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Happy Friday lovely girls! Only one more week until I make my big move to Dallas and I’m getting so excited! Having inventoried all of the stuff I have (really just a bunch of clutter and things I don’t need) I made a little list of things that are on my “to buy” list. That “little list” keeps growing though. The sheer amount of things that a girl can accumulate in the name of it being cute is quite surprising!

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Number one on my list is a gray or cream-colored tufted headboard. I can’t stand my bed just up against a wall with nothing to pull it together so to speak. A bed should be a space you go to relax and sleep. Frankly, if it isn’t orderly and somewhat dream-like, then sleep simply doesn’t come easily to me. Not sure if that makes me high-maintenance or not but I’m betting that’s what a few people are thinking. What can I say though, I like a pretty space!

The second thing on my list is a great standing mixer! My mom has a white Kitchen Aid mixer and it’s so useful. I’m not much help in the kitchen, but I do like to bake! Funny story though, I have the tendency to forget if I’m baking something and simply let it burn until I remember. I’ve done this with place and bake cookies quite often!

Finally, I’m hoping to get a great, high quality frame for a photo of my boyfriend David and I. Having pictures of family and friends around the house makes a space so much more personal. I found this Kate Spade one at Dillard’s a few weeks ago and have been admiring it ever since.

Comment below with your apartment wish list!Β 


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  1. Congrats on the move! I love that gold kate spade picture frame!

  2. A grey headboard is just what my daughter chose for the guest room she stays in when visiting us. I searched high and low and found a great one on-line. I waited for a good sale and free shipping! COuldnt be happier!

  3. I love the pink and gold theme you have going on! So pretty!
    xo Jessica

  4. I love all of your choices! Congrats on your move babe! That’s awesome! A tufted headboard would be my number one too! Do you follow The Darling Detail on instagram? She has the prettiest Tufted headboard! Can’t wait to see how you put it together xo

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