Spring Flowers in Bloom

spring flowers

Hello loves! I hope yesterday was beautiful and full of things to smile about. Mine certainly was as I won an eBay bid on some pink and white striped, seer sucker Sperrys! The best part was that I scored them for $6.50. That’s certainly something to smile about.

Yesterday I posted a picture on Instagram of some fresh tulips I bought and apparently everyone liked them because the photo was bombarded with ‘likes’ in minutes. Today I figured I’d focus my blog post on the flowers that will be blooming soon so you know what to expect the next time you visit a farmer’s market looking for some fresh stems!

  • Snowdrop anemones- Small white petals with a bright yellow center; a really nice addition to any bedroom.
  • Lilac- Light purple, sometimes pink small petals that grow in bunches to create a rather puffy-looking flower; perfect to grow in front of your house because they can get so big!
  • Daffodils- Yellow or white petals with a dark yellow, sometimes orange center; so beautiful for the Easter table!
  • Azaleas- Pink petals that bloom for a short time in the spring but burst with color. A nice touch for the walkway to your front door.
  • Tulips- Comes in a variety of colors and is a traditional flower to have in your home for Easter.
  • Daylilies- Similar to tulips, they bloom in several colors and are a traditional spring flower; they make a beautiful addition to a coffee table.

By no means is this list scientific or comprehensive but it gives you an idea of what’s in bloom or will be. I absolutely love fresh flowers in my house because they just add a little something special! Enjoy your next trip to a farmer’s market or even grocery store and buy some blooms!

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8 Responses to Spring Flowers in Bloom

  1. Amelia Vesper says:

    Beautiful flowers! I can’t wait for the farmer’s market to start up again so I can keep my home stocked πŸ™‚

    xo Mil

  2. susie40s says:

    I hardly ever buy fresh flowers but you are inspiring me to go buy some soon!

  3. Miriam says:

    Those white tulips are stunning. I love fresh flowers in my house but at the moment it’s so hot they just wouldn’t last.

  4. Love flowers and make your life happier! I always have flowers in my house! x


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