Staple Accessories for the Lady's Closet

As promised from my previous post, here is my list of staple accessories and shoes you should have in your closet. Before you question why everything is nude and black, remember that the point for these add-ons is that they are supposed to go well with everything. You can add color later on!

One thing I should probably mention about the items shown here is that I totally realize for most people the brands I chose to include are unaffordable for the average person. After a little bit of research and browsing some stores, I discovered that most of these things are available at Target, they just won’t have the designer logo or price tag. Enjoy your shopping!Staple Accessories

Did this help you? Is there anything I missed? Comment below and share with friends!
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  1. sirwin17 says:

    Love your classic taste! A camel coat is a must add on to this list. Although trainers aren’t exactly considered “ladylike”, the versatility of converses has made them a staple in the closets of pretty much anyone (even the uber stylish French). Love the blog! <3

  2. susie40s says:

    I just love how you put a look together and realize that most of us can’t afford the expensive brands.

  3. Lovely! Coveting the Olivia Burton watch so badly!

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