Splurge vs. Save Spring Style

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When February turns into March, I officially start getting excited for spring! In Dallas, spring temperatures greet us a little earlier than in the rest of the United States, and luckily the spring fashion starts earlier as well. Around this time every year I start hunting down great pieces to add to my spring wardrobe and sharing my finds with you. One thing I’m pretty good at is determining whether or not something is worth splurging on and that’s what this post is about!

Is it a trendy or timeless wardrobe edition?

People have their own unique sense of style and what looks good on them. For me, I prefer to wear the preppy classics that I know will work for me years after I purchase it. In this case, it’s worth splurging if I’ll love it forever. Trendy items tend to come and go so I’m much less likely to splurge on seasonal trends because I know it isn’t the best investment for me. If you live for trends, then by all means splurge a little. If not, save your money!

How often will you wear it?

Some spring accessories and styles popular this year I know I could get a lot of use from. But other pieces will only be worn or used a handful of times because they’re either uncomfortable (stiletto heels, anyone?) or they simply don’t coordinate nicely with much. Fashion must have function for it to be worth a high price.

Wear to buy

Everything seen above is linked below! Leave me a comment with your favorite splurge and save spring styles! Also, shoot me a message if you’re a new blogger in need of some advice or help!

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4 Responses to Splurge vs. Save Spring Style

  1. cutebrandik says:

    Love this save or splurge post! I bought those Steve Maddens, they are perfect!

    -Brandi K

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  3. susie40s says:

    I like the way you compare very similar looking outfits with their prices. It’s nice to know there is stuff out there at reasonable prices that are still stylish. Perhaps as summer gets closer you could do something like you did with this involving bathing suits. My bikini needs replacing this year, but I hate to spend $50 to $100 on a new one that doesn’t even use a yard of material! lol

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