoyable. Their was a light breeze, boats going by, kids in the water, and good music playing. The only thing missing was a Pina Colada!

I’m also sporting a new swimsuit! This one I found for $30 at a TJ Maxx! Its really flattering because in the front on the bottoms it looks like its a wrap style! Also the top has wiring on the sides for support and prettiness! It’s an Australian company named Seafolly that created the suit (normally upwards of $150!)

What was your weekend like? Comment below if you did anything fun!


P.S. Got frozen yogurt from a little place called Sweet Frog! Strawberry cheesecake and pineapple coconut flavor with some granola and walnuts on top! So good!



A Dressing Room
The wealthy among us have a little thing called a walk in closet or even better, a dressing room. These were more common years ago but if you’re lucky enough to have one then you know how incredibly neat they are. Personally I would rather have a large closet with floor space to put a chair and pretty rug but if I am ever able to afford a full on dressing room, this is the color scheme I’m going with! What’s yours?

Audrey Hepburn’s classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s Little Black Dress. Every girl needs a little black dress in her closet. A classy one! Not one that you could also wear to a night club on the beach. The little black dress needs to be attractive and conservative enough to be compared to Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn’s.
I read a quote once from a designer, it might have been Edith Head, who said “A dress should be tight enough to show you’re a woman, but lose enough to show that you’re a lady.” Not the exact wording but you get the idea.

I never thought I would enjoy soccer. I really didn’t. However, this year’s World Cup has proven otherwise but in ways that you wouldn’t expect.

I’ll keep this short but I want to highlight how awesome it is to see each country taking pride in their teams! FromWorld_Cup the moment the gents and their kid sidekicks step onto the field there’s an undeniable sense of electricity moving through the air. They line up, salute their flags, sing their anthems, and then greet the opposing team. In a time where half the world is in an uproar, it is nice to see some sportsmanship taking place.

National identity and pride is absolutely vital to the survival and will power of a country. While some countries that are playing in the World Cup display their identity and pride less than others, I certainly appreciate the ones that are very open about it.

World_CupI’m cheering on two teams- England and America. England for my grandma and America because its my home. It sends goose bumps down my arms to hear my country’s anthem and to see our player’s mumbling the words with their hand on their heart. I also marvel at the other anthems as well. Its a cultural experience for all of us. For the first time in awhile we can all enjoy a game and just observe. We aren’t singing Kumbaya, but we’ve found common ground. Can we relish in this moment? I am.


Bedroom Beauty
One of the things I enjoyed the most growing up and moving around when I went to college was getting to decorate my bedroom. I’ve had Barbie themes, Princess themes, Hawaiian themes, and so many more! Having a place to go and relax is such a blessing for every girl (and guy)! Enjoy these soft, warm colors!



I had a few really amazing ladies nominate me and I’m flattered! Morgan from “Wandering Rush” and Lindsey from “Life Love Lindsey” have both nominated me recently! Check out their blogs! Lindsey blogs about glamour and fashion, Morgan blogs about crafts and other crazy things! Its really special to be nominated for these things because bloggers work so hard to bring fun posts to followers and we like to be recognized every once in awhile!

Here’s how it works: (as far as I know)

-Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you.

-List the rules and display the award.

-Share seven facts about yourself.

-Nominate fifteen (I am only nominating a few bloggers) other amazing blogs and remember to comment on their blogs to let them know you’ve nominated them (provide a link to your post).

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1. I love to bargain hunt (never pay full price for anything!)

2. I’m a cat person

3. My Mom is my best friend

4. I worked at Disney World for 5 months

5. I love coffee mugs

6. My biggest dream is to start my own business (think Kate Spade!)

7. I enjoy trying new cuisines!


Here are my nominations:

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