Sharing a Blogging Secret

creme_de_la_cremeToday, I’m sharing with you a little secret I’ve had for a few months now. I didn’t want to share it at first because it felt kind of awesome having this knowledge and know-how for my blog, but I think you all should be aware of it too! It’s a fabulous little tool you’ve been unknowingly looking at for awhile if you’ve been following my blog. It’s called Pixlr and I use it in nearly every post of mine.

Pixlr is a website that allows you to upload images you’ve saved from your computer onto a blank canvas and edit them to create the effects you want. Black and white, sepia, whatever you fancy! Even better, it allows you to upload pictures of say your favorite Kate Spade bag and Chanel lipsticks and make them into a collage. Essentially, it works just like Polyvore, but you decide what things you want to include and you aren’t limited to what’s already uploaded on the site. I use it to create visuals that correspond with what I’m talking about on my blog.

Step by Step Tutorial

For starters, I use the Pixlr Editor web app and select “Create a new image” to have the blank canvas I need to make my collage.

After you’ve created your “new image”, the app will ask you how big the canvas should be. I usually go with 500×500 pixels. After this, you’ll go to ‘File’ and select ‘Open image’ and from this point forward you’ll select the image you want to put in your collage first. When you select it, the image will pop up over your blank canvas in a separate window and you will be able to edit the size.

For the sizing step, go to ‘Image’ and then select ‘Image size’ to decide the number of pixels you want it to be. When you have the size you want, go to ‘Edit’ and then click ‘Select all’. This will highlight the image with black and white dashes around the border. Copy and then paste the image to your canvas.

At this point, you’ve probably realized that you aren’t able to move the image on the canvas yet. You need to use the ‘Move tool’ on your tool bar to the left. Click and drag the image wherever you want it to be. Repeat these steps for each image you want on your canvas.

To save your collage, simply go to ‘File’ and then ‘Save’. The computer will prompt you for the rest of the saving process.

This amazing tool makes a blog so much more professional than simply using Polyvore. It also gives you unlimited images to work with since you can get whatever you need from Google images. I advise you to have a small photo credits section at the bottom of your post linking items in the image to the places you originally found them. Artists want credit for their work!

If you have any questions, leave them below and I’ll try to help!


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  1. stylelysa says:

    Great tip! Thnx for sharing

  2. Lury Budde says:

    Thanks for the gift! This is a very nice sharing!

  3. I just checked it out:) and its great:) thanks a ton Liz!

  4. Thanks for sharing Liz 🙂 I ll check it out and use it too!

  5. miss njie says:

    Greaat to know, thanks for sharing :))

  6. bflyrenee says:

    Omg i have been looking for something like this, is it free?

  7. arwenedsall says:

    Thanks for sharing this tool! I have used pickmonkey and an old version of photoshop for these kinds of things, but I really like the easy ability to make a collage with this app. With the crazy cost to get a new license for photoshop this could be a good alternative for general blogging needs.

  8. Love this tip! Thanks for sharing.

  9. ctgirl92 says:

    i also use it 🙂 it is very useful

  10. shrida vyas says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. I have been searching online for a good tool since a while now.

  11. pepaulmier says:

    Thank you for sharing.

  12. I needed this! Thank you so much for sharing this website. I’m looking to get my shop off the ground and this would be perfect!

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