Spring Break Basics

Spring Break Basics


Happy Friday beauties! I hope some of my college followers are gearing up for spring break this year! When I was in college, I never really did spring break other than going skiing once on a very cold day in February with a few friends. Miami was not on the radar for this girl! Although I’m glad I missed out on the inevitable hangovers and casual “encounters” with the opposite gender that are synonymous with this annual event, I can’t help but think that I missed a few fun beach days with friends. If I could do it all over again, here’s what would be on my list of things to get for my spring break!

  1. Casual Romper- They’re perfect beach cover ups and can still be worn in the evening. Find one in navy blue that will go from day to night even if you’re wearing your bikini from earlier in the day!
  2. Water Bottle- The beach gets hot and so does the pool. Stay hydrated and back away from anything that will make you bloat (aka alcohol or soda.)
  3. Turkish Towel- Light weight and easy to fold up without much bulk. Plus, they’re really soft! It can stay in that beach bag you’ll inevitably tote around all day.
  4. Jack Rogers- Splurge on a pair of Jack Rogers sandals (or look-a-likes) for your spring break. Check eBay for pre-worn Jacks for less! Go with a neutral color so it will match more and you won’t have to take so many pairs of shoes in your luggage!
  5. Portable Charger- Everyone’s iPhone will lose battery power by the end of the day. Bring a charger to power up before you go out to dinner.
  6. Beach Bag- Find one with a summery print or woven style. Make sure it’s light weight to lug around all day. Most importantly, be sure it’s cute!
  7. Spring Nail Polish- Find a great color to wear during your spring break! I love the light green Essie polish featured above because it’s neutral enough to go with most everything but it still stands out!

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  1. Love Of Mode says:

    Great post! a bikini is a must too!



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