Spoil Your Skin With Coconut Oil Bath Products

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Every time Monday rolls around I wonder where the heck my weekend went! I did my grocery shopping, cleaning, and enjoyed my Saturday date with David… so where did the rest of my Saturday and Sunday go? Ya feel me? Throughout the work week I try to find ways to make my evenings relaxing and my favorite way to do this is by pampering myself! If you enjoy some “me-time” every week, then you’re going to love the delicious bath and body products from Simply Divine!

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When I was a teenager, I lived for Bath & Body Works. Now that I’m an adult and have learned to read product labels, I always opt for something organic and natural as opposed to mass-produced items. Sara, owner of Simply Divine in Austin, sent me a few of her bath and body products to enjoy and share with you guys. All of her creations are carefully crafted and made deep in the heart of Texas. You won’t find anything bad in these skin products! Read on for my product recommendations!

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Secret to Great Skin Care

What’s the secret ingredient? Coconut oil, of course! We’ve heard all about how great coconut oil is and honestly, I hadn’t tried it until I started using Simply Divine body scrubs and bath soaks! The first thing I tried was the “Rosé All Day” bath soak. Rose petals, lavender blossoms, and dead sea salt make for one of the most fragrant and relaxing scents I’ve ever smelled! When I opened the super cute little mason jar to sprinkle it in my bath, it immediately gave me this happy, relaxed feeling. Sometimes a girl just needs a hot bath, you know?

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I’m not even sure where to start with the “Brown Sugar Body Scrub” because it was legit the best thing I’ve ever smelled! I kid you not when I say, it smells like something you’d find in a bakery. And I may or may not have tasted it just to see if it tasted as good as it smelled (it did.) When I was enjoying my little pampering session in my bathtub, I lathered this stuff on my legs and arms to exfoliate and it did not disappoint!

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Finally, I finished my bath time with the “Sweet Renewal Face Scrub.” This was another product that I really wanted to eat because it smelled so amazing. That’s not weird, right? I gently rubbed it on my face to exfoliate and it left me with a brighter complexion, which is always nice to have!

If you purchase anything this week, make sure it’s one of these locally made products! They’re reasonably priced and a great addition to your beauty collection. I truly believe that supporting small businesses is the key to growth and sustainability in our communities and Simply Divine certainly deserves our attention! Enjoy your me-time and spoil your skin this week and don’t forget to check out Sara’s online store! Use code “glow” for 20% off your next order!

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21 Responses to Spoil Your Skin With Coconut Oil Bath Products

  1. Ellie Chan says:

    I need to up my bath-time game! These two products look amazing and that bath salt truly does look and sound divine!


  2. Amy says:

    I need to try this sometime! Thanks for recommending!



  3. Totally feel the same way about pampering myself throughout the week – it makes the whole week so much better! These products sound so amazing and I love that they’re natural! I’ll have to try these out!
    XO Kelly | KaptivatingThoughts.com

  4. Ahhhh! Thank you so much for taking the time to try out a few items from the Simply Divine line! I am so incredibly thankful for your kind words and wonderful review!

  5. Lara says:

    Oeh those products look beautiful, so I’m kind of intrigued to try them. I have to admit I’m not a ‘a lot of bath products’ kind of girl, but I might give it a go.



  6. I LOVE brown sugar body scrubs! Seriously, they leave you smelling amazing and my skin always feel so soft.

    -xoxo, Azanique

  7. Joana says:

    Ah totally need to try this! Thanks for the recommendation 💕

  8. Shannon says:

    Oh my goodness, I want these all! I totally feel you, I used to LOVE Victoria’s Secret’s washes but now, the less ingredients the better, and bonus points for coco-oil! That rose soak seriously looks ahhhhmazing! Love that you are also supporting a Texas small business too!

  9. Gisel says:

    Coconut oil is amazing! Lovely products shared!

  10. Your bath time sounds incredible! I need to try a scrub and have some “me” time soon. Thanks for the idea xo

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