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On this Wednesday morning, happiness is staying in my polar bear pajamas until whenever I please! Soaking it in until I start working full time and trade my cozy outfit for a pencil skirt. My closet is certainly full of fun skirts and dresses to choose from, but I don’t think there’s any skirt or work appropriate outfit that will be comfier than flannel pajamas.

A good night’s sleep leaves us feeling refreshed and ready for the day. When it comes to what I sleep in, it has to be comfortable and super cute! You’re right, no one sees my pjs except for me and my cat, but looking good is feeling good in my book. I’ve rounded up a few of the cutest pajamas on the Internet to share with you (and they’re all under $25!) Enjoy!

Pajamas are one of those things that I can never have enough of (similar to my coffee mug obsession.) When I see a cute set of them, I have to buy one in every color. Sometimes I don’t even look because I know I’ll be tempted to buy! One of my favorite places to find cute pajamas on sale is the Victoria’s Secret outlet. I’ve been to several and they always have PJ sets on sale for $19. If you’re ever near by one of the outlets, stop in to see what you can find!

Leave a comment with your favorite PJs!

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6 Responses to Pajama Lovin’ for Under $25

  1. Love these PJs!!! So cute πŸ™‚ Thank you for stopping by my blog!!

  2. I had no idea VS outlets had sets that cheap; going to have to check it out! Though oversized t-shirts are comfy, nothing beats a cute and cozy PJ set for me πŸ™‚

  3. carmitive says:

    Uuh great picks! I love this pink one from Forever 21 πŸ™‚ xx, Carmen

  4. Tony Burgess says:

    In some shop there is a bunch of pajama tops that are missing mates. Truly sad πŸ™‚

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