Rainy Days


Today is one of those days that I find myself in a very rainy mood. Though the sun shines outside my window, I’m a little rain cloud inside. As most of you know, my life is at a stand still right now. I’m waiting on either an acceptance or rejection from several companies I applied to work for and frankly, the wait is emotional agony. Half of me would like to believe that I’ll get the position I want and the other half snickers at the thought.

I’ll try my hardest not to dump my emotions into this post.We all have our own battles that we face. Mine just so happen to be what every college graduate is facing- the fear of unemployment. I try to think about the best possible outcome for myself but the uncertainty of it all just clouds the positivity with anxiety about what’s coming next.

People bombard me with messages to stay positive and expect the best possible outcome. I understand their sentiments and appreciate their wisdom. However, I think everyone deserves a “rainy day” sometimes. It’s awfully hard work trying to stay positive when all you want to do is lay in bed all day.

It’s kind of a lonely feeling. Unless someone else is going through the exact same thing they’ll never understand your outlook. We tend to live lifestyles that only have regard towards happy times and can’t understand seasons in life that are demoralizing.

Personally, I’m embracing these feelings and thoughts I have. Chasing them away consumes more energy than I have.


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  1. houseofholts says:

    Hi ladies… I manage college recruitment for a fortune 100 company…my advice is stop waiting and start networking. Try going to meet ups in your areas targeted towards young professionals, take someone who has your dream job to lunch and leverage their network, spend time daily on LinkedIn. Take it or leave it, but in my experience gards who land their dream job do so by connecting with others!!! Best of luck!

    Liz, your blog is adorable. You should really consider something in marketing/ communications!


    • Hi Mindy! Thanks so much for your advice. I’m a DC native and networking really is the key to everything! I’m trying to move down to Charleston and unfortunately I don’t know anyone down there. However, through a bit of perseverance, I’ve managed to get a few interviews. It’s just hard to seal the deal so to speak.

      Thanks for your sweet words! I actually majored in communications! I’m working towards a job in that field.

  2. I hope you’re wearing those fun Red rain boots on your rainy day…cause splashing a few puddles in those would definitely make you smile! Well, you can image doing that anyway. πŸ™‚

    Sending positive thoughts that it all works out and you get that job sooner rather than later. In the meantime, enjoy your down time while you have some!

  3. Tori says:

    I know exactly how you feel the waiting and the unknown of what the future holds is so hard.

  4. I’m in the same boat really? It seems like all I’ve been doing is to hear from jobs that I’ve applied to. No matter how much everyone tells me to stay positive – that something will come my way, I’m not really sure anymore.
    It it actually raining here though. I’d much rather the sun!

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