A cozy day in for my kitty!

We all enjoy a day off to relax and revive ourselves. I am not exception to this rule, especially since I just finished all my finals and I had my wisdom teeth pulled. By the way, my cheeks seem to be bruising more and more by the hour. If anyone has any tips to reduce swelling and such please comment below! Anyway, since all this is going on I need a day to just sit back and enjoy a day of nothingness. I’m a go-go-go kind of person and just sitting down is hard for me. Here’s what I do to relax and enjoy a cozy day in!

1. Comfy Clothes

Do I even have to explain this one? No one wants to spend a day lounging around in jeans and a polo shirt. You need something soft and loose to really relax and feel at home. I love wearing my university sweatpants and this cute new Aeropostale hoodie I found for $7 at the mall. Its super soft and just enough ventilation so I don’t get over heated. 

2. Tea Please!

I’m trying to learn to enjoy tea more but I’m still a coffee addict. I do love Tazo Passionfruit Tea from Starbucks though. I’m trying to find a recipe for it so I can cave some money and make it at home. The nearest Starbucks is 15 minutes away so there are no such things as quick Starbucks runs around here. I’ll be stocking up on teas and coffees (possibly buying a cute mug or two) and settling in. 

3. A Book

We rely on media to entertain us but books have been doing so for much longer. I’m not a fan of fiction books unless its a Lauren_Conradreally great one. However, I do love books about history, crazy conspiracies (they’re fun to think about), fashion, home decor, lifestyle, and old magazines. Find a genre that interests you and dig in. Reading makes you a well-rounded individual and is good for your mind. 

4. Candles

Ahhh candles. Is there anything more calming than the smell of a burning Bath_and_Body_Workscandle? I think not. Having a few around adds a nice touch to a relaxing day. My favorites ones to burn are Vanilla Cupcake from Yankee Candle and Mahogany Teakwoood from Bath and Body Works. They smell divine together! Plus Mahogany Teakwood smells like the Abercrombie cologne my boyfriend wears. Yum!

5. Pinterest

I know I’m lame for saying this, but cuddled under a blanket I could pin for hours! I love pinning to my one blog called “The Feeling of Home” because its all about coziness! Me and my bestie Lindsey used to room together for an internship we both did at Disney World and during our days off we would begin by the pool and end in our beds pinning to our heart’s content.

6. Music

Whether you want to listen to something upbeat or low key it can soothe your soul! I love listening to the ‘Sound of Sunshine’ by Michael Franti & Spearhead for a great upbeat sound. For something a little more chill I love some Jack Johnson!

7. Nail Polish

I love doing my nails when I have time to do them well! Grab your nail file and clippers and get to work on prepping yourNail_Polish fingers and toes for a gorgeous update! Something I love to do is choose a basic nail color (I usually go for a light pink) and painting all my fingers with a few coats then let them dry. After, I paint each tip with a sparkle polish kind of like you would a French manicure. However, on both of my ring fingers I paint the entire nail with the sparkle polish. Its so cute!

8. The Entire Season of a TV Show

Is there anything better than finishing a season of something on Netflix? I do that at least a few times a year. My latest show is ‘Lie to Me‘ even though it only has 3 seasons (which is beyond me because it was such a cool show). However, in the past I’ve gotten into ‘My Fair Wedding with David Tutera‘ and ‘White Collar‘ (Matt Bomer is too cute). 

9. Fruit

A cozy day in is also a great day for a little detox. Fruit is such a wonderful thing and is loaded with anti-oxidants and other good stuff. I love to cut up pineapple, kiwi, and strawberries and put them all in the same bowl then sprinkle a small amount of sugar on them (sometimes salt if they’re already too sweet) and then dig in! So yummy and refreshing. Add some Light Cool Whip for a dessert feel! 

10. Soft Pillow

Pillow_PinkI stack pillows on my bed like its nobodies business! At one point I had 7 on my queen sized bed. Surround yourself with pillows and leave room for a nap. There are so many benefits to napping I don’t know why employers aren’t on board with it. For now, on your day off take a nap and enjoy every minute of. For an even better nap, open your window a bit and let the breeze come in!

What are your must haves for a cozy day in? Let me know by commenting below! Thanks!



What to Pack for a Camping Trip

Beach        A favorite past time of mine and my family’s is camping. Growing up we didn’t have money to spend staying at a resort or hotel. So with a little saving and planning ahead, my parents bought a Coleman pop-up camper. After that, we took many vacations every year in our pull-behind camper. We camped all over- the mountains of Virginia, Myrtle Beach, Civil War battlefields, Colonial Williamsburg, a theme park or two, and many other places. One of our most cherished vacation spots however, is Ocean City, MD. While not necessarily known for the ‘classy’ atmosphere, it has been a beloved place for families in the MD/DE/PA area to go during the summer for many generations. My family is no exception to this. 
       This weekend we’re planning a Mother’s Day camping trip to ‘OC’ as the locals call it,  for my mom and my ‘Aunt’ Terri (no biological relation but she and her husband are just like family).
         For any newbie campers out there you may be wondering where to start, what to pack, and what to expect. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone! I’ve been camping since I was 5 and still don’t know it all.  But I’m here to share with you what I do know!

1. Where do I start?

        Well, you start by planning the kind of trip you want and location. For first timers, I do not recommend traipsing out into the wilderness with no experience. Its not smart. My family has always enjoyed staying at state parks (usually very inexpensive!) or at a privately owned campground. Now some of you may be saying “that isn’t camping” and I suppose compared to the rough and rugged campers you would be right. But this is a perfect mix of nature and convenience. 
       The second thing you need to think about is what you will be staying in- tent, pop-up camper, or an RV. Tent camping is the closest thing to the real deal but from experience it is so uncomfortable. If you aren’t committed to buying anything bigger than a tent, then there are many places around the country that will let you rent to test it out. Go with what makes you comfortable. 

2. What do I pack?

       That is a loaded question because there is so much that I could tell you to bring! It really depends on where you Weekend_Getawayare going, how long, and what your activities will be. Going to the beach and mountains are completely different settings that require totally different gear. Not only that, but each season at both places requires different things as well. 
       For my trip to the beach this weekend, I know it will still be a bit brisk down at the shore line so I will be packing light weight clothes with jackets to go over top. A look I love on the beach is bikini bottoms with a cute hoodie on top. I’ll still get my legs nice and tan without being too chilled. I’ll also be bring my Sperrys, sun screen, big hat, neutral color shorts, jeans, a few neutral color tops, bright accessories, and my Vera Bradley beach towel. 
       Regardless of where you go there are a few things you simply must bring: bug spray, small toiletries bag, first aid kit, bath towels, and depending on if you’ll be dining in or not, cookware, lighter, and charcoal. 

3. What should I expect? 

       You should expect a lot of memories to be made and a few mistakes that will make you laugh eventually. My family and I still make some whopper mistakes when we go camping but they make for a great memory later.
       Also, expect to see wildlife. When we camp at OC, we go to Assateague State Park at least once for a day. This beachy Wild_Poniesarea is home to dozens of wild horses and an even bigger population of heron and deer. After being with these creatures that roam freely around the park you learn respect for nature and to leave it alone. Take your pictures but don’t get in their way, you’ll regret it. 
       Finally, expect for plans to be shifted around. You can never stick to an agenda when camping. And maybe that’s a good thing. Be flexible and don’t let your trip be ruined. 
Do you have any tips for camping? Comment below! 

Kitchen Basics

For the Kitchen

       Designing my own kitchen some day and filling it with little treasures and cute things I find is going to be such a delight for me! I love walking into places like Williams Sonoma or Pottery Barn and looking at all the neat things they have for cooks (and wannabe cooks like myself). 
       What do you have in your kitchen that you can’t live without? Anything you would dream of having in it? Comment below! 

Paris inspired

Headed for Paris!

Just a little something I created a few years back!

Cotton sweater

True Religion blue jeans

Marc jacobs handbag
$1,705 –

Bracelet bangle
$72 –

Anita Ko heart ring

Collar necklace
$115 –

Tiffany Co silver jewelry
$200 –

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics blush

Pink makeup
$6.04 –

Lancaster lips makeup

Chanel fragrance

How to Prepare for Wisdom Teeth Removal

photo 1

Chipmunk cheeks

Getting your wisdom teeth taken out is like a right of passage into adulthood. It just has to happen at sometime. Especially if your other teeth are impacted like mine were. Today my oral surgeon took care of that little problem. He gave me an IV asked me to take a few deep breaths. Then I was out cold. Next thing I knew I was waking up and had more gauze in my mouth than I thought possible. Oh and a very sore mouth. Once I got home I jumped in bed and proceeded to fall asleep… until I realized I needed more gauze because my mouth was bleeding. Anyway, here are a few things to have on hand when you get home from surgery!

1. Ice packs 

Your cheeks will be swollen and you will look like a chipmunk, trust me these are a life saver. 

2. Comfy clothes

I was wearing shorts and a hoodie but wear what makes you comfy. I personally would have loved a Juicy Couture sweatsuit but I tried one on a few months ago and the bottoms just love to highlight every single ounce of fat on your thighs. It wasn’t a good look for me. 

3. A movie

You will either come home and pass out or be bored out of your mind so have some entertainment ready. I was ready and armed with the 1st season of Laguna Beach (I don’t care how long ago that show was popular I still love it). 

4. Soft food

You will not be able to eat any hard food. Crackers, popcorn, candy, absolutely nothing. Have yogurt, jello, soft ice cream, or whatever suits your fancy on hand because you will not only be hungry but you will be sore and desperate to eat something. My surgeon told me I could not eat after midnight the night before my surgery (my appointment was at 11) so needless to say I was a little hungry. 

5. Water bottle

Pick out a cute one that you can sip out of so you don’t get dehydrated. I honestly haven’t wanted to open my mouth all dayphoto 2 but water was one thing I didn’t mind doing it for. I flavor my water with Skinny Girl Pineapple Coconut water additive and it really gives my water some zip! 

6. 2-3 Good pillows

Your surgeon will tell you to keep your head elevated when you go home. I stacked my nice, fluffy pillows on top of each other and laid down to take a snooze. 

7. A pet

If you have a furry friend in your home having them near by is nice company. My little tabby cat (his name is Hootie because his face is rather owl-like) jumped on my bed and curled up next to me for the afternoon. Every time I moved or shifted positions he would perk up and look at me then meow to make sure I was ok. It was the cutest thing!

Do you have any tips? Share them below!


My Divine Pinspiration

PinterestMy Pinterest is a reflection of me and what makes me happy. My first boards were the typical style, home decor, and cooking boards that everyone has. However, it didn’t take long before my creativity expanded what I pinned and where I pinned it. One of my favorite boards to update it my ‘Living Single‘ board. This one I use to pin cute, chic apartment style things and to promote a certain kind of lifestyle. The best part of Pinterest is when I find someone who pins similar things to me. So here are 10 pinners I follow on Pinterest!

1. Country Club Prep– Similar to me this pinner loves the classics and appreciates Ralph Lauren’s America. Not to mention her sense of East Coast casual and appropriate sailing attire. 

2. M T- This girl has a little bit of everything and plenty of it! Some of its chic and some is all about real life and making it beautiful. 

3. Caroline Grace Smith– Every time I go to this girl’s Pinterest site I am sure to find something cute and girly. She really captures what it is to be a girly girl in the things she finds. 

4. Roxane– All things chic, fabulous, traditional, and classy. I always want to redecorate my entire house when I look through her boards. 

5. Larisa– Her site address is ‘Classy in the City’ and it really is just that. She combines the classics with a few updates and captures the fabulousness of the city life. 

6. The Original Prep– I’m convinced this lovely lady started the preppy movement. Literally everything she pins is so northeast prep. She is an authority on the preppy lifestyle. And she has the following to prove it. 

7. Elizabeth Appleby– She is all about color and living life to the fullest. She explores so many different things with her boards that there is something for everyone! 

8. Rebeca Francia– Once again, a pinner that has a little bit of everything but keeps a constant theme of cute and girly.

9. Miss Nurke– I just love looking through her pins because they make me smile with the vibrancy of colors and yet relaxing themes. 

10. Lindsey– This girl and I literally pin the same things and I just love it! We inspire each other and find cute things to share. Not to mention her amazing collection of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe boards!

Bonus: Follow me if you like the above suggestions!

Do you have a favorite pinner you follow? Comment below!